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  1. I have an was rather unimpressed. It's a poor copy of a MacBook running W10. A comparable XPS 13 is a grand or over. https://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/dell-xps-13-13-3-intel-core-i5-laptop-256-gb-ssd-silver-10189554-pdt.html The matebook x is over 1000 The surface laptop is over 1000 too. The laptops you listed specced to the same standard as the MacBook Air are all over 1000.
  2. African Union headquarters in Ethiopia. How do they make the best ultrabook? There are plenty of better W10 ultrabooks to pick from. Literally all laptops competing with the MacBook are around the 1000-1500 price point.
  3. Again do you really trust Huawei with anything security wise? There's a reason they're getting locked out of countries 5G infrastructure. Honestly love the keyboard on mine. Obviously not a mechanical keyboard but as far as thin and lights go I've managed to get up to a good speed in not much time. Probably the fastest I've ever typed on a laptop. You literally posted a Hackintosh guide that shows why it's really not worth it for machines where you can't customise the hardware. Plus it has some pretty important things that don't work. Brightness and Sleep (Likely due to spoofing Coffeelake Graphics) dGPU (Nvidia Optimus not supported on MacOS) eGPU (not tested) Fingerprint Sensor Intel Wifi (soldered onto the motherbaord) Onto of being a lengthy process. you might as well just buy a Mac. Huawei are shady af. There are plenty of other brands of laptops you could buy that don't raise massive red flags from literally every security agency belonging to a western government.
  4. If you have the money and time to monitor. After you’ve already bought the hardware. And you’re getting into the wonderful world of Hackintosh which is getting harder and harder and has its own issues. whats the point in a free GPU (that isn’t free it’s probably added another 50-100 on the price) if it effectively does nothing? It’s hardware level security, houses all of your passwords and Touch ID so you don’t need a seperate piece of software and allows faster video encoding than the MX150. And software and silence and speakers and the entire apple ecosystem if you’re into that. Personally I really like the keyboard, great for one handed typing and surprised me when typing normally. It only runs W10 and Linux if you’re that way out, doesn’t have access to the same software, you’ll need a mouse, has worse speakers and will sell you out to the Chinese government.
  5. And the BIOS? Anything they can put into the MB? And also acts as a Secure Enclave and video encoder. You haven’t really shown a good alternative though. Persoanlly I had to restart the PC on multiple occasions because basically all of the volume options were unresponsive. Not it really it’s maonkt due to the MX150 GPU on the thin and light which isn’t a great GPU anyway. If they wanted to game they wouldn’t have bought a Mac and macs have better performance in programmes like FCPX than W10 machines have in adobe premiere for example.
  6. So your options are Google’s suite which I have already said aren’t amazingly good, open 365 which is frustrating, zoho which I haven’t used so can’t comment and cut down versions of apples suite... W10 is a bug ridden mess, when I was using it as a workhorse it constantly required restarts for even simple things like elements in the taskbar straight up not working such as the volume menu. The matebook X pro is made by Huawei so if you want everything to go to the CCP then crack on. Funnily enough I notice your skirting of the security advantage of the Mac. When has that been made apparent? The OP didn’t even give the work they’d be doing. On an ultrabook for example with video editing nothing will beat a MacBook using FCPX without a good dedicated GPU.
  7. What else would you use then? FCPX battery life is actually pretty good. more on about productivity as in getting shit done and not having to worry about bugs and shit you run into on windows all the time. Reference Razer again for QC Pity that the title of the thread includes Razer then. Personally wouldn’t buy one for a W10 laptop i’d Probably go for the surface laptop 2.
  8. If you want a good productivity suite on windows you do. And don’t say Google’s suite because it’s nowhere near as good and personally I avoid Google’s services like the plague and have stopped using everything that wouldn’t take too long to untether from. Depends what you want. Raw performance is obviously a no cos I’m running a Y chip but it’s quiet and macs are amazing for productivity so if you measure performance in terms of work output then a Mac would outperform most windows laptops. Personally don’t have the time to mess around with Linux. With Macs you pay the premium for MacOS and the security it brings plus things like customer service and QC (along with a noticeable amount for the logo) but it’s more than you could say for a Razer Blare Stealth for example where the premium is literally just for the logo and poor build quality.
  9. Lord Vile

    iphone 8 plus vs iphone XR

    Went from an SE to an XR myself and the jump is rather massive. Girlfriend has an 8 and the XR feels miles better. Also the A12 has more functions other than raw processing power.
  10. Lord Vile

    Which is "better"...

    Older iPhones would be good still
  11. That don’t offer nearly the same level of security, no MacOS and you have to subscribe to office now which I really don’t agree with. Honestly I ended up buying a MacBook recently mainly because Microsoft is pissing me off atm. Obviously still using a desktop for gaming but that’s all I’m doing on it now, productivity will now be on my MacBook.
  12. Lord Vile

    Picking up a new phone

  13. Lord Vile

    Please help me choose the laptop ..

    MacBook Air 256GB might be a good buy. Only a 13” screen but you don’t have to pay for office
  14. Lord Vile

    In a real world situation....

    They all still use tracking info etc when idle