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  1. lag shouldn't be an issue, key rollover is a different story...
  2. if you dont need the macro keys get the k70 rapidfire. It is a k95 but smaller and cheaper.
  3. I would say no, maybe you can get like a minute on battery. Im using a 900VA UPS with the system in my signature and I get ~5 min at most with just the monitor and cpu plugged in. you can adjust the power settings in windows when it switches to battery, that would help a little.
  4. Your computer draws more power when shutting down, this is perfectly normal. If your UPS barely covers your average power draw then your UPS will shutdown early. 650VA is enough for a full mATX system, but not for a regular desktop.
  5. you could install it over the network but i dont think its worth it. Just borrow a flash drive from someone.
  6. @SansVarnic According to EA no 2FA for secondary email, only to reset password (stupid if you ask me) :
  7. I disagree. 1. A massive hack is always news worthy 2. I had a secondary email setup and got deleted. 3. My intent is to prevent others that email is my google account, probably the most secure account I have. No strange activity so far. I wish I could post the name of the russian forum so you can see this is a massive hack with many accounts, not just mine.
  8. My account got hacked today, along with many, many others. I wanted to play some Battlefield 1 but my password was rejected. I clicked on "forgot my password" and I noticed I had 2 confirmation emails. One from the current request, and one from 7am. So after getting into my account I noticed my security question was changed to something in Russian.(I dont even speak russian). I did some googling and it turns out Im not the only one...Many others are having trouble accessing their accounts. On top of that most info got published in a russian forum (not sure if Im allowed to post the name here, but I wont). All account info, including real name, games, join date, and more was made public. Some people are reporting unauthorized purchases as well. More reports. https://www.reddit.com/r/origin/new/ In the end I was able to get back my account thanks to tech support. I was on hold for like 30 min, but in the end they did fix my issues. So if you have an Origin/EA account, make sure you have a secondary email enabled and/or two step verification. TLDR: Many EA accounts got hacked, if you have one, please enable two step verification.
  9. started getting coil whine in my 1060 Strix after a few months of use. The only solution was to change my PSU.
  10. Spec sheet says: So if you want 4k@60Hz you MUST use display port
  11. like I said, consider other features and design. Corsair keyboards have better lighting overall. Go with the k70, better design, software and has a metal frame.
  12. the mic is removable and it is "good enough" for gaming, do not expect crystal clear audio but I guess you could tweak the input. As for keyboards I only have experience with logitech and corsair. Some people suggest that razer mechanical keyboards are lower quality. Switches are the same across brands, meaning, a cherry mx red will feel the same in a corsair keyboard, logitech, ducky, etc. You should consider other features such as media keys, macro keys, rgb, etc. before making a purchase.
  13. xGGAx

    Best USB C hub?

    it should work just fine https://www.amazon.com/Extension-TUSITA-Connector-Extender-Nintendo/dp/B01IEHQL7G/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1506559179&sr=1-1-spons&keywords=type+c+cable+extension&psc=1
  14. The short answer is yes, they are good. Long answer , it depends. I have the k70 with cherry mx speed and the hyperX cloud II. First of all, the cherry switches are very sensitive, it takes a while to get used to, but for gaming and typing they are pretty good (try different switches if you can or buy one of these). As for the headset, it is very comfortable, has decent audio and mic. However, it lacks some "punch" even with the base turned up. Unless you are an audiophile, I would suggest sticking to regular gaming headsets.
  15. I've been using this drive for years without issue
  16. xGGAx

    Best USB C hub?

    somethig like this will do: https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-4-Port-Individual-Switches-HB-UMC4/dp/B071YZ2WN7/ref=sr_1_42?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1506554565&sr=1-42&keywords=type+c+hub but I would get one with more features just in case.
  17. xGGAx

    Best USB C hub?

    there are plenty of usb type-c hubs, but it all depends on your needs. Some of them come with card readers, others with gigabit ethernet etc. What are you going to use it for?
  18. I found it http://www.lian-li.com/en/dt_portfolio/pw-ic2dah85/ It should be an easy mod for most cases.
  19. sorry I misunderstood your first post. What you want is some kind of adapter or hub for your type-c header, right? I saw one of those a while ago but I cannot find it right now. Your second option would be a front bay or an expansion card
  20. uh, there are plenty of type-c adapters for extra ports. https://www.amazon.com/dodocool-Delivery-Gigabit-Ethernet-Chromebook/dp/B06X9DGV4X
  21. -D-link routers -Certain games such as Destiny. -Anything AMD -Anything Apple -Samsung products. I stopped buying samsung when 2 tvs and a HDD died on me about 10 years ago. However, I bought the 850 evo and it seems to be doing ok so far. -Cheap headphones
  22. improve your airflow, remove the middle drive cage from your case and increase overall fan speed.
  23. the 1060 is definitely capable, but you can get the 1070 to have some peace of mind.
  24. have you tried a different format? I assume you are using .mp4 ?
  25. make sure you videos are rendered at 4k/60fps and not 4k/59.9 fps I had a similar issue with 1080p.