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    AMD FX-4300
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    16GB DDR3
  • GPU
    AMD RADEON R7 260X
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    1TB TOSHIBA HDD (internal) 2TB SEAGATE HDD (external) 1TB SEAGATE HDD (external)
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    Focusrite Audio Engineering Scarlett 2i2 Audio interface/ M-AUDIO AV32 (speakers) RAZER KRAKEN PRO 2.1
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    WIN 10 HOME 64-bit

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  1. I have double checked this and it still does not power on.
  2. I just finished a new build there however the PC does not power on. the RGB on the motherboard turns on automatically when I plug it into the wall and flip the psu switch on, and when I plug my phone into the USB ports it charges. but when I press the power button on the case there is no power. any ideas?
  3. I'm set on either the Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 580 8GB OR THE XFX Radeon RX 590 Fatboy OC+ what one is worth getting?
  4. looking to spend around £100ish on 16gb ram.
  5. I currently have a RX 460 card. What would be an upgrade for that preferably around the £100-130 range. (roughly $128.77- $167.40 USD)
  6. I'm getting the 2700x, what's motherboard should I get, preferably around the £100 mark ($128.77 USD roughly) or if it's under budget that would be greatly appreciated.
  7. yup, nothing. Even when I plugged my phone it it would not charge. I left it for an hour or so, now it seems to work fine however its making a loud droning noise, maybe its the fan?do you have any ideas?
  8. it would just turn off when it got to win 10 login screen now it doesn't turn on at all
  9. I took my cooler off, put new thermal paste on. Put cooler back on and turned pc on however when i reached login on windows 10 it turned itself off, i tried again and same thing happened. Took cooler off and put it back on and now there's no power at all. HELP.
  10. The performance is noticeably worse than what it was a year ago. I'm putting this down to the performance of the CPU as on Task manager it's pretty much at 99% usage all the time and it's overheating, yeah sure I agree about the Thermal paste as it has not been replaced since I first put it on, I just got some new stuff so i'll apply it within the next week or so if that doesn't improve anything then i'll try a new heat sink and then if it comes it then a new CPU.
  11. I should have said in the original post that my CPU is dying it keeps over heating and it's really effecting performance in simple things like even watching a video. I really need a new cpu regardless and i'm just wondering which is the best FX CPU to pick up as they're all pretty cheap.
  12. I know, but I really just want a new cpu, iv'e had this one for YEARS and I can feel it dying on me now. It's had daily use for over 4 years now and it's overheating and performance has dropped dramatically over the last few months. I'm just looking to purchase a new FX cpu to keep me going until I can afford to upgrade everything else.
  13. So I have an AMD FX-4300 *sigh* I know, it's old. I'm looking to still buy another FX cpu on the cheap, but what is the best one? I don't have much money to buy a new motherboard.
  14. So i'm looking to purchase new headphones, around £100-£130. Oh and they MUST be WIRELESS. I have no idea what to get, so i'd like recommendations please. (preferably amazon only)
  15. I was watching the latest wan show and was wondering how do you start a web hosting company? I guess to make it simpler, how to get domains to sell? do you literally just buy them and then sell?