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    B450M MORTAR
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    16G GSKILL 16CAS 3200
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    MSI 1660
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    GS 650
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  1. I have tested all builds from 1703 and above and i still cant find the issue! This is my specs https://valid.x86.fr/av4u27 . I installed ubuntu just to test,and the issue is there still! I can not understand! I have tried so many tweaks and stuff like this but i can not reach the bottom.DPC latency ALWAYS hits the nvidia driver.Can you guys suggest something?
  2. I have a core V21 and i am looking to take care of it more. I want an exhaust fan and an i will upgrade to a Scythe Scmg 5100. What do you guys recomment to buy more for cooling except the scythe cooler? I am looking to get better cable management as well .
  3. Guys,how can i check if my monitor has frame skips? I want to fix microstuttering for sure and i want to eliminate the monitor thought!.I have a xiaomi redmi note 7 btw to capture the screenshots. A video from OBS and one screenshot https://imgur.com/a/xmxA4rB
  4. Hello, This is a snippet of my project.I want to make a programm that changes the IP and the DNS server at the click of a button.I cant make it work,i cant find out if i must use SUBPROCESS or OS.SYSTEM. Ignore the commented lines please. Thank you! import os from tkinter import * class Window(Frame): def __init__(self, master=None): Frame.__init__(self, master) self.master = master self.init_window() #Creation of init_window def init_window(self): # changing the title of our master widget self.master.title("GUI") # allowing the widget to take the full space of the root window self.pack(fill=BOTH, expand=1) # creating a button instance unibutton = Button(self, text="SXOLH",command="uni()") spitibutton = Button(self, text="SPITI",command="spiti()") # placing the button on my window spitibutton.place(x=0, y=0) unibutton.place(x=40, y=0) def uni(): #os.system("ipconfig release") subprocess.call('netsh interface ip add dns name="Local Area Connection" addr='.split()) #os.system('netsh interface ip add dns name="Local Area Connection" addr= index=2') print("g") def spiti(): os.system("ipconfig release") os.system("netsh interface ip set address lan dhcp") root = Tk() #size of the window root.geometry("100x100") app = Window(root) root.mainloop()
  5. @nick name I dont know man. I am new to the overclocking word and ram tweaking. Should i customise the Ohm input in bios? I will apply your previous solution and report back.I am not so sure about the Ohm strength you mention. Is is bad? Can i change something? Thank you for your time
  6. @nick name XMP.2 loaded profile. I will take a look at the tweaked timings 2morrow Thank you
  7. @nick name I can actually see the image from 2 differend PCs.Weird. Take a look
  8. @nick name I wish i knew more to ask. Thats why i posted it here,so i can learn what i am missing
  9. @WereCatf ACPI is a protocol right? Googling it atm
  10. They provide this driver but when i install it it says it does not support my PC. I understand it because i dont want raid.But where are the real SATA drivers?
  11. @5x5 The issue is that i get a smaller percentage of stuttering in CSGO with the core 0 off. So no big deal. The point is the CPU usage. i get 60-70 % usage in MM with 10 people and max 30% in community servers with 30 people and plugins