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  1. Killjoy_NS

    Building a new RIG....lite gaming...

    I've bought few days ago: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte GA-AB350M-DS3H V2 DIMM2: Kingston HyperX KHX 2933C 17 (two exact same modules) 2x 8GB total of 16GB. And the most interesting thing of all....my best friend gave me his GPU. He bought himself a nVidia.....something 2060...and he payed it and arm and a leg. It is the XFX RS RX 470 Triple X Edition (4GB/256bit).
  2. Killjoy_NS

    Building a new RIG....lite gaming...

    What boost? CPU boost? I'm not going to OC. And I'm gonna disable boost. I think that 3.4GHz is enough for anything and 6 cores I mean....c'mon people. Well I skipped Batman Arkham Knight, NFS 2015, NFS Payback... I'm not gonna play LATEST games in 4k or Full HD. I'm just planning to push some of the newer titles and to jump from DDR2 to DDR4. Any GPU recommendations? I was considering AMD Radeon RX 570 Sapphire PULSE 4GB. Which GPU will have the least bottleneck with Ryzen 5 2600? AMD or nVidia?
  3. Killjoy_NS

    Building a new RIG....lite gaming...

    It seems that you have bad experience with ThermalTake PSUs. This is my second TT PSU. First one lasted 6 years. This one is 4 years old and it is working fine. Well, I've got 400€ and if I want to jump to DDR4 from DDR2 generation, all I need is: CPU + Cooler, Ram and MB. So in the next month or so, I will be able MAYBE to buy RX570? I can choose between RX560 (2GB/128bit/GDDR5) and RX570 (4GB/256bit/GDDR5). I'm not even playing games in Full HD or 4K. 1600x900 res is just fine for me. Not even AAA or whatever options are available. GOD I hate motion blur effect in all games.... I'm interested in games and in their story lines not graphics and so on... P.S. ATi HD 6770 is not bad GPU. I've played Crysis 3 with Medium graphics and in 1600x900. I even played Crysis 2 on MAX details and 1600x900 res. I've played bunch of games on that GPU. That card can handle a lot. And it is old, but very stable.
  4. Killjoy_NS

    Building a new RIG....lite gaming...

    Faster RAM? OK. What's wrong with ThermalTake 630W Smart 80 Plus? GPU replacing? Don't know.
  5. Killjoy_NS

    Building a new RIG....lite gaming...

    How about this one? Is BIOSTAR ok? Biostar AM4 B450GT3 https://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=926
  6. Killjoy_NS

    Building a new RIG....lite gaming...

    Getting faster ram than 2400? I don't want OC btw. Ok, thanks for RAM suggestions. Well I've checked MB and CPU compatibility....it's ok. I should check for B450? NOTED. A little older PSU, 4 yo. Well this PSU is pushing right now Intel C2Q Q9550, 8gb so I'm guessing that it should be enough for Ryzen which is not power hungry. Gpu is next stop. I like AMD Radeon RX 570 Sapphire PULSE 4GB GDDR5/256bit.
  7. Hi to all. I'm trying to build a new rig and I'm kinda limited with the budget. Since I'm trying to jump from DDR2 to DDR4... Here is the list of components: AMD Ryzen 5 2600; ASRock MB AM4 AB350M PRO4 or ASRock AM4 AB350M PRO4 R2.0 (can't tell difference between those two MBs); DDR4 8GB 2400MHz CL15 Kingston HyperX Fury Black, HX424C15FB2/8 (two of these) total of 16GB. I already have: ThermalTake PSU 630W Kingston SSD 120GB 2x 1TB WD Blue ATi HD 6770 MSI MD GPU is next for changing. What are your thoughts and/or suggestions? Better Ryzen, better MB... I'm opened for suggestions. Thank you all.
  8. Killjoy_NS

    UPSAMPLED FLAC files...??

    Interesting. Very. I've got all Rammstein collection in FLAC (big fan) but that album Klavier is obviously fake. Whole album is played on piano. What is the meaning of CUTOFF in LAC? P.S. I can see that Specto kicks in 22khz.... I thought that usually means that file is legit FLAC.
  9. Killjoy_NS

    UPSAMPLED FLAC files...??

    Hi to all... i've got a few questions regarding few songs I have in FLAC... When I put them through Lossless Audio Checker, it says "UPSAMPLED". What is UPSAMPLED anyway? But when I open FLAC file in SPECTRO, it seems to me that FLAC is legit. Is UPSAMPLED means that FLAC is not legit (mp3 source) or something else? Few screenshots...
  10. I know that this thread is old but.... I'm having same problem with Crysis 3......pardon me, I HAD that problem. I have Crysis 3 on ORIGIN. FPS drops are like.....annoying but I manage to solve that. Start the game withoout V-Sync. Make your settings as usual, your default resolution for games, AA etc. First and second level MUST be WITHOUT V-Sync (V-sync is a KILLER for frames). You can turn V-Sync on again just after you meet Claire (start new level). Main goal is to achieve STABLE FPS, than you can do whatever you want with graphics. That worked for me and I have Core 2 Quad Q9550, 8GB of DDR2 and ATi HD 6770 MSI MD. So my rig is way slower and older than most of the rigs here. I ran Crysis 3 between 45 and 55 FPS. Shades and Shadows are on low, everything else is on Medium or High. Resolution is 1600x900. I don't use motion blur 'cause it is annoying for my eyes. Happy gaming!
  11. Killjoy_NS

    Fucked up MAJORLY

    So? My post was a joke....remember what humor is?
  12. Killjoy_NS

    Fucked up MAJORLY

    Have you noticed THIS ( ) in my post?
  13. Killjoy_NS

    Fucked up MAJORLY

    No man.....that is why you have to use Windows OS, not Ubuntu.
  14. Killjoy_NS

    W10, W8.1 or Linux?

    It really depends on what you keep in your PC. Personally, I've got bunch of private photos (not dirty ones ), music, movies......things that anybody can get anywhere. Things like "cybercrime" are like......nonsense. My friend, you are not FBI or CIA.... You and me are not interesting "stuff" to hackers. So if MS wants to see my location....fine. If they want to see what I'm downloading.....FINE. Downloading torrent files isn't exactly illegal in my country since they don't give a damn about private stuff on my PC. Just relax and use Windows 10. Anyway if you are scared, you can use Linux distro... I don't like them.....but hey, that is just me. Don't use Windows 8. My dear friend, who gives a "F" about you and me and our PCs?
  15. Killjoy_NS

    Need some help on CPU bottlenecking

    Since WHEN Avast is decent? Everything is decent, but not Avast. Malwarebytes is excellent for scanning, but not for a "lifetime usage"...disobeying orders. On the topic, most likely....driver or drivers are the problem.