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  1. Thanks, yes I do mean optical audio (that little square plug) my htpc passes an awful crackling noise along the HDMI to the tv, assumed it was interference but I've tried different HDMI cables to no avail. The pc never used to do that until I put in its gpu (when I turned it into the vr pc from soley htpc). The reason I need optical is that I can directly connect my pc to my sound bar with optical. As I was thinking of upgrading the pc anyway finding a board with optical seemed like a sensible and logical option. Any thoughts? Cheers for getting back
  2. Hi all I'm hoping someone can help me find a ryzen itx motherboard with s/pdif for my htpc/vr upgrade. The only boards I've found are a second hand and dodgey looking x370 biostar on eBay (not sure id trust it with a 2600/3600) or the new asrock x570 (which costs a fortune) It seems that the number of itx boards are limited in options and I'd rather not have to resort to using a converter to get this connection so any help would be great.
  3. because when I compress them with handbrake I can choose how much quality to loose not some awful converter program that strips more than half using a much worse method as its visible
  4. Hi All I am working with 2 rather large files (around 30gb mark) their in mkv format right now, I need to put them together and render them into one file (preferably losslessly) then I intend on using handbrake to compress them a bit. I know this might seem contradictory, the only way I know how to do this is to convert them and tell the converter to merge the files (sadly this removes a lot of quality from the files) even though the files are supposed to be 1:1. just to illustrate that last, the two originals are 50gb ish together, but after conversion theyre not much more than 14gb. so I assume a lot of quality has been lost somewhere. Any ideas how to merge the two without taking such a quality loss? Thanks
  5. That being the case, anyone know how to merge partitions without losing data and preferably free?
  6. Thanks for the link heres the info, don't really know what im looking at tbh
  7. ive uploaded pictures of the explorer and nothing seems to account for 10gb
  8. That was my initial plan when upgrading however I formatted one of my large hdd to appear as separate drives in this pc, it seems the case that as its now a dynamic disk It cant be read by other windows systems bar the one that created it. this ive tried by removing and plugging it in to docks for other pcs to read...nothing. I don't know of any way to merge the partitions together and not for free (I don't have much money to buy anything) so that's a non starter sadly (although I suspect this windows itself is the problem) p.s. its a 6tb drive so a simple back up/ copy, paste job really isn't an option either. Thanks for the suggestion though
  9. Yes that's the right word for it, heres the screenshots. I don't remember seeing windows defender there before but even so I it doesn't add up to 10gb and no idea what windows wants with that much ram!
  10. Hi I'm sure this has been asked many times, but whenever I try searching I just get an error code back! (next topic coming up! :) I have just upgraded my computer to a Ryzen 3700x from an fx 8320. I went from 8gb to 16gb ram. When I was using my fx, w10 reserved only 4gb whilst now I have 16 windows has taken 10gb. This cant be normal behaviour can it? if its abnormal is there any way to fix this?
  11. Just wait for a month if you can zen 2 will be more powerful and in terms of price to performance it's by far the best option it's only 4 weeks away.