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  1. I have been using my custom computer for about 3-4 years now and it’s just now getting slow,like really slow nothing will respond for like two hours and not even file manager will open quick. My computer has an fx6300,gtx1060 8gb,2 1tb wd blue,16gb ddr3. My hard drives aren’t full and I don’t have a virus I check all the time,this problem has me baffled so any help would be appreciated.
  2. No it isn’t, I built it about 3 years ago with graphics card upgrades and storage later
  3. I just realized that I put this under the wrong topic but it could be.
  4. My computer is getting relatively old now with a fx6300,msi970gaming motherboard and a new 1060 8gb,though my case shows my hard drive as always active and sure enough I go into task manager and it’s pinned at 100% with dips to 0. That hard drive isn’t even full it’s at about 600gb out of 1tb why is that? it’s slowing down my computer and I’m getting annoyed with it, could anybody help with it?
  5. They don’t get high like 60-70 on the CPU and around 40-50 on gpu
  6. I know it’s not the recommended combo but Asus strix 1060 8gb,fx6300,16gb hyperx ddr3,msi 970gaming motherboard,2 1tb wd blue’s,500w Evga power supply
  7. I was playing a game on my computer when it suddenly turns off so I waited till it turned back on which it did like a minute later, I was confused on what happened. if anyone could tell me what they think is wrong that would be nice.
  8. Yah yesterday it was running at high settings at 70fps now it's just terrible
  9. I had it at high settings and it was running at like 70fps
  10. My ram is sitting around 8.8gb and I'm in single player
  11. Hey,I went to go play some ARK and in the loading menu the fps was choppy and gpu Usage was bouncing around from 22% to 0% then once the game loaded CPU usage is very low like 5 to 10% and the gpu was constantly at 100% I tried lowering my video settings but nothing changed I haven't found an answer so I hope someone can answer it for me My PC specs cpu:AMD Fx6300 ram :16gb hyperx fury ddr3 mobo:msi 970gaming gpu:gtx1060 strix btw none of my stuff is over clocked
  12. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/erolwes/saved/#view=Ffx6hM forgot the link lol
  13. Here i took another round would you think this would be fine? (besides a ssd i probably wont have enough $ left in the budget to get one)