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    Well student @ Home due to Coronavirus and still looking for a damn job (preferably in IT).

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  1. Thinking about getting Overwatch for my Switch, is it cross platform compatible ? And when I setup an account can I then also play on PC with the same account whenever I purchase it on steam too ?

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    2. TVwazhere



      Don't get it on Switch. The game is well optimized on PC but I highly doubt that it's fun to play on the Switch. Also, you can only get OW from Battle.net and I believe it is cross platform, maybe not with the Switch though.


      No version of Overwatch currently supports cross-play, meaning those on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch can only play with other members of the same community. Earlier this year, Blizzard spoke about how the company was "excited about the potential" for cross-play support with Overwatch.Oct 1, 2019


    3. Cyberspirit


      @TVwazhere Thanks. That's a shame to hear though, I thought they had crossplay already.

    4. Pascal...


      Thanks for the info. But I'm getting it because a friend of mine has it on the switch and asked me if I want to play. It's on sale for 39 CHF instead of 46.90 CHF so not too expensive for me.