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  1. What does this topic mean?

    Can someone explain to my why are there modded USB ports? https://www.win-raid.com/t834f25-USB-Drivers-original-and-modded.html
  2. Which paste is better?

    i5 4570 45 On idle and 55C in CSGO @Christophe Corazza @Mooshi
  3. Which paste is better?

    I have the same temps as the stock cooler with my m9i now. With arctic mx4. I dont know whats the issue here
  4. Which paste is better?

  5. Same temps with my new aircooler

    It was kinda hard to apply the cooler in the board.I dont know
  6. Same temps with my new aircooler

    Today i installed a cryorig mi9 to my i5 4570. I have the exact same temps with my stock intel cooler.45 on idle.55C in games.I installed my artic mx2 paste on it.Not the cryorig one.
  7. @DildorTheDecent Thanks,but i wont change the Voltages and etc. I will be waiting for an upgrade
  8. @DildorTheDecent Managed 3.6GHZ on 2 cores. I am using a Z97 ANNIVERSARY from Asrock
  9. @DildorTheDecent Wont work. It wont let me enter 36.What should i choose on the "FIVR" Negative or positive?
  10. Yes,i will try to change them individually.I have a hyperx 8GB ram. 1866MHZ. or smthn @DildorTheDecent
  11. Nop.I can change the multiplier but it will lock on CORE 1 36 CORE 2 36 CORE 3 35 CORE 4 36 I also chose HIGH BCLK MODE @DildorTheDecent
  12. @M.Yurizaki @Princess Cadence What can i do about it?
  13. Any idea why does this happen to my I5 4570? On windows i get On my bios multiplier is 36.Throttle stop says its 34.Hm
  14. BIOS performance tweaks

    @M.Yurizaki I have ACHI mod on.About the CPU settings now.I have disabled the C-States from bios.