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  1. I'm planning on adding better northbridge cooling soon. I got a 4.8 O/C that was stable (stable meaning it didn't crash during the short stress tests I did), but the temps were way too high with stock cooler.
  2. Curious Pineapple

    Random BSOD Apparent Data Loss

    RAM worked in other boards, being an LGA775 machine, there was little point in trying to find a high-end obsolete board to replace it with, and as I need SLAT to do mobile development with Visual Studio, I just replaced it with an FX-6300.
  3. Curious Pineapple

    Random BSOD Apparent Data Loss

    I had the same issue with random RAM issues and Win 10 loading a default desktop. Logging out and back in worked as a fix before I replaced the whole machine
  4. Updated BIOS and not had any strangeness yet, apart from Portal 2 closing itself (not entirely legitimate copy installed for the moment), no real issues. I'll get some youtube playlists on the go and see what happens
  5. I'll do an update and see if it helps anything. It was acting up before an overclock, I do have a freezer extreme cooler that I planned on using, but I've lost the AMD socket mounting brackets
  6. I have pretty much the same problem with the same CPU, and an MSI 970A SLI Krait board. Firefox jams up pretty much every time youtube changes video in a playlist, never does it if the tab is being viewed though, Source engined games freeze with the looping pre-cached audio for a few seconds, then are fine. I am overclocked to 4.2 with stock cooler, but when browsing the CPU throttles back to 1.4 anyway, and the temps are about 40 degrees C at the moment. Just putting up with it until I get some better cooling in there as the board runs really hot, and under heavy load, my blu-ray drive gets hot enough to lock up and crash due to inadequate cooling.
  7. Well fuck me sideways! Doubt that will ever be enforced though. I'm sure the courts have more important things to worry about than those hardened criminals who rip music to a USB drive to play in the car, instead of carrying 40+ fragile plastic discs around.
  8. It's actually legal, but you must own the original copy, and if the original becomes unplayable, you must destroy the backup. You can copy your entire game collection legally, but can't play them legally as that requires bypassing copy protection measures. Downloading films is also legal, distribution isn't (thats how people get screwed over for downloading films through torrent, they get shafted for the re-distribution, not the downloading itself).
  9. After upgrading my machine I found a collection of dust, screws and cat biscuits jammed in the various crevices of the case. I saved the screws, but the dust and biscuits got eaten (I have a really strange kitten, she likes to eat SATA cables too).
  10. Only time I have ever had a CPU cooler cause damage was the Socket A AMD coolers that needed a big flat bladed screwdriver to fit them. Slip, crunch, ahh crap.
  11. You can get corrosion with no power applied. Boats that are moored and powered from the shore can suffer galvanic corrosion without the correct isolator in place. It's not the electricity from the supply that causes the problem, but rather the boats hull, water and the minerals in the ground creating a voltage potential, and the earth connection creating a short circuit. Same as dropping a zinc plated washer and a copper coin in a liquid. If the 2 touch, you get current flow and corrosion
  12. Curious Pineapple

    License to buil a pc? Uk

    I build, among other things, portable thermocouple welders at work. Steel cases, mains powered, potentially deadly (if not by electrocution, but falling off a ladder for example) not a problem. Change a switch or pendant light fitting, criminal offence for not being a qualified electrician. I can build products that have un-fused 110v mains feeds and can be used while plugged in, but can't change a plastic switch that, once screwed to the wall, is a danger to no-one. Things get better, I live in a building with no RCD protection at all, red/black (modern spec is brown/blue) wiring and said wiring isn't up to spec for use any more. 25-30 amp rated wiring, on a 100 amp main feed, with 40 amp breakers. Perfectly legal as electrical regulations only apply to work done after new regulations come into force. But no, no license needed to build a PC.
  13. Curious Pineapple

    4690k pci lanes bottleneck

    Afer the UEFI has done it's thing, I have about 3 seconds from windows boot screen appearing to login screen running Windows 10 on an Integral 120GB SSD. Not really a high end drive, but insanely quick boot times. The drive came free with my CPU, an FX-6300, so kind of showing the price of the drive really.
  14. Curious Pineapple

    computer slowing down

    Move the computer instead of the router
  15. Curious Pineapple

    Free Steam Key :)

    British Government.
  16. Curious Pineapple

    Can magnetic screw-drivers do any damage?

    HDD's have monster magnets inside them anyway, I doubt a magnetic driver on a bare platter would cause data corruption, unless it was a super skookum tool thats way overkill for building a PC
  17. Curious Pineapple

    computer slowing down

    Run a malware scan too. I recently ended up with some adware that used a rootkit to hide itself from windows explorer and AV software. Malwarebytes cleared it up, then AVG instantly detected the adware and removed it.
  18. Curious Pineapple

    Windows Fail

    Not too sure if it will still work, but my brother was running the Win 10 preview and got offered the free upgrade, may be worth a try if other options fail. I know that you will get the free upgrade from a dodgy KMS activated version of 8/8.1, not that I would know....
  19. Curious Pineapple

    IDE vs AHCI

    I seem to remember that uninstalling the disc controller from Windows, then rebooting and changing the setting works. I could be remembering swapping drive between boards with different chipsets though.
  20. Curious Pineapple

    AMD Polaris Giveaway

    I'm rocking a Geforce N9500GT 1GB that recently had a capacitor short out, and explode in a shower of sparks, my spare card is a Radeon x700 with a whopping 256MB of VRAM. Just replaced my aging Core 2 Quad with an also aging, but not as old FX6300. A decent GPU that will most likely remain in the system in my next upgrade in another 10 years would be awesomes. Yeh, I used the same machine (with a CPU upgrade last year and the 9500 installed in 2009) for nearly 10 years.
  21. Curious Pineapple

    what's the difference between SDRAM and DRAM

    DRAM reads and writes data on it's own time, meaning the CPU may have to wait for data to be read from, or written to memory. SDRAM is controlled by the CPU. If the CPU needs to write data to memory, it sends the data to memory along with a write signal, and the memory stores the data the instant the CPU commands it to. Same with reading, the CPU asks the memory for data, sends the read signal, and the data is immidiately available for the CPU to use. It's like making the memory a part of the processor, rather than a seperate system, sort of.
  22. PCB layout is more of an art than a case of dropping components on the board and getting as much in the space as possible. For example, every trace from the CPU to the RAM has to be exactly the same length, any difference can result in data corruption as the electrons take time to move through the trace, and at 5+ billion voltage transitions per second, data can get out of sync with the clock. There's also fitting the traces on the board, more sockets and components means more tracks and PCB layers, making design manufacture more difficult and more costly. Chipset design, resources and physical constraints do limit what can be put on a board. Server boards cost thousands for a reason, and it's not just getting more money for "server grade" components, although they do price them highly as the production numbers and yeilds will be lower.
  23. Cheapest is £8.20, economy within 15 days, £8.35 is 3 to 5 working days and £12.50 is tracked within the UK. Covered for loss or damage up to £20, but the tracked within UK has £50 of loss/damage cover. I'll get the faulty chip removed and put it through a stress test to be sure that there's no apparent damage to the northbridge. The machine still booted after I fried it, just had no network and 2 USB ports had gone pop. I may even have an old 10/100 network card in a box of random crap I can throw in
  24. I have an Asus LGA755 board doing nothing, it had a slight fail when 12v got pushed back up a USB port. It's taken out I think 2 of the rear panel USB ports and the ethernet. It damaged a chip which just gets red hot when powered. Rest of the board still works fine, if it still boots with that chip removed you are welcome to the board for postage cost. Still has the box, manuals and static shielding bag. It's An Asus P5G41-M. 2x PCI slot, so can add an ethernet card, PCI express 16x and PCI express 1x, 2 of the rear USB ports are nothing to do with that damaged chip and it has headers for 4 more ports. I have just noticed that one of the clips is broken on a RAM slot, but just tried a stick of RAM and it holds it in fine, can lift the board up by the RAM (lifting one side up a few inches anyway) and it doesnt come out, so I rekon it'll be fine.