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  1. If you where in my shoes, what would you do?
  2. Looking to upgrade my backup drive from 3TB to 6TB and use the 3TB drive (old backup drive) to upgrade my 2TB Data drive. The data drive are 2 1TB hard drives with the partition spanned across both drives. I want to consolidate this on a dedicated drive that's not using 2 1TB hard drives. I found a Western Digital Datacenter/Enterprise Hard drive for around $150 on ebay. The condition is Recertified by WD. Would you take a chance on this or would you look for something else? Heres a screenshot of Disk Management:
  3. Thanks! Ive never ran Ethernet inside a metal channel or raceway so I wanted to make sure its not going to impact the cable. Another question: Think I can cut a hole in the wall and install the box inside the wall so the wallplate is flush with the wall?
  4. Because I did this when I installed 4 lines to my room in 2016 and it looks like shit.
  5. I am fixing to run three lines of Ethernet to my Living room from my Current switch. I am unable to run the cables inside the walls (Double wide Mobile home FML) so a surface run is my only choice. I am trying to figure out what I should use to hide the wires and make it look nice. I was just wondering if I used a metal conduit or Raceway, Would it impact the performance of the Ethernet cable? Im currently running Unshielded twisted pair.
  6. I was reading an old thread about 1080p 60fps vs 4K and I need the communities input. Im fixing to shoot a video and I need recommendations on format. I have a Galaxy S8 if that matters. The video I plan on shooting is going to be of a Arm Wrestling match between me and my friend. Im looking for ultra detail but smoothness also. Im kinda leaning towards 1080p 60fps seeing that my computer monitor is only 1080p But 4K video gives off more of a fine detail compared to regular 1080p. So what does the community recommend?
  7. I am thinking about getting back into the hackintoshing scene again. Now I have a much better test bench I can use for this project I think my results. Does anyone here do hackintosh or have done it before?
  8. So I just bought a Zotac GTX 950 Amp Edition for $100. Card works fine but however one of the two fans has a broken blade. I need suggestions for replacing the fan or if the fan cannot be bought need suggestions for an aftermarket cooler for it. If I cannot locate either one of the above, I am going to modify a standard CPU fan in its spot.
  9. Going to submit a different type of Topic here on LTT. I am curious who here on LTT armwrestles.... Do you know how to Armwrestle? And are you good at it? I do Armwrestle (if challenged) and I guess I could say that I am good at it, although I don't do it professionally.
  10. I had a friend tell me that the 1060 will not support DX12.
  11. I am going to wait for the GeForce 1060 to come out. I want to see some reviews on it.... If it turns out to be a flop, Ill probably go with a GeForce 970 for now....
  12. OK LTT, I am in the market for a new GPU for my system. Seeing that I have Fallout 4 and I want to play it on the max settings possible What does LTT recommend for my build? Speccy Build: One thing speccy didn't include is my Power Supply. It is a 850 Watt Antec. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371067 I am wanting to stick with the green team hence GeForce edition. I can spend up to $300 on a GPU. I may can spare a little more if the performance is worth it.