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  1. Good morning everyone ! Today is my first day of the work experience, wish me luck. I'm gonna check out my Notifs when I come back online in the evening. In the meantime you can go onto YouTube and Search "Linus Home Tips", it's apperantely a brand new Channel, I just saw that being posted in the LTT subreddit as I was having a quick look on the Reddit App. You can go and investigate that for me in the meantime, alright cya later.

    1. Cyberspirit


      Hope you'll have a good day! The first day is never easy because of all the new people.

    2. wall03


      Good luck!

    3. Void Master

      Void Master

      @Pascal... About Linus Home Tips: It MAY BE legit, but it's not rdy yet, and the video they uploaded is.. COLORFUL (probably a test video) . Let's hope it's not fake, smart home tips would be amazing.

  2. Ah yes Mario Kart 8 is very fun to play on my Switch Lite, think I'll get a Pro Controller too because I think you can hock up the Switch Lite to a TV (once I get a TV) just as video out because just playing on the Switch itself is cool and all when on the go but at home you know I've got options here so yeah. On top of that I think the next game I'm gonna get for the Switch is Zelda Breath of the wild, used to play a Zelda game on the N64 (don't remember what it was called) when I was little. Also if the PS5 controller is actually amazing and has type C and long battery life then I'm gonna get that too because you know I used to play GTA V on the PS3 when it came out back in 2013. dbrand will have skins available so that's no problem and I'm already accustomed to the controller design so yeah, never liked the looks and feels of an Xbox Controller.

    1. Oswin


      i still play mario kart on my wii u :D


  3. (Don't forget to check your Discord once you come back online)

    1. Den-Fi




      All notifications go straight to the heart in the 'Chewniverse.


    Intel on abandoning Socket 1200 after two CPU Generations and moving to Socket 1700: Hmm yeah it'll take an absolute expert to figure out how many Pins we added.


    der8auer meanwhile:



    Yeah, it's just 500 more Pins. 



    Also Intel's Marketing Department when they need a new Code name: Oh I see we have used Lake previously, oh and there's also field ! Oh Oh I got it ! Lakefield !



    Is it a Lake of fields or a field of Lakes ?









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    2. DildorTheDecent


      Are LGA 115x coolers compatible with LGA 1700?


      LGA 115x coolers are compatible with LGA 1200 AFAIK.

    3. Pascal...


      I don't think so because it should have a larger IHS and therefore more surface area, so you would need a cooler that's compatible with Threadripper or Intel HEDT with enough Surface area on the cold plate of the cooler in order to fully cover LGA 1700.

    4. DildorTheDecent


      Fugg. LGA 115x coolers had a great run though.

  5. Memes ! k, now without breaking the forum again :ph34r:


    1. wkdpaul


      * things gotta breathe *


    2. wall03





      WOAH those are GOOD MEMES

  6. OMG:




    It's even priced at 69.420 USD !!!! 



    1. themaniac


      not meme enough, they needed to have Elon pose in it for it to be the perfect level of meme

  7. @Pascal... new breaker of all things:

    Ohh I'm sorry to have caused any inconveniences. Oh well, at least I found a new bug I guess.

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    2. Den-Fi


      @wall03 Hit edit on your most recent status and see if you see some memes you didn't post.

    3. wall03


      Oh. yeah. thats bad

    4. TVwazhere


      Hoo-lee shit dude

  8. Ahh I love this guy:

     @LinusTech Collaborations on the Pi Calculations record Project when ?

  9. New Tesla Software Update and there's a video about it from Jack right away of course:


    1. zeusthemoose


      What else would you expect from him? Gotta get those play buttons!

  10. Edge is for downloading Chrome and nothing else: https://9to5google.com/2020/07/02/microsoft-edge-windows-startup-takeover/


    Also lol they used Tarans Tweet for one of the sources.

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    2. The King of the Undead

      The King of the Undead

      was reffering to the inability to uninstall but ok.

    3. Gegger


      hmm looks like a tidepod, time to go eat one /s

    4. Pascal...


      @Gegger Mmmhhh Yummi tidepods (because they look like certain sweets)

  11. Helpful Shortcuts:


    1. Den-Fi



      Ctrl-Shift-Esc - Karen's favourite key combo; brings up the task manager.

      lol @ this comment

    2. NZgamer


      Oh ye I saw this on Reddit too

  12. Impossible task for all the Karens out there: https://wccftech.com/twitter-says-it-will-give-us-an-edit-button-but/


    Twitter is gonna give you an Edit Button if everyone wears a mask, that's approximately 7.5 Billion people. Uh yeah, that's never going to happen so they are really making it easy for themselves here.

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    2. nox_


      Btw we call our Karen's super mamytės :D

    3. Pascal...


      lol. Lithuania is a nice country from what I've heard.

    4. nox_


      it depends on who you ask :D But yes, if only winters were bit milder.. Would be perfect :D our winters are pretty much the same as in Russia, and those are brutal.

  13. Ah yes Enterprise great cold storage solutions 🤤https://www.techpowerup.com/269275/fujifilm-points-to-400-tb-tape-drives-in-the-future 



    Single 400TB Tape Drive by 2032/33, do you think they will deliver on that goal ? You just need two 400TB and one 200TB Tape Drives and you've got yourself a Petabyte of Storage in your hands, pretty cool amiright ?

    1. nox_


      For a data hoarder like me it's a dream come true :D

    2. FezBoy


      The tracking times...



    3. Pascal...


      These are used in sets of thousands is specialized clean room enclosures where robot arms move them to and from their storage shelf to a reader head where it plugs in the drive to read/write to it, one of these solutions from such companies like IBM or Fujitsu costs multi millions of dollars. But as with everything this upcoming technology will too once trickle down into Consumer great Tape Drives one day. Man imagine the day where you can hold either a M.2 or 2,5" SSD in your palm that has multiple Petabytes on it.

  14. Freaking finally: https://www.admin.ch/gov/en/start/documentation/media-releases.msg-id-79711.html 


    Well I'll be wearing a standard medical mask for my work experience (for details on that see previous Status) since the N95s from 3M are impossible to get unfortunately. Well I'll go out with the perception that the people I met are healthy and won't start violently coughing at me once I get near them. As always if your sick then stay the fuck home and risk absolutely nothing or else you will either get fined (at least here) or worse make other people sick too. I will personally start wearing masks even after Covid is over (if that ever happens, man what's the after live gonna be like), especially in winter in public transport because every damn winter it's the same Story, I always get the cold instantly. I started getting the vaccine for the seasonal flu back in 2018 at the local Doctors Office, also got it for last winter of course.



    So always being on top of my vaccines and wearing a mask in public, new lifestyle of mine. Will do my research into washable cloth masks that have built in filters to reduce the environmental impact, already saw clogs of used dirty masks in the Ocean on reddit :/

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    2. Pascal...


      Yeah I wonder how long it'll take till we all just always wear masks like the people in Japan and other Asian countries do. Also we really need a new form of greeting, hand shaking is just too risky at this point.

    3. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      Really depends on your local culture. There are countries, where it will probably never happen.

    4. VegetableStu
  15. UwU behind the scenes stuff:

    Can't wait to sign up on Floatplane to watch all of the behind the scenes stuff that they uploaded on there over the last couple of years.

  16. Do you know why Karen pressed CTRL + ALT + Delete ?








    Why ? You might say


















    Bacause she wanted the Task Manager

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    2. NZgamer


      Damn that's a good one!

    3. Pascal...


      @NZgamer Hey add me on Discord for more jokes & Memes and maybe we can play some games together sometime.

    4. NZgamer


      @Pascal... That sounds cool!

  17. So a couple of weeks ago I sent out an application (or resume what ever you wanna call it) for an apprenticeship as an Electrican to a local Electrician business thing and I got invited to a 4 day practiceship/work experience. It actually takes me excactly 17 minutes with my Xiaomi Mi Pro Electric Scooter for one way from my House to the business in the neighbouring Town, I already did that whole go and drive to the thing and have a look where I will have to go thing two weeks ago so that's all sorted. So that apprenticeship would be 4 years long, as most of them are, so that would mean if that would actually work out and I start that in August this year then I would be finished with that in 2024 and I would be 21 when I finish in summer and then turn 22 that following October.


    And the payout is pretty good too, imo:


    • So first year: Per month: 600 CHF or 7200 CHF in total
    • Second year: Per month 750 CHF or 9000 CHF in total
    • Third year: Per month: 950 CHF or 11400 CHF in total
    • And finally the fourth year: Per month: 1100 CHF or 13200 in total 

    So that'll be a total of 40800 CHF in those 4 years, that's bare minimum, without any bonuses and with out spending anything of course. Just plain cash.


    @sub68 Then I can buy all the Tech and Tools I want 😝


    My Dad actually also did an apprenticeship as an Electrician that's similar to this one, so he'd sure be proud of me. Plus he knows a couple of guys at the company already since they work as contractors on a usual basis in the company he works for. 


    Yeah jumping straight in and getting an apprenticeship as a System Engineer or Software Developer just didn't work out so this really is my last last chance for this year as all of the other bastards whom I've been sending my applications to haven't even answered that they got it and stuff. Man, just getting into the whole job market itself is plain cancer and difficult as fuck, don't wanna imagine how it is gonna be once I'm in it.



    Fun Fact: This was my 99th application actually, ehh and I'm completely tired of this whole process like I've been on it for 2 and a half years now.





    So yeah once that's done the Military is gonna come knocking on your Door of course ! So as being a male and a Swiss Citizen and us still having the Conscription in place they're gonna send out some letters to every native Swiss Male at the age of 16/17 and to every foreigners who just got the Swiss Citizen Ship, yeah that's right if you're male and between the age of 15 and 26 DON'T  try to move to Switzerland (I mean you can still move to Switzerland and get the C Visa thing but hold off and wait till your over 26 if you explicitly want to become a Swiss Citizen for some reason) and apply for a Swiss Citizen ship because otherwise they're gonna draft you for military service and as being one of the last countries in the world where it's obligatory to do military service you don't wanna do that, with clear instructions. So I got my first letter from them about a year ago, just having to fill out a couple of forms for them to collect all the necessary data about me. And the second one came in a couple of days ago, it's an straight up invite to an informational day on the 31st of August this year. So will have to get all of that filled out and get a copy of my Eyesight test and receipe thing of the glasses (because they wanna know all of the health details and ask literally everything regarding to that) and also a copy of the Apprenticeship contract thing should that work out. Because obviously you gotta do either an Apprenticeship first or have gone to college and then to uni in order for them to draft you into Military Service. 



    So yeah after that Informational day there will be a another couple of event day things where I have to go to and then they'll do a whole bunch of fitness and psychological tests to see if I would be suitable for service. So yeah if I pass that which I most likely will if I don't get a serious illness or break all of my bones in an accident (never know what's gonna happen in a few years amiright) then I'd like to do my whole Service back to back which would excactly be one year and that'll be called "Durchdiener": "Durch" means through or full and "diener" means servant aka just soldier. Instead of doing the tradiontinal WK model which is 18 (up to 21 weeks if you choose to go with the special forces such as the Grenadier or Infantry) weeks of basic and specific training in your assigned Troop type and then every 4 years there's two weeks of rehearsal millitary training till you're 40 or something. So if I would go with the WK model then you're assigned as Back Up in your specific troop till your 45 years old, this is if War breaks out or there's extreme political instability in the country or a Natural Disaster happens then they can just call you right into Service even if your long done with your Service and have given back all of your stuff. VS. if I would go with the "Durchdiener" model then I would only be on the back up list till 3-4 years after I fulfilled my Service which if this plans out will be at the age of 28.


    If I can do the "Durchdiener" model then the minimum payout for that year if you don't rank up is 20'000 CHF. Good thing everything is free of course including public Transport and they'll cover the Health Insurance for the whole Service, for the Travel to the assigned Millitary Base and on Holiday, with Holiday they mean the weekends of course and you've got like a couple of days that you can take of if you apply for it, for instance if there are special family events, or you're graduating from a school or something. 


    So just to be clear if I could choose and wouldn't live in a Country where military service is mandatory then I totally wouldn't do it of course. But hey at least I get to receive some really in depth weapons and tactical training, you know something for my Gamer Heart. 




    If you wanna know more and do your own digging, the first four Websites aren't natively translated into English so hope your Google Translate does that for you:


    Also they have a YouTube Channel if you wanna see some cringey videos:




    Most of the videos are also in French, Italian and English besides German or just turn on subtitles.




    Just felt like letting you guys know too what's happening in my live ❤️

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    2. Pascal...


      @dizmo I obviously still live at Home and I only have to pay for my own Tech and Gadgets and then taxes, everything else gets paid for.


      @Meganter Well Switzerland has always had an army of some sort since it's founding back in 1291. Modern day Switzerland so as it is today was established in 1848 after a big Revolution. Since then we always stayed Neutral, we had a lot of luck in both World Wars to not get invaded. We joined the UNO in 2002 but still refuse to this day to join the European Union and the Nato. But we do of course work together with the European Union and Switzerland has diplomatic missions to pretty much every Country in the World, even North Korea. Remember being a Country in Europe doesn't mean you're automatically in the European Union, those are two separate things. We mainly need an army to maintain our long going Neutrality and to defend ourselves should it come it. The Swiss army is also used in the event of natural disasters, large events such as the Swiss Wrestling Festival to help civil organizers build and maintain facilities. Every year from February 18th to the 21st the WEF (World Economic Forum) takes place in Davos. The Army is deployed to support local police corps and security services to secure and protect buildings, critical assets, VIPs, presidents, and other guests at the event. The Air Force is responsible for the surveillance and protection of Swiss airspace. Should an aircraft enter Swiss airspace and it has not contacted and registered with the Swiss Skyguide and the towers of the airports and they cannot establish radio contact with the aircraft, then it must be possible for two FA-18 interceptors to track down the aircraft and establish visual and verball contact with the Pilots of the aircraft in no time. In most cases where two interceptors have to escort a plane either to the nearest airport or out of the country, it only is due to them having radio problems. The army is also regularly deployed at borders and airports to help the Border Force and security services search and inspect people, vehicles and luggage. The last official deployment by the army was just finished: the medicine and logistics battalions were used to support the fight against corona in hospitals and caring centers. In addition, other troops, including the military police themselves, were called up to close the borders and again to help the local Border Force at the borders to check people for possible simpotme for corona. The army has several special units that can be used very quickly in the event of conflicts or a terrorist attack to support the civilian blue light organizations. They also have departments at the Swiss Intelegience Service (SNB) aka our verion of the CIA and FBI and their own cyber command to prevent hackers and DDods attacks on large Swiss companies, institutes, universities and federal infrastructures. Plus Switzerland has multiple Peace keeping programms and operations in Europe, North Africa and the middle east.

      @Void Master Wow how cool. Thanks for the encouragement.


      Videos to watch:









    3. dizmo


      Not sure why you think it's obvious. It's not. I moved out when I was younger than you. 

    4. Meganter


      Well it has the same fonctions as our army and the same effective as ours :P


      Good Luck with all that !


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    2. Pascal...


      Haha Atlas go brrrrrrrrr

    3. imreloadin


      Yeah...that's some Terminator shit right there😅

    4. Pascal...


      I've actually been closly following the development stages of all of their robots since 2012 when they were working on LS3 and Wildcat, both gas powered legacy bots. And now today seeing Atlas, Pick and Handle being pretty much market ready and early adopters getting their hands on Spot Mini is really cool.



  19. Hmm, is the same country that brought us the Virus gonna provide a vaccine for it that is actually effective:




    What do you think, when is this seemingly unending chain of infections gonna stop and which country will be the Hero ?



    Because certainly putting restrictions and lockdowns in place won't help.

    1. Bombastinator


      There’s something like 140 vaccines iirc.  Some of them won’t work well though. 

    2. Bombastinator


      As to the lockdown thing that already did work once.  It was the breaking it that is causing all the current problems.  It’s why is being stopped.  Doing so was clearly stupid.  Scientists said it would be, were shouted down, and proved right anyway.


      Or more specifically the idiots who refuse to do it carefully.  There are some areas that relaxed lockdowns carefully but are short on refusers who are doing it OK.  I’m remembering an earlier post about a new product called “wearamaskasshole” that wasn’t selling as well as it should.

  20. lol how cool, Zack made another final version of the off road Wheelchair for his Wife cambry and this time they're gonna mass produce it:

    It's called "Not a Wheelchair" which of course is inspired by "Not a Flamethrower" from the Boring Company.

    1. PonyBoyZ_


      zach a swole badass but a gentle giant 

  21. Ah yes totally, smart people go brrrrrr:


    1. PCGuy_5960


      I cannot see, I'm legally blind

  22. lmao the fuck is going on:

    They really think they can get the LITERAL President of the United States arrested ? The FBI, CIA, NSA, Secret Service and all of their Military Troops are gonna say a big No No to that. Also they're a big part of Interpol aren't they ? I don't think Interpol would risk loosing the US as a big partner anytime soon. 

    1. Techstorm970


      U.S.: *Kills Soleimani*