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  1. Was the best laptop 800 dollars can buy. Mostly will use it for light video editing, school work, and some excel, Word work.
  2. What would be the best settings for my monitor? I play mostly fps shooters as csgo, r6, call of duty. And I sometimes play other titles.
  3. So currently I'm running a 3700x with a msi b350 gaming pro. Do I need to upgrade to at least a b450 or x470 and if so which one should I get?
  4. My ram speed is lower than what it should be. I purchased a 3000mhz kit from corsair and its running at 2193mhz. Any way to fix this issue? Also my cpu temp for when its idle its bewteen 40c and 55c, is this normal? Pc specs ryzen 3700x (stock cooler) msi b350 gaming pro (micro atx) corsair vengeance lpx 8x2 gb 3000mhz Gtx 1660 (pny) CX 850M PSU
  5. Yeah I been reading articles that is really good cpu, just need a good cooler.
  6. I’m looking for the best cpu for gaming and streaming. The price doesn’t matter. Anything that won’t bottleneck a rtx 2080. edit forgot to mention this build will take some time to get this build done, like a year
  7. I currently have a 900p monitor but I’m looking to buy new monitors since I wanna use my second pc to stream to twitch. I was wondering what’s the best monitor under 100? Not looking for anything fancy? I was on amazon and saw a brand named specter , is it any good?
  8. I do understand slobs is using obs and adding a skin to it I just wondering does it have ndi option like obs? Also from what I’m getting here obs performance much better but slobs is better for plugins.
  9. So I’m currently using obs to stream sometimes. I enjoy it but I heard streamlabs it’s easier to use, but I was wondering if I can use the dual pc by using the ndi option or does it have he new obs NVIDIA nvenc?
  10. Titan X is just around the corner. Specs?
  11. Im just going to wait and see if the new Zen processors can match at least haswell or broadwell from intel side. But, in my opinion i believe if amd puts the zen processors in a good value ( price to performance) they might have a chance against intel. Also the intel cpu's that are coming out this October i believe, are suppose to be for the 1080.
  12. Do you believe that amd cpu's can hold up against the current Intel CPU'S?