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  1. AngryFishLady

    Enthoo Evolv front fans rumble

    I got the rumble only at 45%-50% of the max RPM. Do you have them set up right behind the front cover or in the direct inside of the case ? Basically are the mounting brackets before or after the fan ?
  2. AngryFishLady

    Enthoo Evolv front fans rumble

    That would be kinda extreme, I think. I may do it but damn.
  3. AngryFishLady

    Enthoo Evolv front fans rumble

    It's not that the vibrations make the case rumble against the bracket, it's that the air passing throught the bracket make some noise.
  4. Hello, I have 2 140mm fans on the front of my case, but if they get at 50%+ they get really loud because the case is built to allow mounting 120mm in front so the mounting brackets get in front of the airflow of the 140mm and thus make a lot of air noise when air get pushed throught it. To keep it bearable I need to lower to 40% and keep it there but I notice an big increase in temperature inside the case and on other component since the air flow is starved because of this. Any tips on what I can do to remedy this without buying 120 fans ?
  5. AngryFishLady

    Tape up / block holes on the Enthoo Elvolv ?

    I may not have explained properly and cannot take pictures right now. Basically the radiator is mounted to the top bracket and from what I understand, the air is supposed to be pushed in the exhaust duct and got out in the back of the case, but since there is huge gaps on the mountin bracket, the hot air blows back into the case instead of getting out, based on pressure I would suppose.
  6. Hello everyone ! Due to an issue with my 280 radiator i've replaced it by a 120 x 120mm on the top of the case. The top of the case is quite open and supposed to blow air to the back of the case on the outside but the 120mm isn't covering nearly a 1/3 of the opening so I think the hot air ejected by the radiator is looping back into the case. With the window panel closed I had some crazy temperature in the case (liquid up to 55C) so I was wondering if I should block the gaps so the air can flow only in the exhaust exit to the back of the case ? Picture that shows how the top bracket looks like:
  7. AngryFishLady

    Phantek Enthoo Evolv fan hub not working.

    Would be swell to manage the whole case airflow with just one curve, but I can do without. Just sad to have something dead out of the box.
  8. Just installed my new case and the fans plugged to the hub are not working. I tried to plug both the input of the hub to the MB's header and to the Kraken x62 and none work. The sata is plugged to the PSU and all fans are plugged in tightly. Could it be faulty ?
  9. Hello, sorry if this the wrong section but I have a question related to a case : Thanks to Luke I just ordered the Phantek Enthoo Evolv case and it comes with led strips and I was wondering if someone have allready tried to plug the strips to the NZXT Hue and if it would work ?
  10. AngryFishLady

    Calyos new case

    Oh, okay ! I thought about it because I saw the first one with the old case, must have missed this one. Thanks for the link !
  11. AngryFishLady

    Calyos new case

    Don't know if this was posted before but damn, look at that new Calyos case : http://fanlessfan.com/ I wonder if Linus would be able to get one to review, because it seems something people would really enjoy : having a fully passive watercooling like cooling without the hassle of building a custom loop.
  12. AngryFishLady

    Holy Sh*t! $230 gaming mouse by swiftpoint

    Many people seems to miss the points of this mouse and just focus on the number of buttons. This mouse have analogic buttons and 3 axis rotation, that's not nothing.
  13. AngryFishLady

    System for Game development

    I feel like it's way too much for no reason. 8-16gb is more than enough, if you have hang moments it can be due to many things, but it's only ram if your ram is saturated.
  14. AngryFishLady

    System for Game development

    Good config imo, but why 32 gb of ram ?
  15. AngryFishLady

    System for Game development

    Depending on the game you will make and what features you will need in Unity I strongly recommend a i7 for heavy multithreaded tasks, and a 1060 and upward graphics card. A good SSD goes also a long way, and also as a personnal preference, you may want to make your computer as quiet as possible to work in tranquility.