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  1. So, i have the motherboard said in the title. I currently have 2 drives: 1 Samsung SSD for boot and 1 2TB HDD for storage. I have a few Intel SSD's i want to set up in raid 0 to store a few applications i want to run faster without cluttering up my C: drive. Now, in the bios there is an option to change the SATA controller mode from AHCI to either IDE or RAID. To configure raid i assume i just flick this option, but will it require all the drives to be set up or can i chose the specific drives? also, I've googled it a bit and it seems some used a Proprietary software to configure raid, but that's not strictly necessary? Also also: it seems like the chipset supports 2 sata 6GB/s and 4 3GB/s, with an ASMedia® PCIe SATA controller that got 2 additional sata 6GB/s ports. if i use raid, does it matter which ports i use? I've obviously got the 2 current drives in the regular SATA 6GB/s. please help a bloke out :)
  2. So LTT didn't get one but Casey freaking Neistat did??
  3. Title. Are they just slow with the first impressions (like they usually are)?
  4. As the title says, if i have two GPUs with the same frequency, lets say 1700mhz, and one card has 1500 CUDA-cores, while the other has 2000, what difference in performance (Real, synthetic, rendering, games) does it make?
  5. I have a nzxt s340 elite and was wondering what is the best setup to get positive air pressure with only space for 4 fans. Right now I have 2x140mm fans sucking air in from the front and pushing it through a radiator (kraken x62) and 2x120mm fans (one in the back and one in the top) as exhaust. Is this enough or should I flip the top fan? Btw I'm using the fans that came with the radiatior and case, so would it be a good idea to keep the orientation and just change the fans for some noctua nf-f12/nf-f14 fans?
  6. Only english link i found https://www.amazon.co.uk/Chieftec-BPS-950C-Nitro-950W/dp/B003VIOQK8 i have this psu.
  7. Hello, i was wondering what kind of connection chieftec uses on their nitro series psu, and where can i buy custom cables for it?
  8. I would love to win the razer blade 14, for Dat sick performance and portability as of right now I'm playing on a toaster
  9. I would love to win the razer blade 14!
  10. I use a old keyboard I don't know the name on and I want a new because the one I have is very bad