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  1. My first phone is an iPhone 6s, got it new since it came out. Nothing damaged. I could probably even sell it as "like new". Everyone else's phone I know are already broken and or upgraded. At least I use a case and actually take care of the phone...
  2. Any digital camera can be used for streaming. I recommend to stream the sound with a separate mic though.. not the default camera mic. I'd just test out the quality and play around with it.
  3. Since you have the legitimate copy in the first place and it isn't working. I'd say it's up to you. Nothing wrong in morality sense to me, since you have a legitimate copy in the first place. If you're sharing the copy, then that's a different story. I will only caution you to be careful of downloading files; your PC can be easily be infected.
  4. Lmao. What rank were you?
  5. I'd just return it. Especially since it's a new device. You could try contacting their support if they have them.
  6. What's the difference between the computer model and gaming model? I spend time using computer screens several hours daily. Thinking this might be worth buying. Also in term of eye strain, does it feel significantly better for long term?
  7. I had a similar scenario with hard drives to failing, and even finding out that right out of the box they were defective as well.... But eventually I don't have this problem anymore. Guess it was a series of bad luck during the course of the year.
  8. Sounds just like me. Wish I could do the same Currently finishing Junior year in HS, then next year I'll be a senior and graduate soon... For OP, from what I've heard, computer science seems to be the place to start, however that will involve programming.
  9. My HDD have the latency of around 12 - 58ms when doing about 10-50 Mbps writing. Should I be worried if the number seems to grow a little bit at this point? Usually I see them at 0.1 ms. I just ate seeing many of my HDD failing after a while. My last old PC had about 2 HDD breaking apart due to bad sectors. I've only had this hard drive in my PC for about 1 year, and I'm using this via Windows 10 task manager tool. HDD is Toshiba 1 TB 7200 rpm.
  10. One common applications would be Adobe products, mainly so I can experiment it a bit once a while. I do however, plan on buying Adobe products whenever I get the money and time to do so. Time as in, if a project or something that actually worth investing time in... I've tried many free video editing software and so on, but none seems to be working as well
  11. What kind of game you are making? Also comparing to Unity 3D, I've heard unity 3D is much more mobile friendly/optimized, so I'd be careful with large scale projects.