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  1. The same people who believe the WAN show mic is real are the same people who think the moon landings were real.
  2. If it were me I'd dump the keyboard and mousepad in favour of a better monitor, you can get a 1440p 144Hz one for around $350 I'm sure, a 1080p monitor and a 1070 makes little sense.
  3. Reducing your resolution to the smallest 16:9 res available is an easy way to find out, as you're only changing the GPU load. If FPS doesn't go up you know the 1070Ti will do nothing. My bet is with that CPU you'll see zero FPS improvement what so ever even if you replaced the 960 with a 2080 Ti. As you're already aware, the best way to get more FPS in CSGO is to use a narrower aspect ratio.
  4. So long as you're happy with the level of control you have over them, your stuff isn't overheating and you aren't overloading any headers amps-wise, it's fine.
  5. Those first 11 seconds were all I needed to explode all over my screen.
  6. The more they do to make people dislike them the better.
  7. I have no idea why then, that program writes the changes to the Windows registry, software doesn't get any say in if or not it wants to ignore it.
  8. If you want this as a permanent change, SharpKeys will do this easily, just change num lock to A and num lock to a useless key of your choice so you can still enable it when needed.
  9. I really love the idea that a new generation of cards should increase in price proportionate to its performance increase, if that was actually how it worked graphics cards would start at $100,000 or more I'm guessing.
  10. You got the name right and that was it, not particularly impressive as it was a 50% shot either way.
  11. Censorship is kind of the whole point of Reddit, it's why the downvote button exists, why comments that get voted too low get hidden, and why you get shadow banned if your account runs into negative karma.
  12. Literally not one thing you said turned out to be accurate.
  13. Checked a bunch of the partner cards and it doesn't look like any of the 2000 series cards have DVI, kind of annoying but there probably aren't too many people out there in the market for a $1000+ GPU that are also using a Korean monitor with no scaler that only works with DVI.
  14. It might be a better idea to wait until performance reviews come out before shitting your pants about the pricing, they might have simply moved the cards a tier or two in terms of their naming conventions, so the 2070 for example might be considered high-end when the 1070 was considered mid-tier. That or Jensen is simply pumping up the prices and laughing all the way to the bank because no AMD competition.
  15. It will be interesting to see what kind of security holes it has.
  16. Nice to have but not enough to lose sleep over if you don't get it.
  17. You really thought you could escape the botnet so easily?
  18. 3D movies are shit (pop-up book effect) and using a VR headset to watch them is even shitter (too low res). 3D Vision for games used to work really well, I believe there's still an active community patching games to get them to work (Helix and others) but I don't know how active.