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  1. Should I Change My Order?

    Or you can just change the location of the pagefile to the hdd like i did. No need to stress the ssd when you can change it.
  2. Is Ethical Hacking good?

    Don't expect your grandmother to know the difference between white and black hats. They just have heard from the news that hacking is a scary and bad word, and that is what they go off on. You could say that instead of learning hacking, you are learning to be a cyber security specialist.
  3. TR4 vs AM4

    Yeah with a threadripper you can survive at least 5 years, but i already feel that the 8 cores of my 1700 are not enough.
  4. TR4 vs AM4

    If you have the money then the 1950x.
  5. TR4 vs AM4

    What kind of video proccesing do you do? I think the am4 and the r7 2700x should be enough foir you, but if you also do 3d rendering then the 1950x could come into play.
  6. Xbox Adaptive Controller a 'first' for disabled gamers

    This is like a week old news at that point, and has been posted a couple of times already.
  7. Streaming and VR PC

    Glad i could help! Just be careful when building it, and everything should go great! Maybe even let the kids build it, if they are old enough and are interested in it! Just make sure to supervise them then. Anyways have a great evening!

    Enjoy your new Vive! If you have any further questions about vr etc DM me, but ill let you enter the world of pure imagination now. PS: I would suggest trying the Budget Cut free demo, it is still my favourite VR game, and the full game should release somewhere around summer!
  9. Streaming and VR PC

    Yes, but i would still drop that cpu cooler, as you get a free one with the cpu anyways, and get a 128 gb ssd instead, like this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/SanDisk-PLUS-Sata-2-5-inch-Internal/dp/B07621PNWC/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1527274003&sr=8-3&keywords=128gb+ssd
  10. Streaming and VR PC

    First off, a 500gb hdd in this day and age? Wtf. A 2tb hdd costs 35 quid, and he is trying to pass you a 500gb one. An optical drive? That psu looks sketchy, i wouldnt buy that psu a much worse mobo, Also that ram looks like a 2133, while i recommended a 3200, so a massive performance difference here But really a 500 gb hdd?
  11. Streaming and VR PC

    Yeah looks good, but 2 things.. First the cpu comes with its own cooler, and unlike Intel, Amd actually gives you a really nice one. So the extra cpu cooler is unneccesary. Second i would get atleast a 128gb ssd for windows, it makes it so much faster than on hdd.
  12. Streaming and VR PC

    Well you said that 800 or less, that is why i didnt put the 1080 in it. But it would be a nice suprise, especially as the vr titles get more and more graphically intesive. So it is not overkill at all, if you can afford it, it would be a very nice surprise to the one you are making the pc for.
  13. Streaming and VR PC

    https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/asus-b350-motherboard-and-ryzen-5-1600-processor-bundle-price-reduced-to-19998-at-ebuyer-and-free-saturday-delivery-2938478 Ok, a bit over budget, but here it is: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/wPXVWD You could make it cheaper by getting slower ram, less ssd and hdd storage, maybe a different psu etc
  14. Streaming and VR PC

    im putting together a pc right now, you are from UK correct? But i dont know the local deals, so there might be something big out of my sights.
  15. Streaming and VR PC

    Maybe they also want to try vr later on etc