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  1. I'm from egypt so i guess that's why seeing this was a first for me The isp when i called them said that this landline can handle up to 50 mbps so i'm guessing the cables are fine?
  2. Aha thx for ur help! I think he already has that adapter and uses it for the phone i just wanted to know if dsl would work or not so thx for telling me
  3. We want to get dsl internet in my grandpa's house but when we looked for possible phone sockets to use for dsl i found this weird socket in the image below can this be used for dsl? Or will it just not work or be very bad? i want to know before paying for the service P.S the socket is called BTicino BTI-2021
  4. Amromnia

    Remote PC Gaming Using Virtual Machine

    with the xeon i bought there was an nvidia Graphics card however its a workstation one i am not sure about the exact model but since its a workstation it won't be a good gaming so can i use this and by any magical way be able to share the other GPU ?
  5. So I built a new gaming/workstation PC the specs are xeon e5 1650 3.2 GHz 12 MB cache 6 cores 12 threads 16 GB Ram a single Sapphire nitro RX 480 so i wanted to invite my cousin over now i sold him my old laptop that had an Intel core i3 350m 2GB ram Intel hd graphics 1366*786 60 Hz display of course this isn't a gaming laptop by any means so i wanted him to bring it over to my house and then i would make a virtual machine using virtualbox with windows 10 8GB ram 6 threads and then make him remotely control this machine from The Laptop so we can play minecraft together using LAN multiplayer and overwatch however there are some problems with this : first of all i want the virtual machine to use exactly half of the resources of the host i did this with the ram and CPU but i don't know how to do it on the GPU since in virtualbox you can only select the amount of vram so i don't know if this is going to make it like i have two 4gb RX480s or not then i want to know do i just install AMD Drivers or guest addition drivers note that i want both host and machine to give roughly the same gaming performance and if there are any other virtual machine creator that supports what i want better then please tell me then i want to know the best free remote server to install on virtual machine for minimum latency on the same network and i want it to support all versions of DirectX and vulkan and opengl or most of them at least thank you
  6. Amromnia

    my old laptop's GPU

    thank you all now i have an idea about the GPU and i am going to sell it
  7. Amromnia

    my old laptop's GPU

    so is it like a hd graphics 1000 ?
  8. Amromnia

    my old laptop's GPU

    thank you however i would like to know the exact model number or is it just Intel hd graphics and it doesn't have a model number
  9. Amromnia

    my old laptop's GPU

    i know its the integrated GPU but between iGPUs there are better and worse like a comparison between Intel hd graphics 3000 and Intel hd graphics 4000 hd graphics 4000 beats hd graphics 3000 so i wanna know my iGPU so the buyer knows what is he going to buy
  10. Amromnia

    my old laptop's GPU

    so i am building a new PC but i found that i need more money for my build so i am selling my Laptop its a hp G62 now i am not here to sell it i am here to try to know what is the GPU inside i know that it is an Intel hd graphics but i can't identify the actual model i searched everywhere Intel's website Wikipedia and google but couldn't find anything i have attached photos of CPU-Z and as you can see the CPU is identified but the only thing i know about the GPU is that its an Intel hd graphics with 730 MB of vram so if any of you can please tell me more about the GPU like its speed and its code name and its technology and better than all of that its model number thanks to everyone who would help me
  11. Amromnia


    a view sonic lcd 1600x900 monitor that i bought about 8 years ago
  12. Amromnia


    so whats better for down-scaling gtx 960 or gtx 970 or rx 480 edit: and also can it render resolutions higher than 1080p like 1440p or 1600p or even 4k and which GPU is better for higher resolutions edit 2: my CPU is either i5 6600 or i7 4770 so tell me which is better for gaming/editing and if it affects the after down-scaling performance and frame rates
  13. Amromnia


    So i had an old Gaming PC and it broke and i am building a new PC when i first built the old PC i bought a monitor with it now this monitor's resolution is 1600x900 at the moment i built the old PC it was good and most games ran at this resolution as its maximum now i want to Game at 1080p however the money i have right now isn't that much it barley is enough for the PC so i am not buying a new monitor I have two choices either i use my 1920x1080 TV or i use the Monitor and down-scale the image to 1920x1080 i wanna know which is the better choice then i wanna know how to down-scale the whole system not only the game using the gtx 960-rx 480 or gtx 970 to 1920x1080 or (if possible) 2560x1440 or higher resolutions. Thank you All p.s sorry if this is not the correct forum to post this in.