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  1. how about http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/BLW9TW/asrock-motherboard-z97anniversary
  2. The 212 evo should be fine http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103099
  3. I dont think your pc supports booting from usb at all. First make sure your SSD appears in BIOS, also make sure to check boot priority. Second, you have to do a fresh install of windows. It will not work if you installed it on a different machine due to drivers and stuff. BTW I would not install anything beyond windows XP since your pc only supports 2 gb of ram. If all fails, make a boot disk with a CD or dvd.
  4. if having more pic-e ports is your main concern then get the Asus X99 E-WS, besides it looks slicker
  5. Are you running the latest bios? if you are 100% positive your ram is ok then it is time to call asus
  6. Read this thread: http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2456962/boot-build-error-dxe-core-started.html I hope it helps
  7. The rear fan header on your motherboard is a 3-pin connector. If you plug a 4-pin fan, it will run at full speed since the fourth pin is used to control the fan speed.
  8. get the sabertooth with this card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833704241&cm_re=archer_t9e-_-33-704-241-_-Product
  9. Basically better, more stable power + fan control. Not sure how much it improves system stability but I do love the fan control. My current rig is completly silent with all fans running at about 30-40%
  10. They are very similar but my vote goes to asus just because it has more usb ports and better memory support(up to DDR4 3466 ). The MSI has better audio though Edit: MSI is better
  11. I know that if you disable c6/c7 in BIOS some devices will stay on so it's worth a shot. Try enabling that option and see if the fans stop
  12. Watch this video Also ,it would help if you can tell us what exactly are you going to use if for. My friend has a B150 with a 6400 i5 and he's pretty satisfied. I wanted a little more features so I went with the z170.
  13. Well it depends on what you need. Higher end chipsets often have more features such as more pic-e lanes, better overclock, USB 3.1, etc. Here's a simplified table about the Skylake chipsets:
  14. Linus made a video about motherboards: basically, it depends what features you want/need. If you want nice features at a decent price I would recommend the asus z170-A. Try avoiding older tech like boards with ddr3 or low end chipsets.
  15. The 6100 would be the better choice, newer architecture,DDR4 and more power efficient. He could get an i3 now and then the next i7 kaby lake (which is what im doing). the FX is like 4 years old already ! do not waste money on older hardware with similar performance in most scenarios.
  16. apparently is it an option to enable ps2 emulation for usb keyboards: http://archive.techarp.com/showFreeBOGac64.html?lang=0&bogno=343 this. Your mb is about 4 years old so maybe it doesnt support usb keyboards that well. That would explain why you have the usb port emulation setting
  17. Did you try running everything stock and clearing your cmos? also win 10 is somewhat picky about hardware changes. I had a few issues myself when installing my ssd. Try booting into safe mode first and check if everything work ok: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12376/windows-10-start-your-pc-in-safe-mode about your cpu running at 100%, check background processes and set your game at minimum settings. If the problems persist then it could be hardware or virus related.
  18. some mechanical keyboards come with a switch to enable bios compatibility: if your new keyboard does not have one of these, im afraid there isnt much you can do.
  19. Update: Ended up getting the evo 850 after searching every store I knew. I'm very impressed with the performance of this little thing, read/write speeds seem right on spec. This drive seems optimized for windows since I didn't have to disable indexing or anything. Pretty cool, now I just need a mechanical drive for my movies and music.
  20. It IS an issue, older psu like the one I had (Thermaltake 700w from the c2d era) does not have the minimum requirements for haswell ( Haswell's requested 0.05A on the 12V rail as opposed to the ATX 2.3 minimum's 0.5A ) so basically, in an older psu if the 12v drops below 0.5A the psu shuts off. This is not only for c6 or c7 states: http://www.legitreviews.com/what-enabling-c6c7-low-power-states-do-on-the-core-i7-4770k-haswell-cpu_2217 but newer mb have this enabled by deafult.
  21. I had a similar issue with my z170. It would not power up or it would spin the fans for a second then shut off. I was using a pre-haswell psu so thats why it would not post. There are two solutions for this: 1)change psu or 2) install more expansion cards to generate a bigger power draw.
  22. make sure the heatsink is properly seated not just making contact with the cpu
  23. Ive updated my signature with my current setup hows the adata one? there are plenty of those around here. Ive seem plenty of kingston as well but the 850 seems rather elusive
  24. So Ive just build a new rig after retiring my old core 2 duo setup. This is mainly a workstation with some occasional gaming on the side. Ive been looking for a realiable, cheap SSD that would last a few years before it has to be replaced( I dont update components that often unless they break on me). I found this endurance test and Im leaning towards the 850 EVO, but I wanted to know your own experiences with SSDs in general. How is performance over time? how long did it take to fail?