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  1. Pleo

    Nvidia drivers 436.02 question

    Anti slag? how do you enable that?
  2. No, dual channel. But the new nVidia driver already fixed my issues on BFV and BF1. (y)
  3. Pleo

    Nvidia drivers 436.02 question

    I use a rtx 2070. Installing this driver made BFV , BF1 , FH4 ALOT more pleasant to play. FH4 I get 20-30 fps more, BF5 / BF1 I get no more stuttering. It's good (For RTX cards atleast).
  4. I turned that on, and my cpu fan started ramping up in RPM's. So I just disabled it, I want my pc to be quiet lol. Just using PBO now. Still having stutters though, although it could be windows / ram related.
  5. Will that keep my cpu at 1.4v at idle? will it disable AMD cool 'n quiet? I dont want high voltages / core speeds on idle, let me know!
  6. Yes, exactly. Ryzen likes fast ram, so i also wanna try OC'ing my ram but have no clue how, will do some research
  7. Because the game stutters. Even with high fps. Like when explosions n shit happen, crowded area's, i maintain high fps but zooming in etc, just stutters. Its not a smooth experience.
  8. Tried my SSD, tried my HDD. Other game run perfectly fine on both. (Load times are slower on my HDD, ofc. BIOS latest version
  9. Setup: Ryzen 5 3600 stock, PBO + AMD cool 'n quiet enabled, high performance windows power plan 16GB DDR4 3200MHz ram RTX 2070 MSI B450 Tomahawk Getting stutters in this game, while using perfect settings for fps (Did my research, future frame rendering on etc.) But when I zoom in etc, it just stutters a bit. Not much, but affecting the gameplay and making it alot less enjoyable. Nvidia driver 431.60 Any ideas/fixes? This rig should kill this game. I play with 150fps and stutters, no big fps drops etc.
  10. Yeah when playing BF5 temps are 55-60C. However the game is stuttering for me (Known issue for BF5). But my cpu has less usage on BF5 than "less" demanding games. So i was thinking about OC'ing, memory timings etc. Maybe its just the game. I get 150fps ~ on it though.. kinda frustrated me.
  11. Alright, good to hear. With PBO enabled all of my cores can go up to around 4075Mhz, which is nice then I guess.
  12. Because my stock ryzen has PBO enabled and i'm never hitting 4.2GHz on load, as advertised. My clock speeds are fluctuating alot on load.
  13. What if my cpu doesn't boot if I apply an unstable OC? How do I get it to boot again (Will I be able to get into BIOS?). Also, when you OC, do you get stock core speeds? like 4.1 GHz ALL the time, or only when gaming? Do they downclock / downvolt with AMD cool 'n quiet enabled? When idle?
  14. How can I overclock my CPU? I dont have ALOT of experience but I know the used terms. I'm on a B450 tomahawk with 16gb ddr4 3200mhz memory in dual channel. Currently using PBO and my cores dont go higher than 4124mhz. And not even all the cores go up to 4124, just some. Its also fluctuating alot, so i'm getting some higher latencies (I think)? On not so demanding games i get ALOT of FPS. But in CPU demanding games (BF5) I'm getting stuttering issues. Also, in BF5 my cores dont even go past 4050mhz. So i'm contemplating doing a manual OC. Any advice? Using a RTX 2070 and a 650w PSU. Thanks