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  • Birthday 2001-05-23

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    Gaming, Football (Soccer), Gym.
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    My name is Owen, I enjoy gaming mhm.
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  • CPU
    I5 4590
  • Motherboard
    MSI H81M-E33
  • RAM
    12 GB DDR3 1600hz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX 1060 3gb
  • Case
    Some generic gaming case
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    500watt psu (evga)
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    1 = 1440x900 2=1920x1080
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    Firefight MK01
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    Generic RGB thing
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    Bad Headphones
  • Operating System
    Windows 7

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  1. OwenBurton

    Constant Bluescreening

    I see, so would you advise getting a new hdd aswell as a new windows install? (That was a plan I had in my head anyways, I just wasn't a 100% sure if I should go through with it)
  2. OwenBurton

    Constant Bluescreening

    No as im content with the 1060s base speeds.
  3. OwenBurton

    Constant Bluescreening

  4. OwenBurton

    Is this read speed normal for a 1tb Hard drive?

    I'd just do it overnight then, cheers mate.
  5. OwenBurton

    Is this read speed normal for a 1tb Hard drive?

    Oh ok, thanks. I'm planning on getting an ssd soon as you can get 120gb ssds for £25 now. Also is it possible to transfer all my files off of this hdd to a new 2tb one? Just wondering as im contemplating getting a new hdd aswell for more space.
  6. OwenBurton

    Constant Bluescreening

    My pc has had the same hardware installed for the past year now (October 2017 I built this), and this error as only been happening for the past month or two. (The bluescreening has started becoming a daily occurence)
  7. OwenBurton

    Constant Bluescreening

    Hi, my pc seems to bluescreen constantly for no reason at all. It always seems to happen after I close a heavy game like Pubg or even the BFV Open beta. It also can happen after ive recorded with Shadowplay. Anyone know the issue? (sorry for the images not being the best)
  8. How would he do this mate? Sorry for asking its just tutorials can be unhelpful.
  9. So my friend is going from an amd mobo and cpu combo to a intel mobo and cpu and he was wondering if he'd have to fac reset his pc as his internet is very slow and he doesn't want to have to reinstall everything.
  10. My friends planning on buying an I5-6500 along with another motherboard for it (Idk which). I have a question he keeps banging on about not wanting to fac reset his harddrive as his internet is terrible but if he cant install from amd to intel without fac resetting there would be no point for him since it would take over a week for him to get everything he wants installed.
  11. OwenBurton

    How do I remove this?

    Late LATE update - I put this all in a new Computer with a 500watt psu. Its got more than enough room but it also has better cooling. The reason I was doing this was so my GPU wouldn't overheat when I eventually get it.
  12. First off I'm asking for a friend because he doesn't know much about pc's but was wondering if he should put a new GTX 1060 in his Prebuilt system. Obviously I realised it will bottleneck but he can afford it and he was wondering is it worth the bottleneck or should he just upgrade first.
  13. OwenBurton

    How do I remove this?

    Crap... the issue is I can't really go back now so I hope that wasn't my c: drive