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    Well student @ Home due to Coronavirus and still looking for a damn job (preferably in IT).

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  1. What I wish that humanity will adopt after this health crisis:


    • Adopting the Indian namaste or the japanese bow for greeting and getting rid of the hand shaking.
    • Having clean water and enough soap and sanitizer everywhere there's a sink to wash yourself.
    • Always trying to maintain a social distance (I know, this will be hard to maintain in Public Transport)
    • Also make wet animal markets or any market for that reason much safer by having the animal or food not on the fucking floor but rather in clean, sterilized containers on top of counters or tables. And you can only touch the animal or food if you're wearing special gloves to handle the food or animal. 
    • Also the law for torturing animals should be much stricter meaning that when you do it once that you will never ever be able to have or sell animals again (looking at you China).
    • Getting rid of physical cash and adopting contactless payment everywhere where possible.
    • Every PC Enthusiast should F@H to help fight these nasty diseases.
    1. GOTSpectrum


      As long as you are folding for team LTT!!!!!

    2. AluminiumTech




      1. Personally I'd keep the handshakes
      2. I agree with the clean water,
      3. Social distancing isn't healthy to maintain over any substantial period of time so I strongly suspect it'll go away as soon as Coronavirus is gone. Most people given enough time from social isolation would lose their sanity because humans as a species are inherently social creatures.
      4. Idk man. I'm against torturing animals but at the same time it's a slippery slope. Once you start down that path of taking away people's liberties for the "greater good" there's no way of coming back. Liberty is more important than protecting the greater good imo.
      5. Physical cash is here to stay. Replacing it goes back to earlier point about no longer being able to be anonymous and losing your right to have liberty. If there's no anonymous alternative to cash then cash will need to continue existing. Card payments are not anonymous and they are one method of being spied upon.


      What it sounds like you're encouraging is broadly speaking communism.