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    AMD A10-7700K
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    ASUS a88xm-a
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport 16gb kit (8gbx2) ddr3-1600
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    MSI GTX 960 2gd5
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    Thermaltake Versa H22 Special Edition Mid Tower Case - Black
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    500GB SSD & 1TB HD
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    EVGA 500W 80Plus
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    ViewSonic TD2220, AOC 912vwa-1, Hanns.G HW191D, 3x L2045W
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    Cooler Master T2
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    Logitech K260
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    SteelSeries Rival 300, Lenovo m600
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    Logitech G430
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    Windows 10 Pro, Ubuntu 16.04.1

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    3D Printing

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  1. "Sticky" cursor movement between monitors

    Actually turning the computer on and off again fixed it, through now windows thinks that monitors are in different places but that's and easy fix.
  2. I just rearranged my monitors and I've noticed that I need to force my mouse more than usual to switch through vertical monitors. Before, everything was fine as all my monitors were in a horizontal arrangement and I could move through them smoothly, but now I have a monitor on-top of another and moving through the two is not smooth at all! The only way I can describe it is "sticky". Is there any software or any registry edits that can fix this?
  3. $50 CS:GO/Music Headset

    Thanks, I'll look into them.
  4. looking for a pc/laptop

    Look up a used Dell Optiplex 790, you can usually find these for cheap (around $100) and they come with an intel i5 2400. With this, you can also invent into a slim gtx 1050 (about $150), this should handle most games pretty well. All in all, a pretty good gaming pc for, give or take, $250! Let's say $300 just in case. (315 - 375 aus)
  5. $50 CS:GO/Music Headset

    I've gone through a few Logitech G430 over the years and now it's time for another one, but I want to see some other options. I'm looking for an over-ear headset with a mic, something good enough to hear footsteps in csgo but something that has some bass to it as well. I'm not looking for anything really "high-end" just something around $50. Any and all suggestion are welcome!
  6. Budget Leage/CSGO/SC2 Build

    I was thinking about this and I might end up doing that. Plus, masking tape=easy mousepad
  7. Budget Leage/CSGO/SC2 Build

    Thanks, I'll look into this
  8. My school just started an esports club and we're thinking of some pc build for CSGO, Leage of Legends, and StarCraft 2. Here's the build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/qMGDbj I want to know if I need to upgrade or if I can downgrade anything, I'd like to have it run the games and 60fps min. Also, if anyone has any ideas of budget keyboards/mice/headsets, please let me know. Thanks!
  9. What gaming headset to buy?

    I've had good experiences with the Logitech G430.
  10. As of now, what is the best VR headset?

    The last I heard of the Oculus rift, they weren't doing so well compared to the HTC Vive. But times have changed, as of now, what is the best VR headset so far. (I'm not asking in order to purchase one, I'm just curious.)
  11. GT 610 or onboard graphics?

  12. GT 610 or onboard graphics?

    I've used all of the video ports on my GTX 960 and I have a GT 610 lying around from an old pc. Should I install this and plug the extra monitor into it or should I skip that and just use the onboard graphics? I'm using an AMD A10-7700K.
  13. What to do with a 5 monitor display?

    First off, if you want a cheap multi-display setup, buy monitors from Goodwill. I managed to get my hands on 5 monitors for $4 each, all of the monitors work, but I'm now wondering what I should even do with them. I have discord on one, steam on another, a web browser, but that leave two screens. Any suggestions?
  14. Removing a sticker from monitor screen

    I'll try it out, thanks!
  15. Removing a sticker from monitor screen

    The lovely people at Goodwill put a sticker directly on the screen of a monitor I bought there. Any ideas on how to remove it without harming the monitor?