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  1. Just checked out of curiosity the prices for the 1080 TI here in Denmark, they are still at a 1000 dollars each. Is it normal for retailers in most countries to refuse to lower the MSRP on non used but outdated GPUs? My guess would be that in Denmark these are probably sold to suckers who just don´t know any better, just curious about the worldwide practice.
  2. I put my PC to sleep always hearing a loud "click" and since I have no HDDs I am assuming it´s the PSU, the PC immediately wakes back up within the fraction of a second. On my second attempt I always succeed, it goes to sleep and stays asleep. It´s a fresh windows install on an ASUS Prime Z490p, 10600k, 3 ssd´s, 16 gb 3200 + a 850W Corsair PSU. Newly built for a 3080, still holding a GTX 1080. USB: Mouse, Keyboard and Logitech Webcam. Usually loaded: Battlenet, Epic, Steam, Coretemp and Windows misc stuff. Power set to performance with other sleep modes off, only one on. Powercfg- lastwake yields no results. All device drivers seem correctly installed, did an Intel device driver install as the only action upon building the rig.
  3. There it is, had to pull the fan out in the back and tidied up some cabling, basically two fans on top taking in air (supposed to) .... and 2 exhaust fans, radiator.
  4. Yeah, I have to redo my whole setup then, things aren´t looking right.
  5. I installed two fans on top of my case and they seem weirdly enough to be blowing air out, I assumed the arrow pointed the way of the airflow. When I put my hand to feel inside the case there is nothing to feel, plenty of fresh air coming out on top though.
  6. Ordered 3 fans to put on top of the case, once that is in place I can think about overclocking, right now the temps are fine. That also means rearranging the current fans to put the power cables right, other than that you are absolutely right, I simply didn´t consider the RAM. The vendor told me the parts suited perfectly but I should have known better, I guess I have always been lucky with cases as I have built perhaps around 30 rigs and never had a problem, it´s my first Fractal Design case though as I usually buy Thermaltake.
  7. I am putting 3 fans on top as intake, ordered them and will wait to play with things till they are installed, that´s also where the most accessible dust filter is which makes cleaning somewhat easier.
  8. No, that´s what I did at first but the GPU got in the way because of the "water cables" and had to turn it upside down, that´s why you are seen the power cables on top, I didn´t rearrange the fans before flipping it. That´s also why I have the logo upside down, didn´t want anything touching the RAM, in retrospect there is plenty of room but to me it really doesn´t matter. PS: If that whats you mean, that the "water cables-in English?" should be on the other end.
  9. 2. I know about the fan cables, that was the obvious newbie mistake but had to turn the radiator around and didn´t rearrange the fans, not an immediate problem, easy fix. 3. It´s a Corsair 850 W PSU but much more limited in cable management than my previous Corsair one, no idea why. Didn´t do any research on the PSU, was assuming it would be more of the same with an extra 100 W. Fewer cables included too and it wasn´t cheap. Will definitely go over some things, just bought it yesterday and the system ran on second try after plugging in the 8 pin power connector, forgot that the first time around. Yup, it has tempered glass. The biggest problem for me though was the lack of space for the radiator up top, that´s where it´s really supposed to go, everything would have been so much easier.
  10. I thought I had done my home work as I bought a Fractal Design Define 7 and paired it with an Asus Prime Z490 P mobo and a Corsair Hydro 115i, it was a hassle to get things set in. First off, there is very little space in the back for thick wires, my corsair PSU, Watercooler power plugs and other things needed a ton of space in the back which I found lacking, the backplate doesn´t "bend outwards" like my previous one and on top it has some sort of protective foam further narrowing the space allowed. The water cooler is thicker than I expected, it didn´t fit on top because of the RAM and the only place I could fit it was in front, the issue is that the front is totally closed up. The only possibility of decent airflow is on top of the case and that´s not an option. Temperatures are fine, 29 idle and 60 max while gaming but havn´t done any overclocking yet on the 10600k, need to find a better solution before I start messing with temps. Could of course just have the rig running with no front plate, looks silly but it´s one option. Think long before you buy a case .... not everything is as obvious as you might think.
  11. I am taking the "dumb" jump and getting the 3080 for my 4,8 ghz 6700K, will see how it goes and if I am "satisfied" I will just keep it, don´t mind a few slight bottlenecks here and there. Regardless the FPS will improve drastically from my 1080. Will probably post the results here about how things go and whether I really need a new rig for that 3080. I am actually looking forward to experimenting and seeing the results, I doubt a lot of people will do the same. I am at 1440p 244 mhz, so I am counting on the 3080 to do the heavy lifting ... the rest is up to my crossed fingers.
  12. From what I have read I suspect a 60-70% improvement over the equivalent of last gen. That should put the 3070 about 5% ahead of the 2080TI in non rtx. I would be satisfied with a 50% gain and happy with 60+
  13. You are right RejZor, thanks for the advice. Will be arranging my trip tomorrow.
  14. The 3600 is more of a side grade in gaming due to how well the 6700k overclocks and since my productivity is limited to writing emails the only gaming rig I would consider would be a 10600k and crossing fingers in regard to the lottery. My neighbour has a 3600 and it´s definitely not worth an upgrade but I am not allowed to play with it (overclocking), he says I am dangerous and his PC is too precious. My 6700K does a stable 5ghz but the noise problems above 4,5 ghz have kept me from further overclocks. When the fans start spinning it sounds like a freaking concert.