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  1. Sketchy ebay cards

    Most of these cards are actually mid end 500 or 600 series cards. The 1GB frame buffer gives it away. Depending on your market, they might be the same price but it's hard to tell what card it was originally, they usually flash custom BIOSes on that change the name.
  2. Is Floatplane worth it to you? [Poll]

    Think the price will come down after it goes up as more members join and it becomes more profitable? If there was more techy tubers on it, and I got access to them all for the monthly fee, I'd say up to $5 would be a steal and well worth it if (probably up to $10) there was more available (folks like NurdRage, AvE and Gamers Nexus would definitely secure my complete loyal and render you tube almost dead to me for example, though I'm not sure people like AvE or Nurd Rage would join)
  3. GPU not keeping up with rest of System/Pc

    If you want anything better than a low power GTX 1050ti, you're gonna probably want a better PSU probably, 600 watts should be enough, but I don't personally trust most OEM PSU's, maybe make sure it's a delta unit, they're pretty solid OEM ones.
  4. Instant Messaging Server

    No problem, although like I said, if it's for a company, maybe get someone to do penetration tests and such.
  5. Instant Messaging Server

    I used rocket chat on a server for a while, that has a mobile app with push notification and a lot of admin powers, however I am not 100% sure about how secure it is, you need a reserve proxie on port 80 for SSL and such, and an NGINX cert I think, but if all else fails lets encrypt could be used for a signed cert. I never had issues but I don't think anyone tried to hack me while I used it,.

    Yes, Q521 would be the tag on the PCB files for what part it is, while you could ask the board maker about it, what transistor it is and all, they'll almost 100% tell you to fuck off politely and spew some "internal documents aren't given out". You're best bet is to go buy a new graphic card with a backplate and learn from your mistake. While learning to volt mod I killed a GT 610, R9 380X, GTX 560, HD 6870, GTX 295, GeForce 6600 GT and a couple of HD 5450's. If you make a guess and that guess is wrong, it will kill the card potentially. However it looks like it's a positive MOSFET, or a PNP transistor, not sure of the gate drive and the collector and emitter voltages, you'll need to probe around with a DMM to find those.
  7. Thread ripper or alternative

    I remember there being PCIe pass through issues (as well as a few other VM issues) with AMD recently, might want to see if they're resolved
  8. 1866MHZ shows 1600MHZ

    I do believe you might need a K series chip to overclock the memory.

    It's a PNP SOT-523 tranistor, (or it could be a power MOSFET, I'm not 100% sure, or it could be a Schottky diode pack) A117, maybe MCC makes it. Are the pads for it damaged? I do soldering work all the time on graphic cards for extreme overclocking.
  10. Varying EVGA 1070 Overclock?

    I have a similar problem with afterburner and my heavily modded 980, but it's not that bad. I've encountered the stepping issues before, not all arches can step by 1MHz at a time, some can only do 10MH, 15MHz ect, it's justb GPU boost 3.0. You can disable GPU boost 3.0 with volt mods and soldering but it's a lot of work and the GPU becomes very inefficient compared to normal Pascal then.
  11. Can you crossfire an Rx 580 using an eGPU enclosure?

    Wait until GPU prices crash and RX 580's would be going for like sub $200, I can't wait for that
  12. Can you crossfire an Rx 580 using an eGPU enclosure?

    Linus has tested it, it's theoretical bandwidth is that of 4X, however latency is massively increased, I wouldn't be surprised if it was closer to 2x
  13. Can you crossfire an Rx 580 using an eGPU enclosure?

    Because both GPUs need to clone the memory, you will completely saturate the thunderbolt 3 lane with that data, plus idk if crossfire would even work over that, it already barely works as is.
  14. Mineral Oil Cooled PC - Question

    The boards still obey the laws of nature, so do LEDs, and their controllers, and yes.... An M.2 SSD is still an SSD so that'll work fine. Lot of reading in that for not much content.
  15. eGPU on a mid 2012 13" macbook pro?

    "Not intended for the use of Graphic Cards" Lol Jokes aside, I don't ever recall seeing an external CPU on a macbook, I think there is some issue with it on OSX and it would never work but I can't quite recall if that's the case or not.