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  1. yeah.. after some research there is no "out the box" magnetic cordless screwdriver it seems, so next best option is to get a cordless screwdriver + a magnetized bits Thx everyone (^.^)mb
  2. Hi guys I am looking for a magnetic cordless screwdriver for PC repairs (and other electronics) and other around the house maintenance.. any suggestion would be much appreciated
  3. Thanks alot everyone After more research and alot of benchmarks.. for a 1080p gaming a 2x GTX980 is better than single 1080 (and even in the 1440p games).
  4. Then get a 8gb vram 1070 or 1080. Good luck!
  5. At first i said GPU for sure! but then i check the monitor and its a 20".. which is pretty low, get a 24" or 27" monitor
  6. Hi everyone Black Friday and Cyper Monday coming next month, and I am looking to buy a 2nd GTX 980 or a GTX 1080.. which one will give me a higher performance? Some Additional info: I use 2 monitors (sometimes 3 when I hock up the TV) and I dont plan on playing 4k any time soon.. or 2k for that matter. currently i am looking at EVGA GeForce GTX 980 4GB SC GAMING ACX 2.0 or MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 980 4GB OC DirectX 12 Any advice is much appreciated
  7. Would surly love one of these! playing rocket league would so much fun My thoughts: would be perfect if it was a bit smaller..
  8. Yes pls! currently using MS wireless keyboard & mouse 800