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  1. I sent my A70 back to Samsung after complaining about the lack of resolution options when it comes to using the 16:9 aspect ratio. The A series actually have no resolution options, those are built in to the 4 provided aspect ratios and these deliver 4x 8 megapixels at 4:3H while being limited to the lowest denominator on the other aspect ratios, 8 MP. All third party apps can´t recognize the 4x 8MP tetracell technology which is Samsung´s own invention, so I was stuck with 8 MP at 16:9 and pictures which were barely editable, any sort of attempt to zoom and crop produced far too grainy images. I noticed this being a common thing among other phones with the 4:3 having the highest resolution option. My 150 dollar Umidigi F1 does provide 12 MP at 16:9 giving pictures a few more pixels and better flexibility when it comes to corrections. It does however very poorly in low light conditions, so I do need a better smartphone camera. The 4:3 aspect ratio still has the best options on the Umidigi phone granting the 4:3 aspect ratio non binned 16 MP pictures. So, why is the only resolution I use so limited?
  2. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/first-boot-always-fail-but-second-is-always-ok-cycle-repeats.227897/ Answering to my own post, I have googled a lot but just now found the above thread, going to try it out since I have the same hard drive.
  3. I have a weird problem if it can called a problem, however after a year of use it´s starting to annoy me, so I guess maybe I am just looking for answers. I have a watercooled 6700k in a Asus 170 pro gaming motherboard, a GTX 1080 and 16 gb of ram. CPU has been overclocked at 4,8 ghz for over a year. Power supply is an EVGA modular 750W. Sometimes Win 10 needs to reboot to install updates, on every first attempt it always fails the reboot and a screen comes up telling me that the overclocking has failed. I unplug the power cord and on every second reboot it works just fine. Furthermore I have been rather lucky with my system, it has never failed while running ... so, it´s only the weird "first boot" issue. Running various extensive stress tests also don´t bring the PC down, temperatures are usually great as well. It does not fail on boot if the system is not overclocked, other minor overclocks like 4,3 or 4,5 makes the PC halt of first boot attempt again. I have also tried various overclocking methods from both experience and youtube. It has always been like that.
  4. The Spark

    Is USB 3.1 automatically applied?

    Thanks Dabom, will buy it then, need space .....
  5. The Spark

    Is USB 3.1 automatically applied?

    Can I use the external 3.0 hdd for gaming then or would you recommend an internal drive instead? The poster above wrote that I should get 5gb/s, that sounds to me like okay for gaming purposes.
  6. I just saw a cheap USB 3.0 portable 2tb hard drive for sale, if I buy it and plug it in on the 3.1 USB port will it automatically use the 10gb/sec transfer rate? I tried to google but most articles drown in USB type issues with letters, cables and whatnot, my brain is too small to understand all that. Just need to know if there is something I should be aware of before making the purchase.
  7. The Spark

    Can I use these on my smart tv?

    The subwoofer set seems to use a 3,5 mm connection, isnt that a jack? ... my tv doesnt have one. .... but it does have some of the small round connectors, dont know what those are called, 5 of them. So I would need a Nickel-plated 3.5mm Audio Jack Female to RCA Audio L+ R Channel Male Connector Adaptor Convertor ,,,,, I think.
  8. The Spark

    Can I use these on my smart tv?

    I have a Samsung smart TV and I need to improve its sound, just a bit more bass since it really doesnt have any. I thought of buying something cheap and dont know anything much about connectivity issues. http://www.wupti.com/produkter/computer-og-it/audio/hoejttalere/trust-18925?cid=ps_950201b20000 Not much description to be had on the site, it only says in danish that they are powered by a USB cable and not from the wall. Can I buy these and use them with my smart tv?
  9. The Spark

    Guest account for gpu benchmarking?

    The thing is that I know my friends OS is bare to the core, he has the same CPU and RAM but only games installed, his rig is a purely dedicated gaming rig ... but I am not lending him my card. He will have to do the tests here, just wanted to make things even and dont want him to mess up my system. But I guess you are right, with the same CPU but with the GPU doing most of the load it really shouldn´t effect things much.
  10. The Spark

    Guest account for gpu benchmarking?

    Not a lot really, having a few friends over tomorrow though and they asked to test my card on 10-15 games with various quality settings, I think they are doing a comparison test with a custom watercooled overclocked 1070.
  11. The Spark

    GTX 1080 Upgrade?

    If you go for highest settings the GTX 1080 which is the one I have is the true 1440p card, it does not run all games decently at 4k, I have done quite a few tests on that and plenty to look up on google.
  12. Just wondering if it would be worth it to make a guest account for GPU benchmarking, my primary administrator account is filled with background applications which I couldnt bother turning off one by one just to benchmark.
  13. I have a lady's hand, it´s very small, it's handy when I am dealing with hardware but a nightmare when it comes to gaming mice. I use the thumb buttons a lot and I am currently using the wireless RAT 9 due to its flexibility, battery life is however appalling and I am looking for another decent mouse with adjustable thumb buttons (position wise), anyone know of any good ones? ...my searches on google only come up with RAT solutions. ... ooh... and yes, I am a guy.
  14. Thanks for your answer Damocles, actually there are two jacks next to each other but without knowing anything about electricity I assume they are interconnected, nothing is plugged in the second however, I have a "5 jack thingie" where everything is connected. (not english native, have no idea what that is called). I will first try and make room in the second jack for use with the refrigerator. If that doesn't help I will have to try and rerout power from somewhere else.
  15. GTX 1080 MSI ASUS Gaming Pro mobo OC 6700k (4500) EVGA 750W Acer G-Sync 1440p monitor I have no idea where to post this since I don't know what causes the issue. Sometimes, maybe once every 2 hours or so I get a black flicker in my monitor, this is not related to software use since it happens while browsing or gaming. It feels like the power goes out for a split of a second. I have hardware monitor graphs and nothing seems unusual at the time the above occurs, I cant see any spikes or weird happenings. I do however hear like a small sound from a small refrigerator I have next to the pc, like a low "thump" noise but I don't know anything about electricity. I have one refrigerator, a monitor, sub-woofer, router, pc all connected to the same jack in the wall, there is only one nearby. I have done a lot of reading on black screen flicker and Nvidia, there seems to be a consistent pattern related to the usage of g-sync. There is also a very large thread on the g-force forums in regard to this issue, but the flickering most mention is more of a short burst of artifacts which I don't have. My question is first and foremost, if the power for some reason fails in a split of a second wouldn't my PC reboot? Secondly I would like to inquire if anyone here has had a similar issue. ...or could my pc just be having weird power draws I can't see anywhere? it actually happens less on full load though, most occasions the flickering happens when I am browsing but the sound from the refrigerator is always there when it happens.