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    Pretty much everything STEM related
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    Intel Core I7 7700K
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    ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Formula
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    2X 4GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400MHz @ 2666MHz
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    MSI GeForce GTX 980 Gaming 4G
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    Corsair SPEC-03 (modded)
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    Seagate Pipeline 500GB, SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB
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    Corsair RM850x
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    Samsung SyncMater SA350
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    Custom Water loop
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    Razer BlackWidow
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    Logiech G300s
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    ROG onboard
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    Windows 10
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  1. If you can't run computing tasks on the GPU, then it's clearly not worked. Not all GPUs can just be VBIOS'ed to be the next tier, largely those days are gone and it's only a few that can do it, you'll get higher clocks and more power target, but no extra stream processors, if it works that is. Try running something like GPUpi on the card to see if it can complete computing tasks, or if the drivers install, however if it doesn't post, it probably isn't working right.
  2. Is the memory on the QVL, usually memory not on the list will work but sometimes it won't at all. What's the CPU and motherboard too?
  3. Jesus fucking Christ what a mess..... I would advise you to contact the apartment management, a contractor or your IPS to fix it, messing with it yourself is not a smart idea
  4. If the intent was to troll they didn't do a very good job, didn't even ask about a Threadripper 3970X smh.
  5. wot.... Why would you pick a 3900X for an office PC, pick a Ryzen APU so you don't need to waste money on a GPU or a CPU that's way overkill. 16GB of RAM is fine for web browsing, and should be for a long time. Basic PCs are fine with 8GB just for web browsing, 500GB SSD is a bit small too, get a 1TB one. The Ryzen 3200G is perfect but the 3400G is great too if you want a little extra power for the occasional heavier task.
  6. My laptop has an MXM GTX 860m, it's alright, Mine is a custom MXM ROG version (or might be a very unused standard, idk, maybe MXM 3.0C or something ) that is almost twice the size and features some overclocking options, even then it's only as powerful as a really basic GTX 750ti with no OC. I think the BIOS would be the hardest part. Some MXM cards have the BIOS on the MXM card itself, others it's written onto the motherboards BIOS's, so to update the GPU requires reflashing that, that's why MXM really died it, it's not really standard at all, there are so many versions and differences.
  7. I have given it a wider searched and also yielded nothing oddly, I'm guessing Apple ditched MXM cards in the later iMacs, which seems to be the case, as most manufacturers ditched MXM since basically no one upgrades because it's such a pain, and the cost benefit from having just one motherboard for laptops with an MXM slot for different configs just wasn't worth the saving like with CPUs, it's just all soldered now.
  8. https://www.ebay.ie/itm/AMD-A1312-ATI-Radeon-HD-6970M-HD6970M-1GB-DDR5-MXM-GPU-Card-for-Apple-iMac-2011/163819615281?hash=item262468f431:g:EyMAAOSwkVVbUU4m Yeah seems ebay does have more powerful cards for sale, but you guessed it, not cheap, probably not all that powerful and likely hot AF, also the HD 6970M seems the highest end one I can see, I would have hoped for a HD 7900m series but oh well
  9. oof, MXM 3.0b Mac cards are probably not cheap. No doubt that there are ones on ebay that have been flashed with compatible BIOSes, but who know's if they'll actually work. If being 100% compatible is important, look for the fastest factory option they had and try to find one, otherwise, see if there are any MXM mac cards floating around, my guess is they're gonna be hens teeth almost. As for TDP, MXM standards do usually stipulate TDP limits and power limits, but it was never a super well defined standard anyways. It would be hard to say if anything more powerful is going to be coolable, you'll just have to find out or make educated guesses based on the existing cooling.
  10. Download something like CPUz, it'll have lots of the CPU info, including stepping and bus clocks, multi's ect
  11. well, you set 49 as the multiplier, select a voltage (lets say you start at 1.25v) and you see if it's stable. If yes, more testing, if no, detemin if it's cooling or voltage, and correct as neceeccary, say maybe going to 1.275v or increasing fan speed
  12. Should support an i7, there where ones sold with i7's, and it's highly unlikely dell had different boards or BIOSes for different CPUs, that means they need different boards for each level of hardware. In my experience they usually work but it's a best bet to find the same model of i7 they where offered, eg a 4790K might not be compatible as it wasn't offered as a choice edit: I checked, Q87 express chipset and then highest CPU offered was an i7 4790, so it should support just about all i7's for Haswell.
  13. While I'm sure it'd be fine, I'd personally look for a better PSU since you have 20 dollars to play with, there is a PSU tier list for quality in the PSU section of this forum, let me get the link.
  14. I was gonna ask did you enable the DOCP settings, as that memory speeds look so bad and weird. Rookie mistake I guess, the memory was also probably at 1.2v too, .15v lower than it should have been, glad it's all sorted now though, tho CL 20-20-20-40 is still quite loose, you might be able to manually fiddle with it for something like 18-20-20-36 or 18-18-18-34, but hard to say, idk what the IC's are exactly or how they behave.