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    ryzen 7 1700
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    Gigabyte AORUS Gaming k5 x370
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    EVGA GTX1070 SC
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    NZXT H440

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  1. The base clock is 3 and boost is 3.2, idk why it boosts so little for me.
  2. I have a stock cooler, forgot to mention that, I am not really confortabile overclocking that much.
  3. One example is valorant. I get about 100 fps on avg, and just if a overclock my Cpu to 3.6 I get above 200. Same goes for a lot of the recent games. My Gpu utilization is sitting at 70 to 80 percent. And this is just with a 1070, which is not really a bad card, don't get me wrong.
  4. I was wondering if getting a new mb, potentially new ram, would be worth it with zen3 better than I would be just buying a 3700x on my current mobo. I would enjoy 1 more m.2 slot, a lot. I guess I should just wait for zen3 reviews and decide then.
  5. I work as a programmer, so I find amd the best for my needs currently, as for productive workloads they yeald the best results for the price.
  6. This Cpu is already bottlenecking my 1070 in some games. I plan on upgrading my Cpu first, since I would just use my 1070 until I find the best price for a 3080, since where I live the cheapest is close to 900 euros.
  7. I currently own an ultra wide 2560 x 1080 144hz monitor. Next year I would also buy a 3440 x 1440 144hz monitor with gsync. I have a gskill something 3ghz 2 x 8gb. I was also thinking about getting new ram if I switch the platform. I'm curious if they will resealse a new chipset with zen3. I know zen3 works with b550 and x570, I wonder if I should buy the mb right now. I also think I would sell the current pc at a better price if I sell it in a bundle, not by parts.
  8. Hello, I recently found out that zen3 will be launched on the 8th of October. I currently have a ryzen 7 1700 paired with a gigabyte x370 gaming k5 MB. Gtx 1070 as a Gpu. I plan on buying an rtx 3080. I was wondering if I should get an 3700x since it won't need a new mb, or go for the new Gen which will require new mobo. Is the 3700x a bottleneck? Is it worth investing for a new mb the difference? My 1700 I feel like it's bottlenecking my 1070 in some games, due to the low clockspeeds.
  9. 3080 seems like a way better value card, and you might also be interested in seeing the launch of Zen3, which is rumored(idk if it's confirmed) for the 8th of october. For the value of a 3090 you could get an entire new system with way better value.
  10. If I go with this route, this would be the cheapest and would be a big improvement, but after this I don't really plan on upgrading for a few years, atleast the cpu side, and I'm thinking that I could squeeze more time and also take advantage of pcie gen 4 and improvements from the gen 4 ryzen
  11. My main monitor is a 34" 144hz ultrawide, which is 2560-1080. I might go for a qhd 144hz one. I plan on gaming(this upgrade is mainly for Cyperpunk and AC Valhalla, I also play Valorant which is a non issue) and to also use it for programming.
  12. Hello, Currently I own a ryzen 7 1700 paired with a 1070 on a x370 board, which is kind of a bottleneck. I plan on buying either 3070, or 3080, depends on what the prices will be here. What cpu should i get, because i wanted to wait for 4th gen ryzen, but i'm not sure if it will be compatible with my current mb. So basically will I have to buy a new system, or just a cpu upgrade when it comes out?
  13. I have an i5 4440 which is pretty much the same cpu and i get severe drops in cpu intensive games, even on overwatch it can't keep the fps stable, i have to turn it on low so that i don't get drops below 60 fps, and i have an EVGA GTX 1070 SC