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  1. The only keyboard I've ever had was just a membrane keyboard from dell. I remember first being able to type on those old school spring-key boards when I was little and it was way better than a type-writer, and I want that feeling to once more be mystified like, "Wow, technology, you did it to me again!" Besides, who wouldn't want a bad ass RGB gaming peripheral??
  2. Why would I even do that? Xeon- 2mb more in L3 cache and it draws 10 less watts for only $50 more dollars on a cpu? That doesn't make sense to me at all man. At least I'd get a integrated graphics on the 6500 or 6600k
  3. So basically you are saying don't overclock, put the money into a top tier gpu? but did you read the part where I plan on doing some video editing, CAD, etc. I plan on upgrading some things later, and although that is within the price-range, I'd have to buy new cpu AND mobo in the next year or two, so why not get the overclockable one now??
  4. I won't overclock this unit until I get some more cash, but yes I will so that's why I plan to get the 6600k and z, but do you have any preference/ knowledge of better brands because they all seem to be doing pretty much the same as far as performance that I don't know which brand and now looking for cost beneficial one (color doesn't REALLY matter). You mean the amd card right? not gtx because that one is 600 dollars. I might wait for the 1070 to come down on price before I buy one of those, are used graphics card any good? thanks by the way
  5. Well dilemma solved I suppose!
  6. I will look into some more options like that for sure. Totally forgot about crucial though. At the present 1080p is all I have, 4k future bound but they are pretty expensive monitors.
  7. Okay, so its possible to run one PC with two OS, I'm not asking that. Say you use TWO SEPARATE SSDs for bootup and plug only the one in you plan on using for the time or just change the startup sequence. Would it be theoretically harmful to your pc or what risks are involved when going half and half on your pc? EX: win 10 AND Linux mint/any flavor doesn't matter
  8. 1st Point) I was told (all great rumors start this way) that Asus was having some shotty mobo issues like cards catching fire and bad runs, etc. That's why I haven't really looked into them since. 2nd Point - 5th Point) No qualms there. Thanks!
  9. So go OCZ or just a different Kingston? or None of the above, What do you think? But thanks for the heads up!
  10. Here it is BUILD PLAN: 6600k i5 intel skylake (1151) gigabyte z170 or MSI??? gtx ? idk EVGA GeForce 950 (HELP) ripjaw 8-16g ddr4 ram or hyperx 8-16g ddr4 ram (suggestions?) Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - CPU Cooler with 120mm Fan 1tb seagate Baracuda HHD 120GB OR 250GB SSD OCZ Trion 100 / Kingston SSDNow 750w EVGA 80+G or Bronze PSU modular / semi Corsair Carbide series spec-03 ORANGE / Thermaltake Versa maybe some noctuas for case fan upgrades (it's basically all up for debate) Notes: I would like to bargain shop if I can to keep a low budget, but I don't want to skimp on longevity because I want to upgrade some parts down the road. I want to keep within a $800-1100 USD budget if possible.(insert chuckle here) Only know a few parts places like newegg or pcpartpicker, so basically a noob but have done some pricing research. I would love some tips as far as better component performance, bang for my buck, and anything else relevant. First real full build solo so I'm looking to enjoy the build on my own. Some video editing(minor) and slight streaming may occur in the future just for fun though. MOSTLY GAMING. Will use one monitor for now, future will add one more. No component is off limits to change, so any help is welcome! P.S. Any cool cheap peripherals deals for me to look into would be cool as well. Many thanks!