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  1. ok people I bought the GPU but the bios freezes This Motherboard IPISB-CH2 is NOT Compatible with my GTX 1070 because the motherboard PCI-e is 2.0 gen and the GPU is 3.0 gen or something I was trying for 2 day but no solution i just found This and i give up http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/bios-freezes-on-Hp-IPISB-CH2-with-new-graphic-card-installed/td-p/4631736
  2. I have an old CPU and Motherboard and Im not sure if the GTX 1070 will work on it i need your help I know about the bottlenecks problem i just want to know if it works or not CPU Is I7 2600 Motherboard is IPISB-CH2 I Dont wont to waste money buying GPU that doesn't work on my computer
  3. HOLY SHIT GUYS IT WORKS BYE WAITING FOR 2 HOURS THANK U GUYS SO MUCH IM SO HAPPY MY PC SPECS Intel i7 6 gen x99 motherboard+im crying gtx 1080 psu 1000 watt 250gb ssd + 1 TB 32 ram and thank u my boyfriend for helping me buy this pc im gonna show him what happened lol
  4. pleas tell me what will happened if force it in
  5. fuck it am gonna pay more plus what i have done thank you guys for the help T_T
  6. i just saw the smoke theres no marks no shit T_T
  7. no i puled the power cable as fast as i saw the smock
  8. OH GOD HELP ME this is my first time doing this i installed a new psu i put the gpu power cable in the cpu power thing DID i fuckup my hole motherboard ?????? pleas answer
  9. oh man i wish i could buy any keyboard i swar to god my keyboard worth $5 and sometimes the keys doesn't work