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  1. Curious Pineapple

    Have you ever seriously damaged your phone?

    Thats odd, my Note 2 smashed by dropping it too, on a metal floor strip I think it was.
  2. Not if that old Dell is running part of a factory using a 64 bit PCI card. Paying out rental and opting to keep the older hardware may well be cheaper than replacing 500k's worth of manufacturing equipment.
  3. Similar thing, you have been using a product and due to the manufacturer of that product making an odd agreement, when they stop support, your license to use it also goes.
  4. If you bought a nice new Dell, were happy with the Dell, and had no need to upgrade, would you be happy if Microsoft revoked the OEM key that was used on that model because Dell no longer offer support and the agreement was that the key is only valid for the life cycle of the machine?
  5. Curious Pineapple

    YT New Java Script Exploit? Possibly Found

    I installed MWB just for the hell of it, slowed my machine down to the point of being annoying so it went after doing a full system scan.
  6. Video is the same, most films have a pre-roll license that viewing the content shows agreement to. If that is gone then you've nothing to agree to, and technically have no restriction on distributing it either.
  7. Curious Pineapple

    YT New Java Script Exploit? Possibly Found

    Firefox, They weren't actually popups but just opened a new tab with the hard to close page.
  8. Sharing is often a license violation, but acquiring without paying isn't. With software if you download a copy of Windows for example and the EULA is scrubbed then you've never been presented the EULA to break it.
  9. Curious Pineapple

    YT New Java Script Exploit? Possibly Found

    Already checked, ad services are probbaly getting greedy, or don't know what they're serving.
  10. So Adobe had an agreement with XXXX company to use their technology, with a license that expires when the software is no longer updated. That ultimately leaves the end user with "stolen" IP and liable for lawsuits. Adobe struck a shit deal there really.
  11. Curious Pineapple

    YT New Java Script Exploit? Possibly Found

    I've had tech support scap popups on eBay and even MSN news recently. They're fucking everywhere!
  12. Curious Pineapple

    Will 32 GB be future proof enough

    And here's me wondering if I should aim for 192GB or not. I have my reasons and they're pointless, but RAM is cheap
  13. Curious Pineapple

    Supreme Court Allows Anti-Trust Lawsuit Against the App Store

    Not good enough for the rabid Apple fans, their magical glowing fruit can do nothing wrong (apart engineer around design).
  14. Nice try at twisting what I asked, I think I'll just put this in with the flat earth pile of posts to keep away from.
  15. I know how many cameras are in public, I asked if YOU do them things. It's like dealing with an anti-vaxxer
  16. Do you also watch them when they go home? Record what they purchase? Take notes on who they spend time with? Make a spreadsheet on what time they go to work? Do you then share that data with others? Maybe sell it on to others? Start gathering data on anyone they know? Sell that data on?
  17. There's more than one website with ads on it you know I have, this rather unusual place called the real world. People don't like being followed, the EU made it compulsary for all websites to disclose what cookies they store, what they are used for, and to allow people to choose not to accept them. One of the few good things they have done with regards to tech recently. The issue here really is explicity saying I do not want to be followed, and being ignored and tracked anyway. You wouldn't accept it in every day life, so why should it be acceptable online?
  18. Leaving a webpage because I see "ads by Google" won't suddenly change the fact that they know I looked on a forum for "how to repair a cracked monitor". If it were ads on that site for what I am actively doing then fine, but it's not. It's a barrage of adverts all over the web for monitors for days. I was looking for ATX extension cables a few weeks back, not a search but visiting a suppliers website. The next week or so was adverts for the exact product I was looking at from the same supplier. You are in a small minoprity if you have no problem with that kind of data sharing, even from websites that don't have adverts on them.
  19. And at that point it's too late, I don't know who provides the ads for a site. What you are effectively saying is by wanting to use the Internet you should just agree to give whatever information is available about yourself to anyone who wants it.
  20. I don't choose to have adverts thrown at me, and I certainly can't choose who provides the ad services. I could refuse to use any Google services and they would still have a wealth of information simply from what websites they have served ads on. Whe I deleted my Facebook account a few weeks ago I got a copy of the info and crap I had on there. One folder is advertising data, there was keywords in there for things that wre nothing to do with me, but would have been from websites my OH visited on my machine (whilst her Crap, sorry, Mac Mini was busted). I only ever used Facebook on mobile, never signed in on this machine, ever. Only had it for a few months so not even a chance of a sign in from when I created the account years ago.
  21. No reason to, it's when Google is tracking you on every single site that has google ads that it becomes a problem.
  22. Curious Pineapple

    Computer has issues turning on after turned off

    I'd replace the power lead, if you've rammed into it hard enough for it to come loose in the wall then replacing it would be a good idea. The loose connection could also have damaged an inrush limiter in the PSU.
  23. I wonderif they get booted from the Store if they do?
  24. What else would they do with a failed logic board that costs a few cents to repair? Sell the customer a refurbished one, replace the capacitor on the "beyond" repair unit then put that in the line to be sold on to the next customer with an "irrepairable" board. Speeds up the turnaround for repairs, saves them building new boards at the end of the products production life (new model every year or so) and makes them hundreds for what is quite often a design related failure. It happens all the time in TV repairs. Sell the customer a new power supply, replace the failed capacitors on the old one and keep that on a shelf ready to sell to the next customer with a failed power supply. I could have made so much money repairing and selling "scrap" TV's, my 50 inch plasma needeed a single solder joint reflowing, I got it free. Could have sold it for a few hundred as "refurbished".