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    Tech, Games and Dogs
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    Well student @ Home due to Coronavirus and still looking for a damn job (preferably in IT).

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  1. uWu, got the afternoon off. Time to get a haircut, do some shopping and go pick up Overwatch that I've ordered yesterday. Luckily it isn't raining this afternoon so I can go with my Xiaomi Scooter.

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    2. FloRolf


      Wait, you are going to pick up a physical copy of a game? 



    3. Tech_Dreamer


      i like to see the industry still have some form of physical medium send to you when you purchase something, atleast send a freaking sticker or a poster for $40-$80 game damn pu**ies out of your million dollar profits it aint much, goddamn!

    4. Pascal...


      @FloRolf Hey, the only thing my parents allowed me to use their Credit Card for was to pay for the Nintendo Online Subscription. I don't have a credit card yet. So getting the physical copy was the easiest for me and besides it's just a download code anyways, there isn't even a physical card included unlike with Minecraft & Mariokart ?