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  • CPU
    i5 6600k
  • Motherboard
    Asus Z170-A
  • RAM
  • GPU
    EVGA 1070 SC
  • Case
    Phanteks P400s
  • Storage
    Samsung 860 evo,2TB Baracuda
  • PSU
    EVGA 650 P2
  • Display(s)
    27" 4k SAMSUNG UHD
  • Cooling
    Be Quiet! Pure Rock
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G810
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502
  • Sound
    Klipsch 2.1, Philips SHP9500s

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  1. StarsMars

    Building mum a pc

    Had another thought. With the node 202 not having any case fans and the cpu cooler right next to the vent. Is the AMD stealth cooler going to sound like a little blender while solo cooling the system?
  2. StarsMars

    Building mum a pc

    Think the fractal psu is no good? I know it's not top of the line but they are reputable right? Maybe. She's not going to be installing and uninstalling games though. Has been running off of a cheap hp desktop with a junk psu and hdd for over 12 years now. Think she got lucky or is that psu and ssd a bad idea?
  3. StarsMars

    Building mum a pc

    I think this is coming together. 16gb ram, 1tb ssd, node 202, Wifi, Ryzen 2200g Updated Build "Small Fast and New" I don't know which icon you selected to get the breakdowns.
  4. StarsMars

    Building mum a pc

    I was looking for the 202 but couldn't find it because I have a 3.5 hdd in the build. I think she will need a bit more storage than 500gb and I'm not sure about the case and psu adding up to 160 Impressive budgeting.
  5. StarsMars

    Building mum a pc

    So my mom is using an HP desktop from 2006. So she wants me to build her a new one. She bought an All-In-One desktop that was DOA which put her off them. She wants something "small new and fast". Gonna need Wifi for her printer. Asked her what she wanted to spend, said around 500. How'd I do? "Small Fast and New" Let me know if you see anything wrong.
  6. StarsMars

    Question about careers in I.T.

    I'm wondering if I can land a job in networking with the CCENT, no experience and no degree. Seems like everyone wants all three.
  7. StarsMars

    Question about careers in I.T.

    Yes, in the south.
  8. StarsMars

    Question about careers in I.T.

    I haven't been elbow deep. I'm strong in the hardware side but weak on the networking end. I will try to see what I can find before finishing a cert. I've got an embarrassing amount of customer service.. VMWare, hmm Security is a fairly base level cert. I'm guessing the people that you knew from signal corp got it based of extensive experience.
  9. StarsMars

    Question about careers in I.T.

    I don't have the comptia a+. I mean I'm sure I do have the skills for helpdesk, just not to put on a resume.
  10. Wasn't sure if this belonged in General or off topic. I've been looking to start working towards a career in I.T. and am wondering what certifications I should be looking at. I have a decent base of knowledge, I know most everything the Comptia A+ teaches except for networking. Someone was suggesting a CCENT because it lays a path for the CCNA. I'm in a situation where I'm looking to get a job in I.T. relatively quick. What sort of certification would you recommend for someone looking to jump into the field? Comptia A+ seems to be a waste of time and money. CCENT seems like it would give me a good launching point, but I'm not sure if I want to switch to the security side later on. Would the Security+ get me a job? Also if anyone knows any good resources for organized study material with testing, please let me know.
  11. How is that even a justification? I wonder if you dine and dash too. It's actually on sale right now for $15 on steam. Whatever, I don't expect anything else from the gtav community.
  12. From then on it has gotten worse and the music/movies reflect imo. Movies are produced to sell at the box office and move on to the next. /rant /thread hijacked
  13. Turn the grass to the lowest setting. It really takes a toll even on high end rigs and isn't worth the dips. The music and movie industry turned to shit when people started pirating them.
  14. StarsMars

    Suddenly low performance on high end pc :(

    Are you sure that some of your game settings haven't changed following an update? RTX could have been turned on or if you have a 4k monitor the resolution could have been changed. I've had that happen in gtav, it will switch to 4k without me doing it.
  15. StarsMars

    Radeon 7

    Not to dig up a thread, but rather than making a new one Why is AMD not doing partner cards on the VII? Are they not doing partner cards on future cards?