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    Intel Core I7 7700K
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    ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Formula
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    MSI GeForce GTX 980 Gaming 4G
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    Corsair SPEC-03 (modded)
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    Seagate Pipeline 500GB, SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB
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    Corsair RM850x
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    Samsung SyncMater SA350
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    Custom Water loop
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    Logiech G300s
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    ROG onboard
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  1. PC is randomly turns off now

    No, the entire current sense circuit (which is what the BIOS is looking at) would read that the card is barely using any power at all, it's a wonderful mod I do to basically all Nvidia GPUs from the 600 serious up.
  2. PC is randomly turns off now

    That's nice and all, but what part of "I removed the current sensing shunt resistors from the PCB" isn't getting through, the card thinks it pulls 3% power limit dyring Furmark. Sure there is the phase balancing part of the circuit, but that isn't used in Nvidia to detect overall load.
  3. PC is randomly turns off now

    As I mentioned before, I removed the current shunts from the PCB, with a soldering iron, and replaced them with copper bars. Unless there is a second power limit measuring method (there is, its off the inductors in the VRM but it's not accurate and just used for phase balancing) that reports, then it wouldn't know that.
  4. PC is randomly turns off now

    I personally modded, I don't trust online ones, they might have had a slightly different MSI gaming card, as I know there is three models. I used GPUz to download the BIOS direct from the card, saved it in case I need it, and used Maxwell BIOS modder to mod the BIOS.
  5. PC is randomly turns off now

    The RM850X (according to the power efficiency curve) for this power level (the entire PC almost drew 500 watts, between 40% and 60% of the PSU capabilities, right in the peak power efficiency curve) was at least 90%, to 91% efficient. When the no GPU tests compared to the GPU test power draws, it correlated with the DC current clamp on the PCIe cables to within about 5%, so that's pretty accurate.
  6. PC is randomly turns off now

    That's kinda how I did it, I also burrowed a DC current clamp off a friend, and both numbers came close, when the extra 75 watts was added, the GPU pulled 230 watts max +_ 5%
  7. PC is randomly turns off now

    Yeah, this V7900 is basically 150 watts, where as this GTX 980 is like 200 watts +, I can't 100% accurately measure exactly what it is.
  8. PC is randomly turns off now

    If it was the lane then I'd just RMA the board, but since the other GPU is fine in the same slot, it looks fine. Of course Firepros are super reference, keeping to the standards and all, I'd say it wouldn't cause any issues anyway, not using that much power and all.
  9. PC is randomly turns off now

    Yeah that's cost too much electricity, it's already €40 a week. I threw in a Firepro V7900 I have, and it didn't cause any kind of shutdown over a two hour gaming session, the other card crashed within 30 minutes, so I'm guessing there is still something not 100% right with it, More investigation is needed, but it's getting better each time.
  10. PC is randomly turns off now

    Well, with no power limit, an overvolt on memory and vcore by a little bit to 1555-1580, it definitely added some power to it, however I had another such shutoff, while everything* was at stock. * The GPU never changes frequency due to half of GPU boost being disabled. The fan curve is high and the GPU pretty much stays at something like 1340MHz on stock under load. This one tool over an hour to occur, I think I'll just get new RAM in the off chance the memory is at fault.
  11. Has i5 3460 aged ?

    Try looking on youtube or google. I had some Ivy Bridge CPUs, but none now. it's ok but starting to age.
  12. What is the best gpu for me

    Try not to make a load of topics about similar things, in the wrong category, you're gonna piss off an admin.
  13. *Notices some rumbling in a bus and some intel employees with notepads run back to HQ screaming with excitement*
  14. Core 2 Duo E7600, overclock for a noob

    Only extreme Core2 CPUs had "unlocked" multipliers IIRC. For those older CPUs, you overclocked by increasing the FSB speeds, the modern equivalent is baseclock overclocking. the multipiers are mostly 6, 9 and 12, you're not gonna be able to change that.
  15. I have loads of 1333MHz RAM and some some 1600MHz, there isn't much of a different, it's not that much