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Tog Driver

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About Tog Driver

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    Through the Gates of Hell, As we make our way to Heaven.

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    Where echoes travel forever.
  • Interests
    Mixing Kerosene and Fertilizer.
  • Biography
    Minor annoyances that had been tolerable during the first months on Ruusan had been magnified by frustration and futility into unbearable torments.
  • Occupation
    Running on Fumes.


  • CPU
    Spock's Brain
  • Motherboard
    Board taken from The Mother Ship.
  • RAM
    Ram Mk.II
  • GPU
    Generic Processing Unit
  • Case
    STX600 Quadtrac
  • Storage
    a Shelf
  • PSU
    Bike Powered Generator
  • Display(s)
    A really fast Painter
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Board with nails for hanging Keys
  • Mouse
    Panzerkampfwagen VIII
  • Sound
  • Operating System
    "System" is such a strong word. . .

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  1. Banned for trying to trick me into getting ASCIIDino.
  2. I just feel like pointing out how it looks like the Truckers MP forum uses the same backend or whatever it would be as this forum.

  3. Banned for thinking my signature is confusing.
  4. Banned for having 990 posts which reminds me of the W990.
  5. Banned because it's hard to remember your exact name, and not having a profile photo to tell it's you.
  6. I was in a store a while ago, I could hear a kid notice the toy display, as the kid asked their parents for toys I could also hear the store owner start laughing.
    I guess he could also hear the kid asking for toys.


    A few days later I was there again, and again kids noticed the toy display, I saw the store owner walking by so I went over to talk to him, conversation went something like this:
    Me: Hey, do you ever feel bad for tormenting parents by putting up a toy display right near the front?
    Owner: No, why would I?
    Me: because, every time a kid comes in here they go over to the toy display and ask their parents for all the toys.
    Owner: I know. (laughs)


    No, doesn't sound like he feels bad.

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    2. Tog Driver

      Tog Driver

      Business decision yes, using parent's own children against them to further the owner's bottom line also yes.

    3. dizmo


      Welcome to marketing.

    4. Tog Driver
  7. In before you Epstein @captain_to_fire.
  8. Relevant piece of music:


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    2. pizapower


      Yeah,it seems like you are right. Enjoy your German tanks.

    3. pizapower


      You should learn, Russians don't play nice.

    4. Tog Driver

      Tog Driver

      Is that before or after they starve?



      seriously though, no idea what you mean with the last comment. . .     Or the "enjoy your German tanks" part.

  9. Hey, I'm sure at least one or two pages of that were not nonsense. and I think there's actually a page or two of hidden comments.
  10. Me: I should really go to sleep.

  11. I was not mentally prepared when I found this song:

    I thought it was actually WW2 era, but it's a "modernized" version.