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  1. Connecting 1060 to an 8-pin PSU

    Higher quality PSUs will have higher ratings, and is more expensive to produce, while it's true they won't have higher quality outputs just because they're 80+ Platinum, they're more likely not to be junk. It's actually harder to make a more stable PSU voltage while maintaining efficiency actually.
  2. Connecting 1060 to an 8-pin PSU

    I feel bad for the US guys and their 120v, their power is just so weak. That's why the 1500 watt and 1600 what units have the IEC C-19 16 amp connectors even though on 240v they'd only pull like 8 amps, on 120 they would need over 10 amps, which is the official rating of the IEC C13 connector.
  3. Connecting 1060 to an 8-pin PSU

    Hmm, seems 80+ White is the name for just 80+, didn't know they had a colour for regular 80+. It'll be a little worse than 80+ Bronze but won't matter so much, 240v is more efficient for the PSUs anyways, why 80+ Gold gets over 90% on my voltage, which based on that Ulster flag I'm guessing is also 240v
  4. Connecting 1060 to an 8-pin PSU

    White? What's the PSU's rating, 80+ bronze? 80+ gold?
  5. What do you need the 26 amps on? What power connectors does the 18 and 17 amp PSU have? break down the power needs.
  6. Is the gpu dead/manlfunctioning?

    Sounds like it, better look for a new one.
  7. Good unit, I have the RM850X, it should last a long time. Funny how cheapy PSUs can fail so hilariously
  8. eGPU

    Yeah, it's software that's causing the high latency with the PCIe to thunderbolt and back again fuckery. eGPU that use PCI express might loose the hot plug-ability, but gain much better performance vs thunderbolt.
  9. What's the i9-7980XE's suffix "XE"

    With the Skylake X series, Intel ran scared of AMD I think, and instead of calling it Intel Skylake E (where E stands for enthusiast) and the X being for the Extreme Edition of the Skylake E range, they named the entire range Skylake X (where X stands for extreme) and then had to come up with a new way to denote the special top of the range chip, hence XE, which I guess means Extreme Edition but don't quote me on that, the E might be for something else, like expensive, (as in "Holy fuck that thing is expensive") or maybe exponential, (as in "Jesus Fucking Christ that thing suffers from exponential power draw at higher clocks")
  10. Intel 4930k is X series?

    Yeah, the LGA 2011 socket was the extreme socket, but only the i7 3960X, i7 3970X and i7 4960X where the actual extreme editions of that socket, all others where just very high end i7 chips, however some where also 6 core chips, which when overclocked usually almost matched the X editons
  11. What kind of server do I need?

    I'll need more details than that. How many users? What will they be using the server for? Is this a business or home server? Are you using it for virtualisation or storage? Is it some kind of network hub? Printer is easy, that's USB and some networking, but what other software?
  12. Should I bother LM my laptop?

    Well, I did it with my i7 4710HQ, and mostly it stays around 60°C under load, overclocked by 200MHz for each turbo bin, with a -65 mv core voltage offset, I don't think LM on a laptop is really needed. Kyro would work well enough I think.
  13. Is the gpu dead/manlfunctioning?

    Yeah that's what I meant, just swap the cards out entirely see does it accept drivers, however sounds like he needs a new card
  14. Is the gpu dead/manlfunctioning?

    Test the graphic card in another machine, otherwise I'd say it's a pretty safe call it's dead.
  15. VR Gaming 960 or 1050?

    OP doesn't have a GTX 1050ti though, and it's very bad practice to suggest one card is better than another by using a 3rd card as a reference, there are some games where a GTX 1050ti would crush both a GTX 960 and GTX 770 due to it's extra VRAM, typically when a game runs out of VRAM now it just doesn't bother to load the high detail textures, so if you compare just FPS you get the same result, even though the higher VRAM cards look a lot better. Overclocks can also really mess with the results.