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  1. Last night I forgot how to sleep and only slept for 3 hours. While playing Splatoon 2 in the 5 AM sunrise was sweet af, I don't want to drink 2 cups of coffee again.

    Not that I dislike it, it's just that I don't want to have to do it.

  2. IMG_20190624_225939.jpg.ef7671d13a5cdc2d2629abb54de2becb.jpg

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    2. Queen Chrysallis

      Queen Chrysallis

      @Queen Chrysallis why not? and yes i just @ myself

    3. Cyberspirit
    4. Kaloob


      @Cyberspirit I used to have iFunny, and it was less memes in featured and more just random unrelated crap, which drove me to uninstall the app. That's why I make iFunny watermark jokes, though it is indeed a meme.

      Also, @Queen Chrysallis I just realised I was spelling Queen wrong lol

  3. For some reason the site won't work on my internet...

    Everything else seems fine.

  4. Boeing is parking 737 MAXes in the employee lot because of the groundings...


    Wonder how the 737 MAX 10 is going, thought it could be a somewhat competent A321 competitor, though definitely not a 757 replacement. Also wonder how the MAX 7s are going, Southwest is ready to retire some old 73Gs. 

  5. The sequel is always worse:


  6. Snakes on a train:


  7. I've nosedived from ~110k feet in a 738 (737-800) in FSX. 

  8. Never noticed the lights outside NYC Subway stations until last time I went.

  9. Jack Evans, a DC Metro board member, has been kicked out and is being investigated due to possible corruption.

    The whole board needs to be replaced with people who ride Metro to work, including GM Paul Widefeild himself.

  10. It's been 10 years to the day since the deadly 2009 DC Metro crash. I remember hearing about it on the local news that night. This got ATO disabled, and the 1000s "bellied" until their retirement. Here's a great documentary about it that was released today (I commented on all the recent documentaries and asked for this incident):


    I imagine the 2015 smoke incident wouldn't make for a great one, mostly due to the fact it wasn't a crash, though it was also tragic, and indirectly got the whole system shut down for inspections a year later, which kicked off SafeTrack in the same year (2016) (which has ended).

    The 2009 crash was the start of a downward spiral for WMATA that is only now starting to be ended (though the GM says ATO has no timeline for restoration EVEN THOUGH HE PROMISED IT). (Though an ATO, 6 car (never used in revenue service in this config of A-B-B-A-B-A) train that stopped in the middle of the platform (out of protocol now) one day as a test.)

    1. Kaloob


      The culprit of the incident, the ATC system is still used, with ATO being shut of for pretty much no reason! I guess you can't have a crash if the trains barely move...

  11. @Schnoz Looks like the tables have turned:

    1. Schnoz
    2. Schnoz


      yay global warming!!!!!


      we're all just microwave burritos now

    3. Kaloob


      @Schnoz The president said global warming was fake because it got really cold here back in January. This is why it needs to be referred to as climate change. 

  12. This is why we can't have nice things. Even the trees have attacked our poor railcars.

    And someone did this:


  13. Got some footage out of the back of an Orange Line train. Had to delete a lot of it because of obsessive cussing (one said "STFU when an announcement was made by the T/O) from a bunch of loud kids. There's still a good amount left, though, and none of my tunnel shots had to be deleted. 

    I hate people who get on the trains and annoy pax (these types of people also got the pax accessible Fire Extinguishers removed from our railcars (keep in mind the DC Metro is known for catching fire) and got AEDs moved to places where pax can't access them because of them constantly playing with them. One fire extinguisher discharge means a car has to be isloated until the last stop and then removed from service to be cleaned.)

  14. Lights went out twice on the train I'm on.


    1. valdyrgramr



      See the source image


    2. DrMacintosh


      Pretty sure that happens in a Seinfeld episode. 

    3. Kaloob


      @DrMacintoshThe lights going out on the DC Metro legacy fleet is a fairly common occurrence.

  15. Green and Yellow are packed, but I just got into an empty car on the Blue, which is usually more crowded. Wtf is going on?

    Next time I ride I'm giving the Red a visit. 

    1. Schnoz


      what are you talking about

    2. Schnoz


      oh the subway lines nevermind

  16. Why can't WMATA actually make automated announcements for 7000s operating a weird route. I get it. The Blue from New Carrollton to National Airport is weird. BUT THE ANNOUNCER IS LITERALLY A TTS ROBOT! Not to mention, the 7000s are clearly designed to use automated announcements as much as possible. Not even the strip maps are on! All Blue line trains are marked "Special". I don't think the Ball Game trains have announcements either (and they also have strip maps disabled), and those run every time the Nationals play! (Though the "Special" marker is acceptable here.) At least they made announcements for National Airport-Greenbelt/Largo Town Center so this bullshit ends Monday. 

    The NYC Subway does a much better job, and their automated announcements are recordings of real people. (Which by the way, why couldn't Metro get Randi Miller to do the automated announcement recordings for the 7000s?)

    1. Kaloob


      Seems that only the 7000s were marked "Special". The legacy railcars appropriately said Blue to New Carrollton on the signs. 

  17. Just saw a train with about half of the lights out.

  18. Metro is unusually crowded. We haven't even gotten into DC yet (and have only went through 3 stops) and the last car is filling up.

    Then again this is a 6 car train, but College Park is much busier than usual for off-peak times.

    1. Kaloob


      The whole system is packed. The railcar I was in was almost as full as it would be during rush hour.

  19. Just left the second stop on the line, and we've already accumulated delays.


  20. The rear cab has been closed off on car 3291, a legacy railcar. If it had been open, I could have sat in one of the seats back there and gotten a rear RFW recording. Also, Blue to New Carrollton as opposed to Largo Town Center, so I'm definitely getting that.



    1. Kaloob


      2 lights in this railcar have been swapped to LEDs. Why not replace them all? 

      Hoping I can catch a 6000, it's been a while since I was in one of those.

  21. Shelling out $20 to fix a joy-con. $10 off.

  22. Kaloob

    Experiences with non-techies

    Fair point. At stock, the 3900x looks like the equivalent, though. Staying on Zen 1 for a while, only got my 1600 in April. (For $80!)
  23. Kaloob

    Experiences with non-techies

    You're getting a 3900/950x?
  24. Please watercool a GT 1030.