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    playing games badly and messing with pc stuff


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    arock x99 ws
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    16GB crucial 4x4GB
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    evga gtx1070
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    280gb intel optane
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    corsair HX1000W
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  1. some of the chassis that go with those boards have 1200w to 1400w psu's in them. you may need more watts in it if you plan on the full 60 cores in that system.
  2. ill load up 2019 tomorrow to see if the smaller file reads and writes pick up better. also qpi is at 7.2 gigatransfers so it most likely be the cap for larger sequential transfers the newer platform is a dream for the time being and also pretty much never used linux
  3. 2620v2 x2 8x8gb ddr3 @ 1600MHz quad channel the p320h ssds take up all the slots and are connected @pci 2.0 8x supermicro X9DR3-F and a 10gbe nic os is server 2016 and the drives get full speed on their own
  4. i have crystal disk http://prntscr.com/nl5yzp but its not much better also been on the hunt for cpus but can decide on 2667v2 or the 2687w v2. i haven seen cpu usage over 10% so far is the all setting good for iometer?
  5. i dont have a battery backup configred at the moment so i dont think its enabled unless its by default. any good setting for setting iometer i havent really used it before i looked it up alittle
  6. its a stripped config (raid 0) 5 collumns and default ntfs
  7. It's not beside an air conditioner or anything like that it looks like condensation has been sitting on it
  8. be playing around with 5 ssd in a stripe configuration and was wounding if there is tweaks to get better read performance. it seems to be lacking done some test with ATTO at the defaults and queue depth of 32 the system config is 5x micron p320h 700gb (3.2gb read 1.9gb write) 64gb of ram 2620v2 x2 xeons any tips are welcome
  9. mineblaster

    the errors

  10. as far as i can guess most likely the davinci resolve that comes that comes black magic cinema camera. it looks like an early endeavor and the op is looking for recommendations all around time being
  11. that looks good and secured if you ever need some cpu heatsinks there are some noctua coolers that fit and dont overhang the socket https://noctua.at/en/nh-d9dx-i4-3u
  12. 1000w powersupply for good measure and may be an 1080ti if you can or an rtx 2080.
  13. I was looking into getting a few connectx 3 qsfp adapters and connecting it to hp5820 via some qsfp breakout cables. Has anyone had experience with these doing this .I haven't been able much detail on the subject.
  14. both would be better