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  1. Moving Just Windows to an SSD

    An M.2 drive will work flawlessly in that system, but you can try to copy over some configuration files, however that's a bit risky, I'd advise just redoing it all, Windows given any chance on custom stuff, with custom tweaks, will commit suicide no questions asked.
  2. The gtx 970 odyssey

    Was it from safemode? If that and a fresh install doesn't work, you'll have to do a CMOS reset and preferable flash the newest BIOS, there might be a bug with that card on the current firmware, although that is unlikely. Does the other GPUs run at full 16x in the board?
  3. The gtx 970 odyssey

    Yeah, boot into safe mode and use a programme called DDU to remove all AMD and Nvidia drivers, then install the GPU back into the PC, boot, and install the Nvidia drivers, that should fix the problem
  4. Moving Just Windows to an SSD

    From what I've heard plus my own experimenting, you can't clone different sized drives over and moving windows itself over is often a bad idea, just fresh install Windows onto the SSD and delete the old install from the HDD, and keep the files, but back them up first in case it all gets broken, windows loves to fuck up. Whats the specs of your current PC?
  5. Dual GPU not working with Threadripper

    Have you tried the GTX 1080ti in the same slot, it looks like there might be something wrong with that slot that's causing that error, it could also be a driver thing, have two cards 2 generations apart and all.
  6. 4790K - 50c to 60c idle temps

    The errors you have are from basically an unstable CPU, my guess is maybe the previous user overclocked it's little silicon testicles off on something like 1.5v 5GHz for benching, and after a while it just degraded. Was it delidded?
  7. 4790K - 50c to 60c idle temps

    I would advise booting into an OS and use software to inspect individual core temps, with something like realtemp 3.70, if all the cores are that hot, and you get the error, it's possible the CPU is defective. Was it new or used?
  8. 4790K - 50c to 60c idle temps

    Whats the pump RPM? is it on some kind of slower fan curve? Make sure it's at 100% and make sure it's definitely pumping (as in you can hear water flowing)
  9. 4790K - 50c to 60c idle temps

    Does the pump work? Did you use enough TIM? Make sure the pump is actually working and that there is good mounting pressure. 1.8 Input voltage is fine, it's for the FIVR. Whats the CPU core voltage?
  10. Home server

    Any LGA 775 system would be ok, but LGA 1366 Xeons are cheap and system boards for them are too. You won't need a dual socket setup, but you can get really cheap 4 core 4 thread LGA 1366 CPUs (Xeon E 5606) and pretty cheap 6 core 12 thread ones too (Xeon X5660 and above)
  11. General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    I mean my servers mostly have 4 and 6 phase power stages, and do not get that hot, but there is super nice airflow over them. From my understanding, X58 wasn't that bad.
  12. VM inside VM or XP on extarnal HDD?

    Yeah you can virtualise inside of a VM, there will be a much larger overhead but since this is more of an embedded OS it's not gonna hurt. VM's inside of VMs are normal
  13. 8700k or TR 1920x?

    What kind of streaming and editing, like actual it's what you do or just a hobby?
  14. I doubt conventional PCI takes lane, that's delivered from the PCH, my last suggestion would be to reseat the CPU, one of the connections for the 16 lanes could be bad, and would not allow the full 16x bandwidth, not that you need the full 16x, 8x would be more than enough. It's possible the pin isn't making good contact
  15. There could be damage to PCIe Lanes 9-16, if any of them are missing the card will revert to 8x, I'd advise you to remove the card and visually inspect the connector, on both the motherboard and the graphic cards to see if there are any obvious signs of damage, and try a different card in the PCIe slot, and try the graphic card in another machine to see if the issue persists.