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  1. I submitted a correction in the proper thread on Wednesday and it was never changed. I made mention of this and the thread was closed almost immediately after. Can the entry still be corrected or am I out of luck? Both LTT and FOH username is Gordolio Thanks in advance.
  2. Umm... my correction was never applied. My fah username is Gordolio my LTT username is Gordolio it currently shows as Gordon_Child. This is incorrect.
  3. I think my original submission was correct. LTT Name: Gordolio Folding Name: Please change from "Gordon_Child" to "Gordolio" This is me... https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_summary.php?s=&u=943816
  4. I like the Gobi as well, but my top would be the Sahara.
  5. I'm usually pretty quick at getting the updates for Mac OS. Running Catalina now. I usually keep it folded up on the side of my desk in a Twelve South BookArc Stand that Apple sells. https://www.apple.com/shop/product/HL5C2ZM/A/twelve-south-bookarc-stand-for-macbook-space-gray On days when I'm giving a presentation, I'll unfold it and have it elevated on the side of my desk. It hasn't helped so far. Next time I'm near an Apple store, I may take it in. Unfortunately the nearest one is 4 hours away.
  6. I'm hoping some Mac people here will see this. I use a MacBook Pro 15,3 for software development. It's the 6-core i9 2.9GHz with 32GB of memory. The one that is notorious for overheating. It works fine for me until I need to do a weekly screenshare to demonstrate new features. If we start a meeting using Google Hangouts (in Google Chrome) then I almost always have the machine freeze on me because of overheating. Screen freezes, I can still hear and talk to everyone, but my screen is frozen. I have to hold down the power button to get it back in the middle of the demo. "Sorry guys, my machine just froze. I need to restart." We've switched to using Slack, but I would still like the option to use hangouts. Should I switch to an external graphics card? Does anyone know if there are options for limiting the GPU load that chrome takes up? Should I Liquidmetal this machine?
  7. The comments at the end of the WAN show today had me concerned a bit. Linus was surprised that an employee asked for a Mac. And a web developer, no less. I thought I'd jump on the forum to give my opinion. I'm a web developer. Java, Ruby, Perl, Javascript, Sass... the full stack. My preferred IDE is anything JetBrains with the Vim plugin installed. I'm also a command line guy; zsh is my preferred shell. I have developed full-time on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Comparing each machine I'll say, give me a Mac every time. I don't care if it has a slower processor. But before you write me off as a fanboy, here me out... The work flow I use is much more tuned on a unix/linux machine. I'm able to be much more efficient in this environment. Some things are just easier to do on a *nix environment. So many developer tools are written for the *nix environment. And virtually all of them run on the Mac without any sort of emulation. Most of the main ones run on Windows. If I'm given a Windows machine, the first thing I do is install Chrome, the second is install Cygwin. So they will run, but often have limited compatibility. A big one is git. Git is heavily dependent on a *nix environment. Of course it runs on Windows (with a posix backend supporting it), but any advanced git user can tell you about problems that they've had while running on Windows. You might say, "Why run on a Mac? Why not just use Linux? It's *nix and it's free, right?" Yes. Linux is free and will run on a PC, but it's also nice to not have to mess with driver compatibility on the machine you use every day. And there are still rendering problems with some of the modern window management systems in the Centos, Ubuntu, and Mint if you work on a hi-res monitor. Not a problem on a Mac. I hope I'm not written off as a fan boy. I game on an i7-6700k and Nvidia 1080ti. It's one I built myself with hardline watercooling and UV luminescent cables that I sleeved. I'm an enthusiast like the rest of you. Which is why I watch the videos and why I'm on this forum. But I also think that Mac users are treated like 2nd rate citizens in the tech-tips-topia. Linus, if your developer wants a Mac mini, then get him one! He'll be much a happier and better developer for it. And if you do, then don't hide it. You'll attract more talent if you're open to Mac developers.
  8. Benchmark: Fire Strike CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU Core: 1691 Mhz GPU Memory: 1254 Mhz Score: 16727 3DMark Link: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/19992191 PCPartPicker Link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/4QRk3F