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  1. I thought about it but those are a little too under powered. Staking will require a little bit of RAM, and what worries me is that Raspberry Pie has soldered components- not user replaceable. Moreover, don't they have soldered flash memory on there? If it breaks, I lose all my money.
  2. Uptime = making money, so it is pretty important. Thanks for the input, I'll look into a ha cluster, I've never heard of that.
  3. Good evening all ! This is come off as early: but I am building an ETH staking PC (even though ETH staking isn't out yet). Anyways, staking will require a PC to be up-and-running all the time, however it won't be mining it will simply be validating transactions by communicating with the internet. The challenge comes in the form of reliability: a strange question, I know. But I need a PC that will have multiple back-up drives that can run all the time without me worrying about them breaking. I need a PC with parts that are know to be reliable. Looking online, I don't find much information. Can anyone recommend a me a build with parts that are know to be reliable, rather than performant. Performance is not an issue, as the PC won't be doing much.
  4. The 3Ghz model is not the base model, it costs 1949$ CAD The base model is 2.3Ghz, at 1399$ CAD Either way, all these prices only include 8gb of ram and I would not suggest video editing on that, so you MUST upgrade to 16gb in order to have a machine that can function well with 4k. That being said, the screens on these machines are beautiful and look great, but personally you could do A LOT better.
  5. Good afternoon LTT forums, This is my first post in a long time, its good to be back. I am a university student at Concordia starting this winter, but I've recently gotten an internship that deals with large code projects in web development. My dual core 4gb RAM Macbook Air isn't cutting it anymore. I need some recommendations for a laptop, here are my preferences: -Good keyboard, don't really care about trackpad that much since I often bring a mouse around with me -Lightweight (I have back problems) -I need at least 16gb of RAM -A good CPU, I play CS:GO and Supreme Commander Forged Alliance (remember that game??? ) -Good battery life -RELIABILITY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. I NEED A LAPTOP THAT WILL LAST ME ALL OF UNIVERSITY Issue is... I have to work around 1000$ CAD.So that's 758$ USD... I am quite at a loss right now, I don't know anything about laptops! Does anyone have recommendations? Thank you
  6. The logitech mouse looks awesome! But there's no pinky rest, and with my broken pinky, that won't do!
  7. This mouse looks cool, but from what I can tell it looks like its made from cheap plastic. I'll check it out at Best Buy before buying. Thank you !
  8. Good morning Canadians, recently the left click of my gaming mouse has not been very responsive, I opened the mouse and tried cleaning it, taking everything apart and back together but it seems that the switch is simply starting to wear out. So, I need a new one. I use a MIONIX NAOS 7000 and I really love this mouse, I got it from Massdrop on sale about two years ago. Do any of you have any suggestions for a mouse with a similar feel and similar button layouts? I am hesitant to buy another MIONIX mouse because my last mouse before this one lasted over a decade and this one only lasted two years, so the quality probably isn't that great. So any company is welcome, Thank you!
  9. So I work at ubreakifix, and my coworker brings an old Macbook 2006 a1181 and gives it to me. It's white, has yellow stains and looks like it was in a fire. So I cleaned it up good with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and such and made it look nice! It had 1/2 gb of DDR2 that I upgraded to its maximum 3gb ram. I'm going to put an SSD and replace the optical drive with an HDD caddy. https://www.amazon.ca/caddy-Apple-MacBook-A1181-A1260/dp/B00KGEZAFA So far so good. However, this macbook only supports OS X 10.7.11, which is so old Chrome and Firefox don't support it. This is really unfortunate because the Macbook is still usable and actually pretty snappy (the core duo does a good job with light activities) so I don't want to give up on it just yet. So here I am, trying to get UBUNTU on my Mac. So convert my usb to fat32 and boot ubuntu right? WRONG, uefi does not see the USB... So here I am stuck, what do I do? I found some forums online on the topic but they require an optical drive, which I don't have. Here's a link to two I found: https://astrofloyd.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/linux-only-installation-on-2006-macbook-using-refind/ https://askubuntu.com/questions/717052/is-it-possible-to-install-ubuntu-on-a-2006-macbook-pro Here is a link to a guy who got it to work but won't show how: Any insights? Thanks
  10. how can i tell if cat 5e is in the wall? I cannot comprehend what is inside
  11. was that really your 2000's post? I'm honored. so if it's cat3-4 I can do something to my cat 5e to make it work?