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  1. Just realized I didn't quote you... sorry. Look at the post above this one.
  2. I actually haven't tried it yet... I've been a little busy lately. I just got some breadboards though, and have a week off from school in a week, so hopefully I can try it out soon. I'll make sure to post here when I get around to it.
  3. @Torpedoes, you are right, after I posted the schematic I looked back at it and thought it didn't make too much sense. So I made this one (I just didn't post it because I assumed the thread was dead and that nobody would care for it, guess I was wrong): Some notes about it: I have very limited knowledge about electricity (pretty much only Ohm's Law because Grade 11 ), so I wouldn't try this until I do. I've ordered the parts I need but it'll be about a month till they get here, but when they do get here, I will certainly try it. Also I changed the resistor values, and took out the 220ohm resistors as I didn't really see their purpose. I get that they are supposed to provide a dummy load, but doesn't the voltage divider also do that?
  4. This was my understanding (sorry if I'm not using the correct schematic symbols
  5. I've been using the CM Storm Devastator for almost a year now, and it's alright, but it's membrane. I've always wanted a mechanical keyboard, plus it has RGB lighting! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.