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  1. N has a few things missing to keep the EU happy, because ya know, Microsoft can't bundle a web browser without being called anti-competitive.
  2. Even then it's going to be dual, or even quad socket with at least 4 core processors, plenty of RAM and god knows what else inside to pull 1500w. Even if it is lower performing on paper, it's going to easily maintain that same performance under 24/7 full load where as an Apple laptop will throttle as soon as you ask it to do anything.
  3. I've not ignored anything, but I've been around here long enough to see the general attitude towards one brand over another. Also my history when it comes to choosing hardware would show no real preferance to either brand, however currently I have 3 Xeon workstations, an old Centrino notebook, a Core 2 Quad ITX board for embedded devlelopment and an AMD tablet so if anything I seem to be a bit of a fan of Intel hardware. My FX machine with a Radeon got replaced with a dual Xeon (with worse single thread performance) and a GTX650 because it suited my needs better.
  4. Because this forum has a large volume of shouty Intel fans and people who want MOAR BIG NUMBAS!
  5. So their blender runs great for half a second then throttles and slows down and won't chop a wet tomato?
  6. They sell the CPU with a specified base clock which all cores on all processors will run at on motherboards built to minimum specifications. The boost clock is dependant on so many factors that the "up to" term is used. If the bare minimum PSU is a 350W and a 350w is used, then it may sag under the extra loading of jacking up the speed and cause instability. The only way they can market guarenteed speeds is to lock the CPU and what you get is what you get.
  7. So the better option is to lock the CPU frequency down to whatever it is rated at and remove any turbo or boost features?
  8. You bought it for $2, if it was worth trading for a GPU then you'd have paid GPU prices for it. Although, a Geforce 4 is probably about that price.....
  9. The foil is strong with this one!
  10. I'm glad I live far far away from this bullshit, unfortunately the bullshit is starting to spread.
  11. Find the smallest reason to go to court and make a claim and people will. If you take a company to court and loose, they have lost out on defending thsemselves and you have paid pretty much nothing.
  12. Depends on the agreement. In the UK once 1/3rd of the payments have been made the vehicle becomes protected and it required a court order to recover it. Tracking it and turning up with a spare set of keys would be theft, even though they still legally own it.
  13. Maybe I should rephrase... The mass manufactured shit that's played 5 times a day on most commercial radio stations is shite. In 12 months no-one plays it as the next wave of "this years top hits" has been shovelled out. The odd new song comes out that I like but it quickly ends up last years music and you never hear it played.
  14. Indeed there is, most of the shite from the last decade for example. I wouldn't call that music either.
  15. Maybe when the noises that he spouts out resemble music he will get paid for it
  16. You're probably better off buying or building something from elsewhere. There are use cases where a Mac is a better option, but not many. Especially not an iMac.
  17. Old platform with most likely a "fake" graphics card, noisy cooler and questionable RAM.
  18. It does in America, meanwhile the civilized world uses the court system and doesn't allow people to just turn up and lift a car away for parking near a sign.
  19. Maybe they don't want broken down cars littering the roads I can say that, I own what may be one of Alfa Romeo's last "unreliable" cars.
  20. We pay less to drive older cars in the UK. Taxation is zero, classic insurance is dirt cheap and we don't have stupid restictions on modifications so using alternative parts to keep them going is easy to do.