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  1. And something anyone can do at home with art supplies We did print dusting in high school as an intro to forensic science....
  2. There is a chance that it is just a greasy print being trapped under the protector. The sensor is picking that up instead of the actual finger which is now further away.
  3. If you render at 4K with an increased FoV and only send the user the centre of the frame, you can effectively pre-render by changing which part of the frame the user sees and then use that as the centre point for the next frame.
  4. It probably exist but not in the little grey men kind of way we generally think of them. Something I have never seen mentioned before is the resources required to create an industrial society. If it wasn't for fossil fuels we'd still be in wood huts burning trees to keep warm. We may be the first civilisation to leave our planet of origin, and the ability to do so may be very limited depending on conditions.
  5. I have no stability issues with my 3 wheeled car. 3 wheels and light weight is better on snow than 4 wheels and over a tonne of weight to move, just depends on how shit the driver is.
  6. I just got myself a Note 9 as a replacement for a slightly bent Honor 6x with a failing battery. Found out last night than Android 9 has no USB audio support, but some people have got it working again on other devices after updates. Can anyone confirm this? One feature I could really use is audio over USB for my car stereos, and I just get an infinate wait for nothing to happen as if the phone is not going into accessory mode. Upgrading the head unit to one with AA is not an option in either car due to space and I don't want a sound system work more than the box that it's fitted to.
  7. Just drive past a specially crafted road sign and it's unlocked with spyware installed.
  8. Use non-Apple approved air in your tyres and it will drive itself to the nearest dealer and need a new logic board, case, battery, wheels and suspension bushes. Of course the car will just trade itself in for a refurb.
  9. Remember when VW pulled a plane with the Toureg as a demo of it's towing ability? Imagine if Land Rover moaned that it's not a "real world test" and instead told everyone to use a small camping trailer with a bag of sand in to test towing capacity instead. I mean sure, it's a real world test , but I tow more weight with my pissing Reliant Robin. Nothing from the past decade or so should really struggle playing media (considering it's all offloaded to GPU anyway), and does it really matter if Ryzen uses 2.2% more resources when opening a new tab in Chrome? Maybe Chrome was compiled using a compiler than favours Intel hardware. They may be good tests for ultra low power parts for tablets and small notebooks, but not desktop processors.
  10. Funnily enough it's only ever been on a Mac that the option to download the OS with a new drive would be useful. Pissing around with DMG files and needing another Mac to jam the installer on a USB drive because Apple fucked up the OS during an update. I've never had Windows fail so badly it won't even start up. Just like needing a soldering iron to repair a soldering iron, or an oscilloscope to repair an oscilloscope, you need a Mac to repair a Mac.
  11. N has a few things missing to keep the EU happy, because ya know, Microsoft can't bundle a web browser without being called anti-competitive.
  12. Even then it's going to be dual, or even quad socket with at least 4 core processors, plenty of RAM and god knows what else inside to pull 1500w. Even if it is lower performing on paper, it's going to easily maintain that same performance under 24/7 full load where as an Apple laptop will throttle as soon as you ask it to do anything.
  13. I've not ignored anything, but I've been around here long enough to see the general attitude towards one brand over another. Also my history when it comes to choosing hardware would show no real preferance to either brand, however currently I have 3 Xeon workstations, an old Centrino notebook, a Core 2 Quad ITX board for embedded devlelopment and an AMD tablet so if anything I seem to be a bit of a fan of Intel hardware. My FX machine with a Radeon got replaced with a dual Xeon (with worse single thread performance) and a GTX650 because it suited my needs better.
  14. Because this forum has a large volume of shouty Intel fans and people who want MOAR BIG NUMBAS!
  15. So their blender runs great for half a second then throttles and slows down and won't chop a wet tomato?
  16. They sell the CPU with a specified base clock which all cores on all processors will run at on motherboards built to minimum specifications. The boost clock is dependant on so many factors that the "up to" term is used. If the bare minimum PSU is a 350W and a 350w is used, then it may sag under the extra loading of jacking up the speed and cause instability. The only way they can market guarenteed speeds is to lock the CPU and what you get is what you get.
  17. So the better option is to lock the CPU frequency down to whatever it is rated at and remove any turbo or boost features?
  18. You bought it for $2, if it was worth trading for a GPU then you'd have paid GPU prices for it. Although, a Geforce 4 is probably about that price.....
  19. The foil is strong with this one!