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  • CPU
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
  • Motherboard
    ECS EliteGroup ET1161 REV 2.2
  • RAM
    8GB DDR2
  • GPU
    EVGA GT 610 2GB
  • Case
    some random case I dug out of a scrap pile. IDK the name
  • Storage
    250GB 850 PRO SSD with PCI-e SATA 3 card
  • PSU
    EVGA 500 80+ bronze
  • Display(s)
    Viewsonic 1080p
  • Cooling
    AMD stock Cooler
  • Keyboard
    Sunsonny Mechanical Keyboard MX Blue feel
  • Mouse
    Logitech M720 Triathlon
  • Sound
    Old Vizio Soundbar I had lying around and Audio Technica ATH m20x
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 PRO

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  1. the thing is, if im gonna buy another drive, i would prefer for it to be new. and I don't have the money for that
  2. is there any way to fix it? i tried changing the drive to GPT in GParted, but it gave the I/O error.
  3. tried in multiple computers, all showing the same thing.
  4. Ive exhausted all the options i know of, so I'm hoping somebody with some hard drive repair knowledge can help me out. I'm in the situation where I am in need of a hard drive, and i have this 2tb drive that is having a bizarre issue. Since i don't have the money to go out and buy one at the moment, i wanted to use this one temporarily. Ive spent two days trying to get this drive to work. Its issues have nothing to do with the actual drive (being the motor, heads, etc. All are functional and i hear no abnormal sounds from the drive), rather its the drive's communication to the computer. Ive tried everything, from a basic windows format, to using utilities like GParted, and also some other programs to get this drive to work. all have failed. -Windows format: results in an error saying windows cannot find the drive -GParted: any command, weather be changing partition table, deleting volumes, or formatting, results in this error: "I/O error" -TestDisk:Tried analyzing, gave an error, also saying that there are no partitions when there is. -Crystal Disk Info: Doesn't even show the drive at all -Device manager: shows up, and says "this device is working properly" (yeah right...) So now I'm turning to you guys. I'm hoping somebody with better insight to this can help me out, as i desperately need this drive to work just temporarily. I don't care about the files currently on it, its a scratch disk after all. Thanks in advance! I attached a screenshot of some things I'm encountering.
  5. Get the G-skill. It has a lower CAS Latency.
  6. Yes, it is. Iike i said, Intel with the stock cooler runs your CPU at 85c, and your rig runs it at 10c less. Also, you are nowhere near the t-Junction (100c).
  7. MCE (Multi Core Enhancement) essentially applies your Single Core max turbo speed to all cores. its like overclocking, it gets you more performance. if you disable it, yes your CPU will run cooler, but you loose that added performance.
  8. true, i am making an assumption on the +12 volt rail. can he take a picture of the label on the PSU? That would be handy for knowing what the thing can actually deliver.
  9. That BenQ one is nice. I did however found a slightly cheaper one that is 75 Hz out of the box. Plus, Ive heard good things from this brand too. https://www.amazon.com/Sceptre-Monitor-Speakers-Brushed-E248W-19203S/dp/B07LG5XT8C/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=1080p+monitor+24"&qid=1566747227&s=gateway&sr=8-6
  10. While i do prefer EVGA, as I have had great experience with them, I have heard the Strix achieves better boost clocks.
  11. I would leave it on. Yeah your temps are a little high, but remember that the Intel stock cooler runs your CPU up to 85c. The T-Junction (max temp) your CPU can run at is 100c so I think you are fine.
  12. Its enough. Im assuming you have 2 sticks of ram and 2 hard drives.
  13. 75c is not bad but the fact that you have an AIO, that is a bit concerning. Can you run AIDA and do a stress test? it would be great to see a screenshot of the results to know what is going on. Also can you screenshot your task manager CPU Tab in idle and load scenarios? Here is a download link for AIDA 64 Extreme: download.aida64.com/aida64extreme600.exe
  14. This is my first time doing a network diagram, and i know it sucks really bad, but here is my Home Network Setup. For WI-Fi, i have around 30 connected wireless devices. (to be clear, all devices in this diagram are hard wired).