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    Yorkshire, England
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    Moon Shoes


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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600
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    Aorus X570 I Pro WiFi
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 16GB @ 3200MHz
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    Msi Armour RTX 2060 Super
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    NZXT H200i
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    Samsung 860 Evo 1TB + MX500 500GB
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    650W EVGA G2
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    Acer VG240YU 1440p
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    Be Quiet is god
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    CoolerMaster SK630
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    Corsair Dark Core RGB
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    Steelseries Arctis 9X
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    Windows ME
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    Base MacBook Pro 16”

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  1. I will suggest MacBooks till the cows come home but for gaming you need to bootcamp and if you’re only using that what’s the point in paying for MacOS... just build a desktop. Even at half the price you can build a solid 1440p desktop.
  2. Think my base response to laptop is just becoming "MacBook" because for the majority of people it makes sense, I tolerate windows on my desktop but all I use it for now is gaming and content consumption if I'm gonna sit and watch a film or TV series for a few hours, anything else I just get the MacBook out because it's just easier. Plus windows doesn't even come with word or office in general anymore, sure you can use googles alternatives but they don't work well offline and an OS you pay for and is for normal people you should have a word processor on there (WordPad and notepad? Don't count). Also as to prove my point as to how windows is a terrible OS my search bar isn't working! I went to type in word and note so I know what the programs were actually called and I just get a big grey box where my results should be but aren't. Never happens with spotlight. Teaches me for coming on here between gaming and bed -.- By the way MacOS is Unix Linux is the Unix Like
  3. Best bet is to look around eBay which has good byer protection and reputable second hand stores. I'd look at 15" pros from 2015. Should all be quad cores and they're before thunderbolt 3 arose so they have ports. Here in the UK those are going for 400-600 on ebay, most people who were holding out due to the 2016-18 MacBook pro having issues have upgraded to the 2019 model so there's quite a few on sale right now. As a side note even though it's well out of your budget you can pay for laptops monthly through various stores, a few stores here do it at 0% interest. That goes for all laptops so if one with those sweet tensor cores is just out of your budget you could stretch it a bit and pay it off over 12 or 24 months, if you pass the credit check obvs.
  4. From what I've seen they do. "The best windows trackpad" isn't really a ringing endorsement, they're all crap. Was shopping for laptops with my fiancée for ages and looked at pretty much all of the windows thin and lights barring Razer, she ended up with a MacBook. You use bootcamp for the stuff that won't run on MacOS. It offers you more flexibility, can't run MacOS on a windows laptop without a hacked version of MacOS. Agree they're not but the OP codes and does web development, having UNIX and not having to boot into Linux for it would be very useful. PLus access to FCP for video editing. Ease of repair is awful, though personally I've never had issue I've had plenty of friends and family had issue with apple products and 90% of the time they've just been given new hardware within 2 hours of giving it to a store, the 10%~ is they've had to hand it in and have stuff posted out but that was a phone case not hardware.
  5. So you’re borderline. Honestly 5G isn’t much better than 4G. Are you really gonna notice the extra 20mb? Even when you’re in a golden mm wave spot are you really downloading something big enough to notice?Are you happy paying a lot more for that? Personally I would wait for the note. Just for transparency I’m on iPhone with a XR and when the 5G iphones come out in September I won’t be getting one if the only new thing it has is 5G, they have to improve or add at least a few things ontop of that to sway me. And a 120Hz screen and camera bump ain’t enough.
  6. What phone are you on now? Because the S20 really isn’t worth upgrading to if you’re on the S9 or later. 5G is not a great deal faster than 4G and the mm wave is extremely limited in coverage and requires line of sight (or a highly reflective surface) to work. Literally the only useful feature is the 120Hz screen and if you want to spend over a grand for something you really won’t notice if you’ve not had it then it’s up to you.
  7. Why would you want to? It would just create heat and drain the battery faster. Generally phone manufacturers clock them to what’s best thermally and efficiency wise.
  8. Get a second hand MacBook Pro? Would also be great because you have a Mac and likely iPhone? To use continuity with.
  9. Wouldn’t you need a nvidia GPU with tensor cores for optimised AI? So you’d need minimum a 2060 which you won’t get at your budget. If you can I’d suggest a desktop and bin the laptop, get a cheap one if you really need it. also hit the reply button or I won’t see it
  10. The outstanding feature is called UNIX. Did you miss the coding part of the OP or do you just hate Apple? I would like to know why they’re not a fan of a MacBook because it is legitimately the best laptop for coding and video editing, it can run all 3 major OS’, you can’t code for Macs, iWhatever or safari without a Mac. It’s probably because some misguided idiot who thinks they just cost a lot because of the logo who lists off a specsheet like that’s the be all end all of a laptop.
  11. A more universal... you don’t realise you can boot windows on a Mac, I’ve set it up on mine. If anything macbook are the Moët universal laptops that can use the most amount of software. Also when running MacOS the lower specs don’t matter because For example the Mac running final cut will demolish the XPS in premiere
  12. I’ve had a play with the XPS and it feels extremely poorly made. MacBook has more coverage and offers different colour gamut’s (P3 for example) Apart from “boo apple” Retards I have yet to find someone who actually disliked the most recent MacBook. Only real criticism is ports but 4 thunderbolts can turn into whatever the hell you want. You mean the laptop that is the best for coding and well liked in the space is the worst choice for someone who is doing coding? And that has final cut which is the best video editor to have on a laptop.
  13. You only used it for a few days... you need a solid couple of weeks to get to grip with a new OS
  14. No they’re really not, the XPS feels cheap AF, you don’t get MacOS (which could be really useful for coding), trackpad is awful. There’s a reason people like MacBooks and let me share a secret just between you and me, Also the Mac has a more colour accurate screen if you’re going for that. 4K OLED is nice for watching things but I’d take the more colour accurate one.