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  1. any pictures or links as to how i should do that? Should i check the boot order and see what comes up? or is there a way to check the entries?
  2. should i take a picture of what items are on my grub menu? @Night_
  3. yes. When I start up my system grub does work. It continues to work everytime I boot into ubuntu by selecting ubuntu. But when i select the windows boot manager option i can never go back into ubuntu/grub. Wait..... do I not select that and just leave the grub menu to boot into windows?
  4. well instead of going through the headache and figuring it out I should format the drive again and try to install. I also disabled secure boot and around the second time i installed it I had no message telling me about booting issues. Should i reinstall ubuntu again and see how it goes from there? what happens is I can boot into ubuntu again and again if I choose ubuntu but I have a strong feeling If i choose the windows boot manager option I'll not be able to get the grub screen again.
  5. i can access the bios. i decided to go into legacy boot and change the boot order to the drive ubuntu was installed on and it just gave me a black screen with a underline mark. It seems that I may have to format my drive and reinstall windows in something that isn't efi? I tried putting the drive over the windows drive and it didn't load. Maybe grub corrupted or ubuntu corrupted in the process? My question is. Is it even possible to dual boot on a drive in efi mode? ubntu forums and websites say no and says it's eufi only. it's funny because when I enter my system info it says uefi but when I use easybcd it says I'm in efi so I'm assuming I'm sol. Do you think I should install ubuntu first then reinstall windows or vice versa if that's the case. also ubuntu is installed on a seprate drive that is on a separate disk in the windows partition menu.as can see from the first post.
  6. yeah that was what I was thinking. The first thing I did was disable secure boot so I'm assuming I have to start a new. Rip all my programs/files that can't be stored in the cloud.
  7. well it looks as though that even though it says I'm in uefi I'm actually booted in efi. So if i want to actually dual boot I have to reinstall windows under uefi or install it after linux. Thanks Microsoft. That or it's me being dumb using a pc based off a pre-built from hp. But from what I can tell it's not possible to boot from a efi system.
  8. so i booted into legacy should i just boot into the drive that has ubuntu? put it priority over the windows drive? @M.Yurizaki
  9. is there any danger to booting into it? I've tried to find my bios f key and cant seem to find it no matter what and I'm scared if I get stuck in a boot loop I won't be able to get back to any of the menus. You think it's a good idea to find that key before trying to boot into legacy?
  10. so it says uefi. so that means my only option is to go into the bios and boot into legacy?
  11. does this mean it's efi or uefi?
  12. it's installed uefi i believe. I'm not sure if there is a way to check.
  13. I'm trying to boot into ubuntu on my windows 10 machine and can't because it's booting into efi mode. It says that I can work around this by booting into legacy. Is this safe?
  14. This seems to be my only option at this point.
  15. I do believe I've been booting in via UEFI so far. Should I change it to legacy boot?