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  1. I was so happy when GOG got this. I have the original PC CD and was able to get it running on a win 98 machine a few years ago to enjoy the nostalgia. I remember playing this when I was 6, and never learning there was a "Boost" function. Needless to say, I never beat it for a good year, LOL.
  2. Agreed, but it is the workers' responsibility to value their time according to the market. A company is only allowed to pay what the workforce is willing to take, if the workforce is willing to take $5/hr the company will pay $5/hr. I believe in the original ideals of Unions as they are to help the worker, but history has shown unions have destroyed competitive industries and allowed for corruption. The US Car manufacturers at the last recession is a prime example. Michigan Unionized autoworkers inflated the payroll costs enormously inflating the cost of domestic vehicles. So when Asian and European Car companies opened Non-Union plants to sell cars domestically circumnavigating the stupid import tariffs of automobiles, the importers were now able to offer competitive cars which showed how inflated the domestic car market was. And the Domestic Auto Manufacturers didn't have the flexibility due to the strangle hold the Unions had on them which finally came to a head when Oil prices skyrocketed and the recession hit. It took the Government (stupidly) to bail out the auto companies to "save the jobs." It sounds heartless to say thousands of people should lose their jobs but if their jobs are secured by corrupt corporate/governmental dealing then I think the burnt hands teaches best. People are too engrossed in their reality-TV, let's plays, streamers, pro sports, etc. to pay attention to the things which ACTUALLY affect their lives until it is too late and then get upset because they did anything until the problem is at a head.
  3. Raising the Minimum wage in my belief will have negative affects on low skilled workers. Why should a business pay someone $15/hr($31,200/yr) to print tickets at the movie theater? Say they Spend $50,000 on a kiosk to print those tickets. They just broke even on their investment after 1.5yr. I acknowledge minimum wage jobs aren't all filled by 15 and 16yr olds. There are also plenty of jobs out there where you don't need a college level education to achieve $15-20/hr starting and $20-30/hr after a few experience. Sure those jobs may involve manual labor, landscaping, construction, etc. But they offer good pay and some even offer pretty good benefits. The fact people are upset Amazon is/wasn't paying their employees "well" I find absurd. Those employees were never forced to take that job. Maybe they felt they needed to, I acknowledge individuals do not always look outside their social or ecosphere. I personally had a 4-yr degree but was lazy about looking for work and presenting myself in a positive way to employers. Hell I lived in my parent's basement (classic millennial) for 3 years until I personally made the decision to stop playing video games and actually work on my employment and learn some applicable skills (Lynda.com and hours of Microsoft office training helped a ton). Got myself a good paying job and moved out of the parents' place. As some have said before, with the access to a near infinite supply of knowledge on the internet, an individual has little excuse in the modern age to allow him/herself to stagnate in their growth. Minimum wage jobs are more to simply show a potential employer, "hey I can show up on time, do the job I'm asked to do, and keep on coming back." once that is established someone should either seek more responsibilities and thus become more valuable to their current employer (shift lead, manager, store manager, etc.) or find better employment opportunities. By increasing the minimum wage you reduce wage competition between employers. If all employers are locked into a base wage level it is now ILLEGAL for an employee to ask for a lower wage to simply gain experience. How is a 16yr kid with zero experience supposed to convince an employer he is worth the higher minimum wage. Lets talk about a person who did something dumb which got them thrown in jail (something non-violent, like drug possession) now they have a mark on their record and can't get employment because of it. Even if they were willing to work for below the minimum wage to just show they are a good citizen now and are responsible, they can't because it is ILLEGAL to be paid under the minimum wage, which the employee is WILLING to take. I'm not going to say the minimum wage hurts the poor because that is a straw man argument. I will say it reduces the marketability of unskilled/non-skilled workers. Why does Wal-mart have to pay their greeters (someone who literally stands at the front and says "Hi") $15/hr? What if that person is willing to do it for $5/hr? That would be ILLEGAL for Wal-mart to pay them so low. I am not ignoring there are people who currently try to live off of a minimum wage job. I acknowledge this fact. Yet I believe for the majority of those doing so, they can get themselves out of that position. And I acknowledge there are those with medical issues which hinders their marketable skills which can stunt their potential wage growth. But they are the exceptions to the overall rule, and you shouldn't make laws and regulations because of the exceptions.
  4. Currently no longer available in the online store.
  5. What does the 8 Plus start at? More expensive than $749?
  6. "....make our New products last longer." Ummm.... We will see about that.
  7. Podo

    Halo Infinite

    I'd Go with Campaigns in this order. 1. Halo 3 2. Halo 1 3. Halo 2 4. Halo Reach 5. Halo 4 6. Halo 5 7. Halo ODST Multiplayers 1. Halo 3 2. Halo 2 4. Halo Reach 5. Halo 4 6. Halo 5 Can't Put Halo CE because I didn't have a PC to run it or Xbox to play it at the time. Halo 3 has a special place for me as it was the first Halo I owned, I did play the first two and played their campaigns, missed the Multiplayer experiences in their primes (I did have the opportunity to play Halo 2 in LANs prior though). I think the Multiplayer in Halo 3 was near perfect, everyone was balanced, and it was based on your skill and knowledge of the map and game mode. No loadouts, no Sprint/dodge/climbing, no perks, armor equipment. Just you the starting weapon, and the map. Not that I dislike the more complexity the updates add, just it was simple in my mind. (I do find it amusing Lorewise that the most athletic/agile human in a powered suit might not be able to get up a ledge because its higher than his base vertical, which was taken care of with the climbing feature in Halo 5.) Halo Reach though was where I fell in love with Shotty-Snipers and Swat playlists, playing Bloodgulch on on reach in 4v4 snipers was so much fun. I'll be honest the last two Campaigns I believe were too reliant on the extended universe with the book trilogies of Kilo-Five and Forerunner Saga to set up the antagonist Jul Mdama and the Didact. They we were expecting their campaign lovers to have already read those 5-6 books prior to playing the campaign to better understand their villains. I think this was apparent when they Killed Jul in the first mission of Halo 5. Then Halo 5 weighed on the expectations of players remembering/understanding Dr. Halsey's need to preserve her Spartans which is demonstrated in books First Strike and Ghosts of Onyx, and explains why Cortana wants to capture Master Chief and preserve him. Stepping away from the failures of their writing in the last two, game play I really enjoyed the new things they added in 4 & 5. Don't understand how the radar has downgraded between 4 & 5 though or how Spartans lost the ability to dual wield. I recently replayed Halo 3 and 5 Campaigns and the drastic difference in 8yr of game play and story telling is dramatic. Also the fact 343 felt "comfortable" balancing the Halo 5 Campaign after launch tells me they weren't confident in their game at launch, but that is also the plague of modern video games the first few patches after launch. I was extremely disappointed in the lack of local multiplayer in Halo 5, and very happy to hear they are including it moving forward. But I want to point out something when it comes to the "coming to PC" cheers of some on this forum. Halo Wars 2 which was released as a "play anywhere" game (Xbox or PC on one purchase) is no longer supported on PC; granted this was developed by creative assembly, so they may have dropped it. Also if I remember MS launched a Forge client on in their store for a week or so allowing PC players to play and design in halo 5's forge, but haven't heard anything for a while. My hope for Infinite is it launches a new trilogy and they are able to write a compelling story. The Halo Universe is quite vast and I wouldn't mind them branching out in spin-off games in completely different genres. I could see them easily fitting in a Assassians' Creed/Shadow of Mordor type game based on the Pre-Covenant, Colonial uprising time period which is the original reason the Spartan-II program was intended. You could be a a Spartan-II in Mark 3 or 4 Mjolnir armor. They already have decent Console RTS and then the Arcade top down shooters. I kinda hope they don't attempt a Destiny Clone (MORPGFPS), granted they could work it into the Lore, players are all Spartan-IVs running around on missions in fireteams etc. But it would be redundant in the gaming space because the fan bases are practically the same people, IMHO. Good Lord, ok I think i'm done. Rant(?) over.
  8. It was indeed the Pump which died. I tried it with multiople fan headers and the provided Direct Sata power cable. I am contacting EKWB support. I purchased the pump in one of their L360 kit in OCT 2016. EK-XRES 100 DDC MX 3.1 PWM is the model number, Hope to hear from them sometime next week.
  9. Dual 360 Radiators on the single CPU. But a Fresh Thermal Paste application might help. I will try it! I just hope I don't have to drain the system because of how tight my tubes run.