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  1. This to me isn't getting as much coverage as it should - obviously modern cars collect more data than ever before, but the breadth of it is surprising, and the complete lack of privacy controls or standards makes the big tech companies look like model corporate citizens... Jalopnik Summary Original Washington Post Investigation .....a Washington Post investigation that hacked into a 2017 Chevy Volt to see what data the car hoovers up. The answer is: yikes.
  2. I have a very old gaming rig, and whilst I can't afford an upgrade at the moment, I might be forced to as it's intermittently shitting itself/making me want to cry. Figuring out the upgraded components seems pretty straight forward at present (yay for competition), but I would rather not upgrade my case, as it's a solid, roomy old Antec, and I'd rather not spend the money if I don't have to. One question however relates to USB 3/type C - obviously my case's front USB ports are old spec, and so even plugging into USB3 I don't think they'd provide USB3 connectivity (does the end connection matter or is it just pass through/physical?), and there's no type-C. Beyond swapping out the case, is there anything available to make typeC/USB3 more available than just on the rear i/o of any new mb? Some kind of expansion/extension card I could hot-glue to the front or something? Anyone else had any experience here and come up with a good workaround?
  3. For a few months now my PC (which is old as hell) has been restarting suddenly, with no immediate suspect for cause. There's no bluescreen, no errors, it simply freezes for just a second and then restarts....posts fine and back to Windows. I am wondering if there's a monitoring or diagnostic app I can run that would detect or at least point me in the right direction of a cause. I am leaning towards hardware simply because it's so sudden and there's no obvious bluescreen type error, but that's a guess rather than being based on anything specific. Any suggestions appreciated.
  4. I am only going from the title, but maybe ask someone else to do it for you?
  5. I have an ancient system I built many years ago, but has been a solid performer for me throughout. It's an i5 2600K on an Asus P5Q Deluxe MB, and it currently has a GTX 970 in it. I have 3 x SSD and a single HDD. Over time the USB ports have started behaving badly - the front ones rarely work, and it kind of depends on what else is plugged into USB. If I unplug something then the new thing probably will work. Added to that is that I have 2 x DP cables plugged in for dual monitors, but when I start the PC it runs for a brief second...fans, lights on etc, before turning off. If I unplug one of the DP cables it starts fine. I then wait until after it POSTs and plug the cable back in, and all is right with the world. Now, I know I need a new PC. That's obvious, and has been for some time, however I have been distracted wasting money on a racing car, which is an even more efficient method of reaching poorness than PC building. My plan is to build a new rig, and shift this rig downstream to replace my even older rig with is operating as my media server. It's quite happy, but of course more power is always good in these cases. IF the MB is what's rooted then I won't do that of course - the media server has 6+ HDDs and so if the MB is janky I wouldn't want to risk it. If it's just the PSU then I'd be happy to use the MB etc. with the PSU from the server. I don't recall what PSU is in it, but it's at least a 650w one, as I recall buying a new one when I went to the GTX970. Thoughts? This isn't an issue I've come across before. It's also not the end of the world as I tend to leave the machine on 24/7, but it would be good to know if I can re-use any of it down the line.
  6. Hi all, I have a Windows 10 machine which operates as a server for Plex and backups etc. It has multiple drives in it, although not in RAID (they're backed up again to a NAS so isn't strictly necessary). It's an old Core Duo running on an Asus P5Q MB, and has been running fine for many years. Major storm the other night when I wasn't home the power went out. Now when it boots the CPU fan goes to high speed. I hooked a monitor up, and can get to the BIOS, although it's clock has reset (it thinks it's 2002). It can see all the drives (well, it sees 5 drives but they're all the same so I can't tell if one is the boot drive or not). In the boot priority I can see a single drive, and can select it as boot priority 1, but when exit/restart it just goes to a black screen with a cursor flashing. I'm not sure of my next step. Thoughts on next trouble-shooting steps?
  7. For non-gaming purposes, what do people recommend? I need to make some "showcase" and "training video" type videos for work, and am wondering what screen recording software people recommend.
  8. Thanks everyone, great comments/suggestions. I would probably stick with the 970 for now, and move to a 1080ti in a few months, whereas the MB/CPU I need sooner - so I wouldn't want to go with something that was then going to hold me back from 4K and higher refresh rates when I make that move. I'd go with an i7 over an i5 as I have started doing a bit of video encoding - not a huge amount, but enough that a bit of an increase in that space would be nice. My reasons for avoiding Ryzen aren't necessarily a brand loyalty thing, as much as a stability/no surprises kind of thing. Whilst I game a lot, I also use my PC for a lot of productivity stuff, and I am wary of Ryzen's stability and compatibility going forward. Software has always been a challenge for AMD - I have had several ATi/AMD GPUs over the years, as well as AMD CPUs going back to Athlon 64s, and the software/drivers have always been an issue - and I'm getting old and just don't want to deal with it I am pretty stoked though that there's some competition back in the space - look at how many of you are advocating/rocking Ryzen - if that doesn't force Intel to sort their shit out nothing will, which is good for all of us.
  9. Greetings wise ones. My gaming rig is reaching the end of its life, mainly as the MB is starting to go (USB ports failing mainly). Thus I of course play the "hmm I could just upgrade the MB/CPU/RAM" vs "well if I'm going to bother why not get new everything" game. My case is definitely reusable, as a full sized Antech something or other, and both my PSU (Corsair 750) and GPU (GTX970) can also go to a new build. To be honest my main concern with a new OR upgraded rig is what the hell do I get, platform wise? and I'm not talking AMD vs Intel. I've made the decision to stick with Intel, for a few reasons not worth going into - they are what they are. The whole X299 thing makes me worry about whether there's anything except an X299 MB that's worth getting. I don't do any real overclocking beyond what standard software offers, so having an K/X CPU isn't that important. Should I just then go with a Kaby Lake i7 and corresponding MB? If I then went to a 1080ti I'm still going to get to 4K without any bottlenecks, so there shouldn't be any issues right? Bear in mind beyond SSDs and a single HDD I don't plan on any M2 or other PCIe type additions. To be honest I don't fully understand the entire range at present, when it comes to MB vs Sockets vs Chipsets, so trying to pair this stuff up is a bit of a nightmare. If anyone could point me to any decent videos outlining the current landscape in clear language and with small words and colourful images I'd appreciate it.
  10. AFAIK that hasn't been a thing for a long time, the current generations of batteries don't have a "memory" like older technology used to, so I don't think it matters.
  11. Hi all, new poster here as I've been thinking about this for at least a year, but haven't been able to nail down the idea - so figured I'd ask here as there's plenty of knowledgeable people Whilst I've built my own PCs before and am pretty comfortable, I've spent the last year getting into amateur motorsport, which has gotten me into basic fabrication and engineering stuff. This has reinforced my desire to make a custom case for my next PC. What I mean is that I don't want to mod an existing case, I want to make one from scratch. I also want to make it look like "something". I've been thinking about an F1 engine, but think that could be too big and ungainly. I also like the idea of something iconic from a sci-fi movie or tv show - I've thought about Orac (points if you get that reference), and there's plenty of HALs and the like - but I can't nail down an interesting looking, iconic "thing" that could be a funky case. Autobox Matrix of Leadership is an idea I've toyed with, but it's a pretty weird shape (not that that's a problem), but it still hasn't "clicked" for me. I am a child of the 80s/90s, so classic tv shows/films are the kind of things I have swirling in my head. The BTTF Delorean, KITT, these are the kind of crazy tech that inspires me because, well, I'm still a small child in my mind. So anyone got any interesting ideas, things that could be a funky case design?