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  1. I have to agree looking at it, it seems that overall the performance should be almost on par, or maybe a little better than my 3 year old desktop (980Ti and 6700k) which cost me $2800 AUD at the time, it's always astonishing how quickly performance increases in the tech industry, my wife will be very happy with it, and we wont have to share the desktop for gaming anymore which is a great bonus.
  2. I just made my purchase,I ended up finding another well regarded retailer selling the gigabyte for $100 the GS65 from mwave.com.au, $2399 with free insured shipping seems like a great price to me!
  3. alright excellent, thank you for your help! I think the Aero 15 with the 1660ti will be what we go with, cheers mate.
  4. Yeah I've come to realise that it seems to be either battery capacity or a 2.5" bay and more weight, would much rather lighter with a bigger battery so seems she will be toting an external hard drive which isnt a big deal. As for the Gigabyte Aero, I've found two models at my prefered retailer that are similar that fit the bill, the Gigabyte Aero15-X8 with an 8th gen 8750H and a GTX 1070 for $2899, or the Gigabyte Aero 15 with the 9th gen 9750H and a GTX 1660Ti for $2699, which would you think is the better deal? i dont think the newer CPU is a big deal but from what i understand the 1660 Ti and 1070 are pretty comparable right? otherwise the specs are near identical to the MSI G65 stealth, but slightly heavier, a fair chunk better battery, and from the LTT review a worse keyboard, and it does look more professional.
  5. Hey all, so my wife Is looking to purchase a laptop for gaming and business use, to try and make it simple I'll dot point it. Our budget is $3'000 AUD, I think in terms of purchasing power that's roughly $2000-$2200 USD with currency conversion and out taxes added 1. She run's her own business and from time to time has meetings with clients and supplier's, so doesn't want it to look to "gamery" 2. With that said, it needs to be able to run games, something with a GTX 1660Ti/RTX2060 is sort of where we're looking in terms of gaming performance, we like to play some AAA titles together at home (I have a decent desktop, 6700k and 980Ti and we'd like squad up together in bf5, pubG, overwatch ect) and some lighter games while traveling for work like ANNO 1800 and cities skylines. 3. We often travel for work and want to use it for media consumption while on planes ect so good battery life (6ish hours on a dim screen watching movies would be enough) and the option for a 2.5inch HDD for bulk storage of media would be great if possible, but we can compromise on the storage and use an external hard drive for bulk storage. 4. and a decent panel is important, we'd rather a good 1080P with 120-144hz and good pixel response and viewing angles than a lower quality 1440P, and 4k is out as a 1660Ti or RTX2060 wont drive the games we play in 4K. 5. needs to be fairly light, under 2.5 kg at the absolute max, but under 2kg would be ideal. Sh'e coming from a 2015 macbook pro which gave up the ghost and of course apple will only replace the logic board, so I've finally convinced her to go to a windows based machine with enough oomph that she can play the games she likes on the road as well. So far we've come up with the MSI GS65 stealth 9SD that seems to tick almost all of our boxes except for the 2.5" hdd storage, and from what I've read it has an inverted MB which may make upgrading the NVME storage fairly difficult and risky later and it does look a little "gamery" but by far not the worst offender out there, but it's under 2kg, has the GTX1660Ti and an i7 9750H, 16GB ram, 512GB NVMe SSD, an 82 watt hour battery which isn't class leading but is pretty good and a 144Hz 1080P panel and is $400 under our budget. Are there any other options out there that anyone can think of that might fit the bill, she would actually prefer something in the 13 inch range rather than 15 inch for portability, but it seems to be impossible to find anything with a decent discrete GPU in a 13 inch frame, thanks heaps in advance for taking the time to read through, I appreciate it.
  6. you know mate i do have such an account, but my nostalgia won't allow me to part with it! i loved that game as a kid
  7. ttoks

    new desktop speakers

    My 8 year old Logitech desk speakers are starting to die, and honestly the sound quality is horrible, so I'm looking for a new set of speakers. I'd like to have a separate sub, and I would consider 5.1 surround if there's options with good audio quality within my price range, but audio quality and volume are priority as I live in a small un-insulated hut and often have a portable air con going which is quite loud. my budget is around $250 AUD (around $200ish USD) thanks in advance anyone that can help me out here
  8. My top tip, don't get anyone pregnant.
  9. There is nothing wrong with doing a trade instead of university, there are pro's and con's to each, but I think i highly depends on the type of person you are. I Never finished high school, in fact i left half way through year 10 to start my apprenticeship as a boilermaker at 15, (in most other countries boilermaker is split into welder, pipe fitter and plate smith/metal worker, here in Australia it cover's all three) I was never very good at school despite not being intelligent, I found school boring and anything to do with paper pointless, I wanted to make an actual difference, to build things so my trade was (and still is) a perfect fit for me, but I was laughed at, minimum wage in my country for a 15 year old was $15.34 an hour when i started my apprenticeship where as I started on $6.90 an hour, my friends working at McDonalds thought I was crazy as they were making more then twice what I did, but I enjoyed the work so i kept at it for the 4 years. (side note, basically how an apprenticeship works here is an employer get's cheap labour, but Pay's for trade school 1 day per week in exchange for the cheap labour, so your still making money, but not much, but the minimum pay does increase each year of the apprenticeship to account for how much more capable your meant to be given the training your getting, both on the job and at trade school) But I kept at it, finished my apprenticeship and decided to specialise in pipe welding, I got a few welding certificates and eventually got a casual job doing call in work at a power station repairing burst boiler tubes, that experience led to a job with an engineering company where I helped build a 5 billion dollar desalination plant and a 120 meter tall ferris wheel, as well as longer term work in the local power stations, the experience with these jobs led to me landing a position in the gas industry building and export LNG facility and then a gas conditioning plant. BUT, in my experience the work in trades is far more demanding physically, the people you work with may be far rougher around the edges, curse a lot more ect and be more likely to put you down, my wifes family are all doctor's and private school teacher's, and the family gathering's can be very interesting indeed. Long story short, I've been able to make in excess of 200k (AUD) per year through my trade, And I've just turned 25 (hey so I've been doing this for 10 years already!) and the future look's bright, but it's not for everyone, it's hard work, and there's plenty of good opportunities through university as well.
  10. The original PlayStation, I grew up in a rural area that didn't even get TV reception, we had a TV and VCR for watching movies though, when we got a ps1 for Christmas it was like opening a whole new freaking world, my brothers and I loved playing gran turismo.
  11. I use a regular wallet for a few reasons, carry bank cards and cash, but also because I have to carry many other licences related to my work at all times at well while at work, so kind of a unique requirement for me.
  12. Thank your lucky stars it's not her taking the kids and running off with them instead, that's alot harder to deal with. Get a restraining order if needed.
  13. Congrat's man, I hit 25 mill a few week's ago, since then i've been gaming less and had alot less downtime with folding and have already nearly gotten to 35, with a decent GPU it's actually pretty surprising how quickly you wrack up the points.
  14. hmm interesting, during the day while i'm using my PC (lightly i might add, writing documents ect) it runs at the boost clock all day without a problem, no crashes ect, and the same before the latest driver update, it would fold day and night, 24/7 at 1500 Mhz (except when it hit thermal limits due to higher temperature's of course) without crashing or any problems at all, the problem is only during the night while i'm not actively using the computer, and then as soon as I click on anything it will immediately boost back up to 1500 Mhz and sit at that all day unless i leave the computer to sit for long enough for my screen to go into standby mode (mind you screen only, due to folding I never have my PC sleep or turn off)
  15. So this is a problem i've had since the latest window's update and driver update for my GPU from nvidia, while using my PC and folding the GPU will boost to my OC of 1500 Mhz no problem, but when left folding overnight it will only fold at the GPU's base clock (1139 Mhz), as soon as I turn the screen back on in the morning it boost's back up to my OC of 1500 Mhz, obivously this causes my PPD during the night to drop from an average of 600k to around 450k or so on average. Has anyone else had a similar problem since the latest driver and window's update? if so is there a known cause?
  16. Which is promptly put into providing aid to the people they exsist to help, they're funding doesn't come out of thin air
  17. Are you trying to create something special design wise, or just build a nice system to game on? If your not that concerned about the look of the system other then it being neat and clean I suggest just getting a system builder like NCIX in Canada or MWAVE in Australia to build it for you, the assembly fee is well worth it for the warranty and return to base for faulty components rather then having to chase warranty on each individual component IMO
  18. There is a rather large astroid that will pass inside of earths orbit is 2029 and again in 2036, but it's not predicted to hit the earth, or even come close, nothing to worry about
  19. This is pure gold, nothing is hidden on the internet haha
  20. I've worked with a few native Chinese, from what I've been told by them, when they're born they're parents have given them a native and western name (Stan, tom, frank ect) which is actually on theyre birth certificate, same with some Korean family's, but not do with any Japanese I've worked with
  21. short answer yes, but I'm biased Okay, the long and responsible answer. So you have the budget to buy a dirtbike, do you ALSO have the budget to buy all of the REQUIRED safety gear to go along with it? at minimum you will need A helmet, for obvious reason's, your noggin' is important A pair of dirtbike specific boots, don't make the mistake of thinking you can just buy a pair later, serious ankle, foot and lower leg injuries happen on dirtbike far more often then you'd think, I'm currently recovering from a broken Fibula and a complete tear of the ATF ligament in my ankle despite wearing a pair of $600 SIDI motocross boots from a very low speed accident (clipped tree stump) Gloves, again far more important then you think, your going to crash, that is a certainty, it's no fun loosing all of the skin on your hands, not to mention the blisters your going to get from trying to ride without gloves Goggles, again no fun getting dirt, dust and bugs in your eye's as a best case, I know a guy that lost an eye after getting hit with a rock flung up from another bike while not wearing goggles. FULL LENGTH CLOTHING that is abrasion resistant, doesn't have to be bike gear, I wear worker's coverall's in the winter. I also highly suggest a pressure suite like this one, they over shoulder, elbow, collar bone and some spine protection as well, well worth the investment now for the fun bit, are you really fully prepared for how expensive riding is? and the risk's involved? you say your going to get a bike from the 80's being that they're cheap and simple to work on, you do realise that your looking at 26-36 year old bikes then? part's for them can be very hard to come across and very expensive, not to mention that older bikes (and only talking older then 5 year's old here, not 20-30 year's) often need alot of work doing to them, dirtbike have alot of fast wearing consumables, brake pads and rotor's, engine internals (piston, bearings, the cylinder's self, valves ect), wheel bearings, linkage bearings, electricals, the suspension internals, chain and sprockets ect ect, everything wear's quickly on dirt bikes and need's replacing alot more often then a road bike or car, I spend about as much time working on my bikes to keep them in good shape as i do actually riding them, cleaning and oiling air filters ect, and if you can't work on them yourself it is VERY expensive to pay a mechanic to do it, and attempting stuff your not capable of and stuffing it up is also very expensive, mess up putting the cir-clip in the piston while changing a top end and you've just turned your entire engine into a paper weight. And then onto the risk's, I'm going to preamble this with I've been riding dirtbike since I was 3 year's old and I won't be stopping until my body can't do it anymore, which may be far sooner then I'd like, I've broken every finger on my left hand and 3 on my right, my left wrist twice, torn the ACL ligament in my left knee and the cartilage in my right, my left should is in constant pain from accidents over the year's, I've knocked myself out cold 5 times, broken my left leg and torn the ATF ligament in my left ankle and broken my right leg once, you are GOING TO CRASH and get hurt on dirtbikes, your mother was 110% right in saying it's a dangerous sport, i don't have a single riding buddy that hasn't broken at least one bone and countless soft tissue injuries, the accident's happen very very quickly, and you don't have to be going fast or doing tricks to get seriously injured, my latest accident I was travelling at under 10 Km/h warming my bike up when my left foot hit a tree stump hidden in a bush, if I wasn't wearing my boot's I would have lost my foot. It's an absolutely fantastic sport, it will get you, and keep you very fit and active (dirtbike riding is far more physically demanding then most people realise) and in my experience the people you'll meet doing it are some of the, not to mention it is insanely fun, just really consider if your in a position to actually take the plunge and carefully consider the risk's involved.
  22. I find one of the best methods is not assuming people are stupid for being unaware, you don't know shit what other's have on they're mind, try a polite "excuse me, can i get through" instead of being a massive dick about it, it tend's to help you have a more positive outlook on life
  23. I'm looking at buying my Little brother an action cam for Christmas, but things like a go-pro are way out of my price range, he'll likely use it while dirtbike riding, and I have a budget of $100, but trying to wade through all the knock-off's has me nauseated