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  1. The clueless enthusiast

    Tv audio preset vs soundbar preset

    Hi I recently bought a good soundbar (a sony ht-rt4) for my LG tv. Like many sound bars it has preset for movie, game, etc but my tv does as well (The tv is connected through a optical cable). Whats the conventional wisdom here? Is the tvs preset better to use or the sound bar? Any other advice for getting the most out of this set up would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. The clueless enthusiast

    My First Build... Really Need Some Help Here!

    Just wait for a month if you can zen 2 will be more powerful and in terms of price to performance it's by far the best option it's only 4 weeks away.
  3. The clueless enthusiast

    4k playback issues

    Hi all I'm having an issue with playing back a 4k mkv file (using vlc player) on my pc. I have 2 pcs 1. A 3570k with a 980ti, 8gb ram 2. Fx 8350 with a 1080ti, 8gb ram I know these are similar cpu in terms of generation and release date and I've always though the 3570k comes rated as the superior of the two but what I can't understand is why the 3570k build nearly dies playing the 4k file (chugs at a few fps if that) whilst the fx runs fine? The 3570k is connected to my 4k tv and is most used as a htpc/vr build. Whilst the fx is my main gaming build in a different room. I should add that the 3570k shoots to 100% usage whilst the fx sits around 10%. Is there a reason for this bizarre behaviour? I put it down to the low core count of my 3570k (thought maybe it couldnt churn through the data quick enough or something) and so didn't expect the fx do do better but it runs fine. Any ideas how to get it running on the 3570k system?
  4. The clueless enthusiast

    4k playback issues

    Thanks for the suggestion, I tried it and it works much better but it's still dropping too many frames (and the cpu is still maxed out) very strange but the mpc hc worked fine
  5. The clueless enthusiast

    4k playback issues

    Thanks for that suggestion it worked perfectly!
  6. The clueless enthusiast

    Mic can only hear me when "listen" is check in sound tab

    Hi I have two mics I use one is a blue snowball (usb) and the other is a corsair VOID headset and they used to work fine but when I plug them In now I get nothing from the mic. I have found that strangely if I go into sound tab (and yes ive checked they're set up as default etc) and I check the listen to box in their properties I can hear myself through them and the "little green volume" meter fills up normally with my words, BUT NOT when the box is unticked and my recording software both OBS and audacity cant detect anything even when listen is checked. This is very weird and specific behaviour that they are displaying and I have no idea where to start all the usually troubleshooting steps ive done Any help would be awesome Thanks for your time Alex
  7. The clueless enthusiast

    Mic can only hear me when "listen" is check in sound tab

    Is there a way to tell if/which program us hijacking it? The only thing I can think of is an Nvidia update but that hasn't messed with anything else
  8. The clueless enthusiast

    Using a gaming headset with a dual jack on a case with seperate jacks

    Ok ive had limited success it now detects the mic but according to the pc the mic is too quiet to hear anything- even when I'm shouting at into the mic- is there anything I can do about that? Surely turtle beach wouldn't have built such a bad mic into their product...
  9. Hi Everyone I am currently trying to get my turtle beach ear force px24 to work on my pc so I can use its inbuilt mic (this was one of the major selling features of this particular headset that's its compatible with xbox one, ps4 and pc). However it only has one jack for input and output, my case- Phantex enthoo evolve- has 2 separate input jacks for a mic and headphones. Therefore (I naively assumed) a simple 2 to 1 jack cable would be the fix for this problem as it would allow me to simply plug and play like on my Xbox...Obviously nothing is ever that simple and while I can plug it in and have it be identified as a mic or headphone separately my pc cant identify it as both at the same time (the headset has an inbuilt control switch which is switched to pc). I would rather not have to purchase another headset just for my pc, I thought it may be a defective cable so I have purchased 2 separate cables of this kind and to no avail. Has anyone got any ideas? My motherboard is the MSI 970 Gaming. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi So like the title suggests, I am trying to overclock my Msi gtx 970 and I have noticed that (at this level of oc at least) the different software I'm using is all displaying different scores. The software I'm using is Unigine Heaven, Msi afterburner and GPUZ. The core clocks are reading as follows Unigine- Core 1685 Msi Afterburner- 1571 GPU-Z- 1483 I have attached a print screen so you can view the scores for yourselves if you wish I have tried re-starting each piece of software (thinking this was maybe some soft of refresh issue) but the values didn't change in each case. Does anyone know why this is occurring as I don't know which to take as a true representation of my GPU clock speed. At this stage I cant say whether it is stable or not- it seems to be semi stable (I looked online and others seem to have got similar speeds stable). Thanks in advance
  11. The clueless enthusiast

    Unigine heaven, afterburner,GPUz all display different clock speeeds?

    ok so I ran it again, and GPUz sensors tab shows current readings (whilst the benchmark is running) around the 1500-1580 mark. So is this the accurate number for core clock? Thanks
  12. The clueless enthusiast

    Overclocking MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G

    Hi So I am new to GPU overclocking, I have an MSI GTX 970 and I am finding a bit more power out of my GPU would prevent me from having to consider purchasing a new one (yes I'm aware of the amount of power available in the gtx 1000 range). I am using the Heaven benchmark program to test the improvement and stability. I am using MSI afterburner to do all the overclocking on the GPU. So this is more just an information request but when I overclock the GPU to any level, when I load up Heaven and press start the display driver (so I assume the GPU itself) can instantly crash, suggesting instability, but if I try again it can run absolutely fine for hours at the same level of overclock. When Heaven completes a benchmark or is just left running there are NO artifacts (which I have read are signs of overclock limits) There isn't an exclusive number or range at which my gpu behaves in this manner- it can occur at any level above its out of the box settings and can go whole days at an oc level (I've previously experienced this instant crash) in real games with no problems. Is there any potential incompatibilities in my system which may cause this or is it as simple and straight forward as overclock instability when reaching its limit? Thanks for your help
  13. The clueless enthusiast

    GPU overclocking and GPU boost

    Hi Everyone I have recently needed a little extra power out of my GPU (in order to run a super modded skyrim better) I have increased the clock speed by 20.65% (without touching the voltage) using MSI afterburner. I am using GPUZ to measure the increase in clocks etc I have noticed that GPUZ has a box for GPU boost speed under its clock section. I know that with cpu overclocking many guides strongly suggest you disable turbo boost as this often interferes with the overclock speed. I have fully overclocked my gpu without touching voltage in both the clock speed and memory speed. My simple question is this- as I increase the clock speed of my gpu I have noticed the boost speed also accelerates in line with the clock speed- how does this work with GPUs? Why is GPUZ still showing a boost number that's higher than the oc clock speed? Does boost speed not interfere with the oc speed like with CPUs? And if this is the case how exactly does boost work? As without any voltage change my gpu becomes unstable (at higher speeds) so how is it able to produce more power without destabilising itself? Thanks in advance!