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  1. Im sorry to tell you this, but that is normal. I get them too on my i3 6100 which is equivalent to your fx8350 Edit: is this on dx12 or dx11? try dx11 on medium.
  2. I wouldn't take the risk If I were you. Back in the day( when the first core 2 quads came out), lots of ppl were buying processors just to see how far they would overclock. The thing is, they pushed the chip too far and damaged it, then asked for a refund. Most stores don't check if the item still works, they only care if there is no "visible damage" and put it back on the shelf as open box for 1/2 the price or whatever. If you want to take that risk then go ahead.
  3. your dad is right, get a 7700k and z270 if you can. Even the 7600k struggles in games like battefield 1. If you dont want to overclock, then just get the regular 7700 and a H270 board.
  4. Yes, there is some delay, more than usb keyboards. You see, wireless technology is half duplex since the medium is shared. In other words, your wireless keyboard can send or receive data (keystrokes) but not both at the same time (this applies to any wireless technology, wifi, RF, bluetooth). Plus, most wireless keyboards dont come with anti ghosting or n-key rollover, so you might experience even more delays, or keys not registering. Try a wired keyboard, but if you must use wireless, get a better quality model. That k330 is really low end.
  5. try opening your flash drive in linux. If it does the same thing, then the connector or the memory ilself is damaged.
  6. Get the NZXT S340 Elite if you can. That 1080 deserves some tempered glass.
  7. personally, Im loving my Seasonic x650. A tier 1 PSU, fully modular, gold rating with fanless mode.
  8. Read about RAID types and performance. Setting up a RAID would help a lot, but since you are using WD blacks your rig would be loud as hell.
  9. are you 100% sure this is wifi related? have you tried a wired connection?
  10. it should work, but if it doesn't, just try the registry setting. a second option would be getting a motherboard with ps2 ports. My z170A still has 1 ps2 port and a pci slot for whatever reason.
  11. it could be an issue with your settings. In your bios, disable legacy support for keyboard and mouse. Some motherboards also have a "compatibility" setting, set this to "auto", or "on"
  12. how about the Masterkeys L combo? mem-chanical keyboard and a decent mouse with RGB for $69 CDN
  13. Not the best quality photo but you get the idea. Last time I used a mechanical keyboard was in the 90s I think? I got this k70 rapidfire about two months ago and I'm loving it. Keys are a bit loud for my taste but It could be worse. Other than that I'm really happy with it
  14. I really like the new corsair 460x and 570x cases, but they dont have 5.25 bays anymore. Im old school and I like having an optical drive or a card reader in my case.
  15. in that case your ups might be faulty
  16. how old? full optiplex dells with crt monitors can draw more than 500w easily. your ups is rated up to 420w
  17. try disconnecting stuff from the battery backup. Your psu might be getting overloaded and shutting down to protect itself. Also, if your pc is drawing too much power( above 700va), it will shut down the ups no matter what.
  18. ok so the battery backup in the ups is not kicking in for some reason. Some ups have a "reset" feature, try doing a couple of those resets and see if the problem persists.
  19. Use windows refresh. All settings, programs and files will be removed safely and I doubt someone will bother making a deep scan to recover them https://www.onmsft.com/news/windows-10-reset-refresh-windows-10-installation-better-performance
  20. $100 USD should be around $130CAD I think?
  21. hotwired only, fan spins, no vibration or anything out of the ordinary (I read that some coil whine is caused by bad wiring inside the psu, but that doesn't seem to be the case either) damn I wanted to build a mini itx system with it... any particular reason why it started happening after months of use?
  22. I built my pc about a year ago and never had a problem until three months ago. I started getting a random coil whine that would last anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute or two. At first, thought it was my gpu, but after some monitoring it didn't seem to be the cause. I was thinking that maybe my psu was doing that under load because it always happened while playing battlefield 1(but i couldn't replicate the issue, it was indeed totally random). I had a EVGA 500B before, which is plently for my current build. Still, I wanted a better power efficiency so I grabbed a Seasonic x650 about a week ago. Installed new psu, no coil whine. Even after long playing sessions. So I want to hear your theories about this. By the way, I tested the EVGA PSU out of the case and it seems fine.
  23. in that case you should consider something like This G.Skill mouse with adjustable height and weight.
  24. not really, I have "normal sized" hands for a 6' tall guy and it feels a bit large. I have a fingertip grip so maybe that has something to do with it.
  25. this^ you have to consider other things like your grip and what kind of games you play the most