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  1. Nope, that is just bodging a drives SMART data to make it look like it isn't due a failure. Usually done by second hand disk vendors who are essentially scamming customers claiming a disk is healthy and/or new when it isn't. HDSentinel which I assume you are referring to uses the total power on time and the maximum disk temperature during its lifetime to represent a calculation to give the percentage of health remaining. You can view the help file in the application to verify this for yourself and review the calculation they use to interpret potential life expectancy. In a short period of time during normal use once those sectors are revisited, the errors will return.... resetting the error count in SMART does not remove the problem with the sector(s) themselves. It's a shitty business practice and I feel sorry for the customers your company is selling these disks too as they are buying disks that are going to fail in a short period of time.
  2. Falconevo

    10GBase-T switches, which one to choose?

    Haha, yea i kinda wanted to say do you want to future proof over 12 ports but I was half asleep. Either way, here are some better options depending on port requirements but i would advise looking at the second hand market as brand new these are big £££/$$$; In no particular order, here are some 10GBase-T switches that are 36 port and smaller, some have SFP+ capability also and/or combo ports. Arista 7050T-36 Cisco SG350XG-2F10 Cisco SG350XG-24T D-Link DXS-1210-12TC D-Link DXS-1210-16TC Netgear XS724EM
  3. Falconevo

    EdgeRouterX remote manage

    How are you using the device, do you want to have a WAN port then use the other 4 ports as LAN ports all for the same LAN? The Edgerouter-X isn't a very user friendly device as it is designed for prosumers really who know about about network config. Do you currently have LAN access to GUI/Web portal of the device?
  4. Falconevo

    Port disk image into a VM?

    The process you are looking for is called a P2V, physical to virtual. If you want to use Hyper-V, you can use the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter tool to accomplish it relatively easy. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42497 If you want to use VMWare ESXi, you can use VMWare P2V Converter (requires you create a free account) https://www.vmware.com/products/converter.html
  5. Falconevo

    EdgeRouterX remote manage

    If you have any NAT/Port forward in place for 80 or 443 then it won't work as the NAT takes priority over WAN_local
  6. Falconevo

    Render server x5675

    Not sure how much this would equate to on your power bill you would have to check with who pays for it and what rate they have; Here are some stats from a busy R510; Regarding the PERC6 controller, this is an older RAID controller which often comes with the R510 and R710. They cannot support disk sizes over 2TB, but they can use anything smaller than 2TB without any issues. The PERC6 is generally not recommended however as it is slow, try and find one with a H700 controller preferably to save yourself hassle.
  7. Falconevo

    EdgeRouterX remote manage

    Don't want to sound rude or anything, but this was the first item on Google. Their forums are better suited for direct questions about their GUI. https://community.ubnt.com/t5/EdgeRouter/Quickly-Enable-Remote-Access-to-EdgeMAX-GUI/td-p/896402
  8. Falconevo

    Render server x5675

    All dual socket systems are power hungry older socket 1366 Xeon's more so
  9. Falconevo

    Render server x5675

    1. You can use any OS, Windows.. Linux etc it depends entirely on what the software you want to use for 'rendering' and what OS support that software has. Also how familiar are with each OS type will need to be taken in to account 2. Not with server grade motherboards, If you used a high end desktop grade with those X5600 series Xeon chips such as a EVGA SR-2, technically yes but it is FSB multiplier overclocking and not always stable 3. I'm assuming you mean Dell PowerEdge R510 or R710? They can be purchased reasonably cheap but take in to account the amount of power they eat and the rack space requirement of the unit. Make sure you have plenty of space. If you do buy an R510 or R710 then I would suggest making sure it has a H700 RAID controller to make sure it supports disks larger than 2TB in size. Do not buy one with a PERC6 controller in it as they cannot support disks larger than 2TB
  10. Falconevo

    Sharing host-GPU with VM (qemu+kvm)

    Yea, it isn't available (yet) it may come in time but both manufacturers have spent a bucket load of cash on driver support and functionality. Also don't be tempted to buy any Nvidia Grid cards second hand, they have an additional licensing requirement which makes them completely useless. Also the cards that have this type of support generally have no display output on the card so it makes them next to useless for anything other than vGPU functionality. I use a lot of Nvidia Grid in my day to day work and currently in testing of mxGPU to see if the commercials fit. It would be nice if this technology filtered down to consumer grade but I wouldn't expect it for 5+ years.
  11. Falconevo

    DHCP & VPN

    Test the port is responding to the connection with telnet; example; telnet 445 replace the IP you want to test to confirm the port is connecting If the port is connecting, the problem is not the windows firewall, but likely the security and group policy configuration on the machine in question preventing unsecure access for example using older SMBv1/v2 protocols. Everything should ideally use SMBv3+ As for learning VPN configuration etc, that is admirable but RRAS isn't the right place to learn as it is dreadful. I'd probably recommend creating a pfSense or vyOS VM and learning with an actual routing/firewall platform.
  12. Falconevo

    Sharing host-GPU with VM (qemu+kvm)

    You cannot share a single GPU to multiple VM's without driver support from Nvidia Grid or AMD mxGPU. You would need a card which has support for these drivers which are enterprise/DC grade equipment. They are very expensive and it is doubtful you can get one for cheap. If you are using consumer grade equipment, they won't function with Grid or mxGPU drivers.
  13. Falconevo

    DHCP & VPN

    That doesn't require a VPN, it requires the Windows firewalls on each machine to allow TCP 445 (SMB) to be open. It's not be default. It doesn't seem like you require a VPN... You can certainly configure one but without the correct RRAS configuration and split tunnelling its doubtful you would reach your goal. A VPN seems quite silly for a local configuration that doesn't transverse the WAN.
  14. I see, if you want a PSU for a 2U unit, you can a 2U EPS Something like this would be suitable; http://www2.seasonic.com/product/ss-600-h2u-active-pfc-f0/ I would check your mounting on the chassis you have and verify what PSU support it has.
  15. I was gonna link that its probably the least offensive looking 4U chassis Generally speaking the PSU can be flipped so the intake is facing upwards inside the case. The PSU mounts should have both orientations available. For a server that will be on 24/7, I would go with something Platinum rated PSU. If you aren't using GPU's then a 700+ watt unit would be more than capable.