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  1. I can watch 8K in 1080p screen?

    Watch this. It explains it good enough.
  2. Ryzen 3/5 or intel i5

    I would get the second option. if you plan to upgrade in 2 years you can put a 8 core in there, compared to intel 4 core.
  3. What is the best theme??

    LTT forum themes.
  4. What is the best theme??

    Night theme makes my eyes hurt, so the day theme is the only real option. Also if you select the text you can still see it even in day mode.
  5. Ryzen 3

    BUT you should get a 400 series mobo for that, because most 300 series MOBOS require a bios update, which you cant do with out a cpu. NOTE there is a way to get a free very old cpu from AMD, called BOOTKIT, that you can use to update the bios.
  6. Ryzen 3

    yes, if they are the same price get that one.
  7. Ryzen 3

    So just get the 200g, igpu is always nice to have. They are pretty identical otherways.
  8. Ryzen 3

    Ryzen 2200g is just a 1200, but with a powerful igpu. NOTE 1200 doesn't have any sort of a integrated gpu.
  9. Ryzen 3

    Do you have a video card?
  10. Crypto transfers are much cheaper than bank. IF you want to send money to a friend who lives in a far away country traditional bank transfer takes a huge cut, while if you send crypto you can send it for technically free(depends on crypto). Also some crypto monies do good for the world, for example instead of doing pointless calculations they do calculations for finding a cure for a disease. There are also video rendering coins, which help to create a cheaper video farm, for creating good looking cgi. Also HDD mineable coins which are used for decentralized online cloud functionality.
  11. Video editing softwares (free)

    "Must be free" That rules that option out.
  12. Video editing softwares (free)

    Yes while Da vinci resolve is simply the best free video editor (my daily driver) it took me months to transition to it, it definately isnt very easy and simple. I reccomend windows movie maker or something similar.
  13. Psu making noise when pc is off.

    No dont open the PSU! That is dangereus and because he says "My new corsair rm750x psu " it means it still has warranty, but after opening it wont have any. Just return the PSU and exchange it for a another.
  14. R9 390 under performing. HELP!

    Try the firemark bench mark and unigine heaven and unigine superposition benchmarks to test your gpu.
  15. R9 390 under performing. HELP!

    Far cry 4 is also buggy with my 1070. I get 50 fps at 4k ultra an 60 at 4k low and 720 low. I think it is some kind of built in fps cap. also changing from ultra to low also only gave me 10 fps. All Far cry games have that, and maybe "Hunter Call of the Wild" is also a ubisoft broken "game", i dont know.