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  1. Finally got a full copper loop in my system.

    Goodbye A240, hello S360 xD

    1. iRileyx


      Pictures noob.

    2. RR3XBX



      Pics or it didn't happen, amirite? xD

  2. 1080Ti as a worthy upgrade?

    I mean a single 980Ti strix is now £500 new. Then I'm wasting money.
  3. 1080Ti as a worthy upgrade?

    Around £450-500 for a flagship card, water-cooled, and 4k gaming? I wouldn't say its a waste of money if i earn some back from selling my 980Ti. If i managed to find another 980Ti Strix for around £300 New, i'd take it. Until then, with the £360 in the one i have, the 1080Ti seems the better option in both cost and performance vs SLI
  4. 1080Ti as a worthy upgrade?

    The only problem i have with that is that I rather personally buy new rather than used, and I cant find a matching 980Ti for less than £500. I have a friend that would give me £250 for the 980Ti, bringing the 1080Ti down to around £410 if i play it right. I completely agree, most games i play rarely dip below 60fps if i set them up correctly, but to get that standard, and enjoy a pretty game, the fans get up kind of high. So putting it under water from day 1 would be great for me.
  5. Okay, I currently have a Strix 980Ti, had it around 18 months, paid £360 new. Recently I've been looking at 1080Ti's and the cheapest I can find, that's reference (EK aluminium block is likely), is £680. The new card is around double performance in some situations, for less than double the price. Would you recommend a 1080Ti for that price? (Might consider selling the 980Ti and make some money back)
  6. The server is just the standard SkyFactory 3, downloaded a fresh copy and moved my world over and it still happens. Even happens after I converted the server into a Single-Player world.
  7. Total RAM is 16GB, and I've given 8 to the server, and it just happened again, but it took a lot longer this time. How would I find what mod isnt working properly? Although its a tick error, so would HDD speed play into that?
  8. Okay, well i'm having a lot of issues with my server currently. I know it is a working server as it worked on my main PC, but now that I have transfered it to a dedicated system, it keeps crashing with the same error: "Exception Ticking World" I have submitted the crash report, but I don't know whats actually causing it. Maybe the HDD speed? The system is an FX-6300 and R9 290 on a WD 750GB HDD crash-2017-09-06_12.19.41-server.txt
  9. A240 Installed.

    Now to pick a dye. I'm thinking purple.



    1. iRileyx


      Looking good mate. 

  10. EKWB A240 (No GPU) and Coolants

    as long as it isnt a problem, then i can get the XT1 Purple and use it with EK soft tubing? Last question, is Mayhems Ultra Pure H2O compatible? Dont wan't something that can cause an issue
  11. EKWB A240 (No GPU) and Coolants

    Okay, well thanks for all your input. Would XT-1 Purple be okay for the rads, as i know you recommend X1 (what's the difference? )
  12. EKWB A240 (No GPU) and Coolants

    So 900ml distilled water + the 100ml concentrate in the kit, and then i can add any dye to that? Thanks
  13. EKWB A240 (No GPU) and Coolants

    Would a Mayhem's dye work with distilled water?
  14. EKWB A240 (No GPU) and Coolants

    Ahh okay, thanks anyway. I think clear fluid for now, with clear tubing. Might add a dye later on. Are there any recommended dyes?